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  1. Error code 16346 - new dash pod needed

    Many thanks for that information - I'm going to get the repair done, but the independent doing it has stressed that all other possible causes will be investigated before replacing the dash - I'll get them to add this to the list!
  2. Error code 16346 - new dash pod needed

    Cheers guys! I have contacted my local Audi dealer and also Audi UK ... it's worth a try! I have also started to look into the electronic repair services recommended here and also Cluster Repairs UK - Instrument cluster speedometer repair, correction, modification and spares. ... the Audi replacement is pushing the limits of my budget, so a repair rather than replacement (if successful) is something that I would like to consider. I rely on my car for commuting, but could at a push manage without it for a few days if parts need to be sent away for repair. Thanks again for the advice. I am in the Chester area if there are any local companies that could do the repair. Judith
  3. Error code 16346 - new dash pod needed

    Thanks Scotty I suppose it's worth a try, although at 5 1/2 years old, it is quite a long way out of warranty. I have a full service history, but since the car went out of warranty, I have used a local specialist, who I rate highly (all Audi schedules are followed and only Audi bits used). I tried Audi once before (last year) when the paintwork on one of the pillars started to bubble ... they weren't interested, even though this should have been covered as bodywork, Audi said it was trim and I'd used "the wrong detergent" to clean it (- I've only ever used quality car shampoos ...). Nevertheless, I wouldn't expect something like this to go. Is is worth contacting Audi HQ direct or going through a dealership?
  4. Hi, I have an intermittent problem with the centre part of the dash on my 2005 A3 (05 plate, 2.0TDI Sport). It does not come on every so often. This can be rectified by removing and then replacing the relevant fuse, apparently "re-booting" it. It originally happened only every couple of weeks, but recently it has started to happen more often, sometimes more than once a day. I sprayed a WD40 type warter disperser around electrical contacts and the problem disappeared for 3 o4 days (coinciding with the big freeze), but the fault is back now, so it is difficult to say whether it was improved by the spray or not. My local specialist has had a look and the error code is: "Dash Pod Fault 16346 Rom Error". It looks as if it will cost about £750 to fix using Audi parts (- more presumably if I go to an Audi dealer). I was told that there are also reconditioned units which would reduce the price by about £200, but these are not as reliable as the new ones. I trust this specialist and am happy for them to do the repair. However, before I commit to spending so much, could anyone tell me if they know anything about this problem, and if there are any other (cheaper) avenues to explore, or any tageted areas to spray with the water disperser. I prefer to get this fixed properly, but with such an expensive repair, I'm keen to hear from any one who had / had had / is familiar with this sort of problem. I believe this is quite common on TTs, but less so on A3s ... no point asking Audi to sub the repair I would imagine. Thank you in advance
  5. Central computer display failure

    Yes, all seems well now, although the rev counter display has yesterday's date and the wrong time, so I'm off to change it now!
  6. Central computer display failure

    Thanks - I didn't actually know there was a reset button! Before that, I identified the probable rogue fuse, took it out, had a look (it was fine) and then put it back ... everything works again!!! Bit of a mystery, either the fuse was loose (I made sure all the others were in properly) or I accidentally hit the reset button. I'm just glad it's working again - fingers crossed this was all! Thanks for the advice!
  7. I have a 2005 A3 (old style) and when I started it up this morning, the central computer display (i.e. the one between the rev counter and the speedo) was completely blank. This has never happened before, so I'm hoping it may be just a blown fuse! I've looked in the handbook and I think the correct one should be F17 "Instrument Cluster" 10 amp fuse. I'm not the most confident in such matters ... I'm more than happy to change a fuse, but if anyone could advise on whether this is a known issue / whether I should try to change the fuse myself / or take it to the local specialist for a diagnostic. Thank you!
  8. Bubbling paint on trim - should I try to claim?

    Surprise, surprise, Audi have got back to say that ... yes, I've been using the wrong product to wash my car! Given I don't use car washes and have only ever used good quality products, (and the bubbling is coming from below unmarked paintwork on the less damaged side) this is an incredibly lame excuse. I'm really annoyed at Audi ... this is a known issue, something that they could easily put right with a bit of good will. Is the quality of their cars really so poor that washing damages the trim??? I must admit that this attitude towards their customers would make me think twice before buying another Audi in the future. My father had an out of warranty issue with his BMW and the manufacturer met him half way on cost as a good will gesture (he bought the part, they fitted it for free). That said, my local Audi dealer has offered to do the job at cost, for approx £50 per side. Given it looks unsightly on one side as it is, I will probably go for it, and maybe send the bill to Audi, just in case they are willing to reconsider. Any similar stories or advice?
  9. Hi, I have an 05 A3 which I have owned since it was just over a year old. The car is well looked after and has done 75K miles. Last week I noticed a huge bubble on the black trim between the driver and rear passenger window. The paint then flaked off and I not have a partch of about 8x10cm where the top coat has come off, looking quite unsightly. I have also noticed that the passenger side trim has three small bubbles which move around if you press on them. The car is less than 5 years old, and I thought this may be covered under the bodywork warranty, but my local Audi dealer tells me that these panels are in fact trim (and so only covered under the 3-year warranty ... how convenient!). However, this is a painted part and clearly not straightforward to replace. As both sides have gone, this could indicate a manufacturer problem, and according to my local Audi indie, this is a known issue. Does anyone know if it is worth pursuing this? The local Audi garage have been helpful and are asking Audi if there is anything that can be done as a goodwill gesture. I haven't had an answer yet, but would be grateful for any advice!!! Price to fix ... I bought an Audi largely because it is a quality marque, but am not too impressed with this!!!
  10. Hi, Just joined the iPhone generation and have also got the Co-pilot app for navigation. This now means that I need another gadget ... either a windscreen or vent cradle. There is so much cr*p on the market that I would really appreciate recommendations for cradles (either screen or vent ) that fit and don't wobble all over the place. I bought one today that had apparently won some award ... although it stuck to the screen OK, it wobbled so much I couldn't focus on the content AND did not have access to the charger slot (- now refunded). The satnav app is fairly heavy on battery consumption, so I need to be able to plug the charger in. I've had a scout around and the Arkon and Herbert Richter ones look good for vents (and the latter for the screen as well), although they are pricier than most. I don't think the vent ones suit all cars, so I'd welcome recommendations for ones that fit A3 vents ('05 model, old front grill). Any advice gratefully received. Thanks!
  11. Topping up oil (diesel)

    Hi, The yellow oil warning light came on last week, so I topped up with 250ml of oil. The light stayed on for another day (ie another 2 commutes) so I topped up again ... the light stayed on for another day, so I topped up again - 750ml in total and light has finally gone off. However, when I checked the oil level on the almost cold engine, it's now above the max on the dip-stick! Not by a huge amount, but just at the top of the 'bubble' above the 'max' sign. Do I have anything to worry about? I'm aware you should never put too much oil in, but when does it become too much - the light has only just gone out! Thanks in advance for any advice. Judith
  12. How necessary is the 2 yearly brake fluid change?

    Point taken ... I'll get them done! Thanks, Judith
  13. Hi, Audi keep telling me I need a brake fluid change every 2 years and want £100 for it. Any guidance? It seems a lot and am willing to either wait or go indie. However, the car is still under warranty ... Any advice gratefully received. Thanks, Judith
  14. Hi, My long-life service is due soon (37K) and I'm considering an independent. Does anyone know of a good one in the Cheshire / Merseyside area? Also, Audi keep telling me I need a brake fluid change every 2 years and want £100 for it. Any guidance? It seems a lot and am willing to either wait or go indie. However, the car is still inder warranty ... Any advice gratefully received. Thanks, Judith
  15. Retro-fitting parking sensors?

    Yippee - I thought I was the only one who really liked them! They are good, and I'm sure it's not only for the ever-increasing beep, although I've never 'parked by touch', despite living in France for 2 years!!! Audi price would be of interest - willing to travel for the right price, although I think my local dealer owes me a favour, as they've been trying to solve a rattle for the last week (hence the brand-new A4 with parking sensors as a loan car). Judith (Still love this site!!!)