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  1. Thanks Rustynuts,passed that info on and they managed it ok.
  2. 40,000 Service at VW dealer ( overpriced !! )

    Maybe save a little bit if you buy the parts online.
  3. rear bulbs for 2001 passat

    Yes they have off set pins,if you look at the bottom of a 380 the two pins are opposite each other in a straight line. On the bulbs for a Passat one pin is offset from the other one.
  4. Shark help me out please mate,we have Parrot ck3100 and it says memory full,looking online it needs firmware update to cure. What do i need to do it without a serial cable? can you point me in direction of a guide or explain it for me. Thanks
  5. You will have to disconnect the cd changer to fit the genuine VW Ipod link and it also doesn't work with the newest Ipods either so make sure yours is compatable first.
  6. MK5 R32 Values...........

    I would have though most of the cheap new R's with best spec would be gone now,our dealer had three of them when this thread was first posted and they all sold quickly. At the end of the day they were a lot of car for the money with 6k off them.
  7. VW passat water and electrics

    The water leaks in through the pollen filter housing and corrodes the wiring on the convenience control unit under the carpet,this will cause problems with central locking and maybe also set your alarm off when it's raining. VW were doing this repair under warranty at one point,not sure if they still do but i would start by asking.
  8. Mark V Bluetooth

    What extra features do you get on the Fiscon that makes it worth £100 more than the Skoda kit?
  9. Mark V Bluetooth

    I know it definatly works with a 3G Iphone.
  10. Mark V Bluetooth

    It is a box which is fitted under the seat,the kit will cost you about £250 if you use the Skoda Octavia parts which is the cheapest way.
  11. MK5 R32 Values...........

    Looks good in red,my boss is on his second now.
  12. RNS510 Retro-fit

    There is a 3rd one which has just come out called Media-in,it is a cable connection in glovebox same as the original ipod one but it displays the track names. It uses the same small cables as the armrest mdi,it is £140 for the unit then £20 each for Ipod usb etc etc cables.
  13. RNS510 Retro-fit

    You could still fit that bluetooth to yours but it wouldn't display anything on the navigation screen,you would control it from stalk and it would display in the multi function screen between the clocks. It is a lot of money for so little function though and not really worth it,you are much better off getting RNS510 as the functions with this are much better.
  14. Scirocco Ipod Adapter

    The Scirocco comes standard with MDI interface in armrest,when connected to this then it displays the track names. I can't imagine you would lose this by ordering sat nav unless you specced a cd changer instead.
  15. Trade in Edition 30 or NOT !!

    Best off keeping it for now,the trade in prices are poor because no one is buying, I am in the market for a new shape Passat for my sister and we are getting emails from dealers and fleet companies every day literally desperate to move some of their stock on.