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  1. Sell VXR8?

    None taken.
  2. You could also try, they normally quote a bit higher. Never actually sold to them though.
  3. Sell VXR8?

    I think I must be the "another chap":) To be honest it was always in my mind to have it for a few months and sell on with minimal cost, but in the end it was a difficult car to let go of, by far my favourite car so far. However, I decided that I had now done the big V8 saloon car thing and it had cost me next to nothing in depreciation, so it made sense to sell it on. Though it was not an easy decision, fantastic car, comfortable, fast, nice noise and surprisingly good traction even coming out of corners, a great all rounder. Difficult to predict how the depreciation will go from here, it's a hell of a lot of car for the money and I'd be surprised if they drop that quickly, provided uncle Gordon dosen't mess around with the VED again. To put things into prospective we went looking for a replacement car for my wife a couple of weeks ago, we looked at a 118D BMW and that would only have been a couple of grand less than the VXR8, makes no sense to me. I see you are thinking about an A3 for your wife, we ended up with an A3 cab for my wife and I have to say we both really like it, it has the 2.0 petrol with the S-tronic, much better than I expected and it's ideal for going around town in. Audi's seem to be improving all the time.
  4. 2009 09 vxr8 6.2 ls3 - SOLD

    Car now sold. Can someone please tell me how to edit this, there is no edit button appearing on screen. Otherwise can a moderator please delete this thread for me, thank you.
  5. Decided to sell the VXR8. It's done approx 2000 miles, just taxed it for 6 months. I'm asking £22750 but open to sensible offers. The add on Pistonheads. Vauxhall : VXR8 6.2 LS3 Manual If anyone is interested please pm or emal me at: Thanks for looking:)
  6. Best price for new GTI?

    Thanks for the reply's. The price I mentioned was from Autoebid, I just wondered if there was anything better on the go. Dave, I'd be happy to share any info we can dig up. I'm waiting to hear back from a leasing firm to see what price that comes in at. I should know more tomorrow.
  7. Thinking of going for a new GTI and I'm just looking for a bit of help. Does anyone know where the best place to buy from at the moment, or are good deals hard to come by due to the higher demand now? Best I've seen so far for a five door is around £21800, though no mention of delivery dates. Anybody seen better?
  8. Another VXR8

    Looking good. Staying up till midnight tonight?
  9. A couple of pics

    Cheers everybody. Appreciate the positive feedback.
  10. A couple of pics

    It's a manual, one of the last of them I think, the last I heard there were only a few autos left. Normally I would always want such a large car to be an auto, but this is no refined cruiser, it's a bit of a brute and I actually think it suits being a manual better. In saying that I've not heard anything bad about the auto, although I think it may limit any potential power upgrades if you wanted to go down that route. As far as mpg goes I got 26 mpg for the first tank, that was mainly on the motorway but with a lot of stop start queueing involved. The second tank was more mixed and that gave 22 mpg, I've checked the computer and it's been very accurate so far. Overall I love it, it's been a while since I've driven something that's been so much fun to drive.
  11. A couple of pics

    Thanks for all the kind comments. It's a lot of fun to drive although I've been trying to take it easy during the first 1000 miles or so, still makes a nice noise when you put the foot down though.:D
  12. A couple of pics

    Picked up the VXR8 on Friday, delighted with it. Anyway here's a couple of pics, hope you like.
  13. There's no replacement.........

    Nice pics of the police cars, made my son happy.
  14. Underseal treatment

    I've seen this written on another forum, but do you know if it's true or is it an internet myth thats being spread, people assuming it won't have sealer because it's from Australia. Have they not applied any more under sealer for the UK, or does it have enough anyway? I've heard the same story about the Monaro but I've not seen any rusty ones and very little being said about rust problems, from the VXR site at least. What kind of corrosion warranty is the VXR8 supplied with, if it's the same as other Vauxhalls then I don't think I'll bother. Have you had a look underneath to see?
  15. There's no replacement.........

    Sadly I was a mechanic for the first 5 years after leaving school, so I've seen plenty of glazed bores e.t.c. Though I seem to remember it being more common on diesels, usually being driven by an older gentleman who insists on driving at 40 mph in too high a gear. So I'll be avoiding that, I think a steady run up the road with a change in revs now and again should be ideal. I'll post some pics when I get it, might be Saturday before I find the time though. Still deciding whether to de-badge it or not, I may try and get some HSV badges instead.