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  1. E46 Running Problems

    I have a 328 that will start fine tickover for about 5 seconds and die; as it dies it gets rougher and rougher; try to rev it and it just coughs and dies. All indications is that this is a fuel starvation problem, but can anyone help out there??
  2. E46 Running Problems

    My 328 will start but will run for about 5 seconds and die. I can leave it a couple of minutes and repeat - and the above happens again. Most of the infor I can get is that this points to a fuel pressure problem?? Anyone out there help me please??
  3. 328 E46 Part Number help

    Peter, Thanks for your help - this got me what I needed Steve
  4. 328 E46 Part Number help

    Can anyone tell me the partnumber for the electric cooling fan for the above car? and whether it should fit at the front or behind the radiator? Thanks