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  1. Woking Grand Prix

    Ohhhhh hellooooooo
  2. Petrol and diesel cars.....

    And learn the Chinese for "Please spare my life, I'm a good worker"
  3. Apple Watch launch

    What are you cooking that involves a timer and another time zone?????
  4. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    C220d Estate Sport - £99.82 per month contribution plus the company car tax at about £300 per month
  5. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Well - things have got interesting for 2 reasons. 1: The Volvo has been delivered, they've sent me a V40 instead of a V60. It's parked on my drive alongside next door's V40 that they've had for 4 years so that's not much help. It drives pretty well but the interior is gash, like a 90's Merc with the number of buttons and it is the least intuitive system ever. Am sure that the new one will be great when it comes but that's not the one on the list so it's definitely out. 2: So an Audi A4 Avant in sport spec then? Not quite . . . Remember that restructure I mentioned that might start soon - consultation period started last week. So come September I'll either be promoted or redundant! If promoted then I'll get a fresh look at the car list with a higher allowance (or see what's in the pool from the leavers first of all if I wish). Even if I ordered a car right now it wouldn't go through so more time to see what's what. With regard to jobs, I'm reasonably confident in the promotion option but am trying to get a job externally as I could then take a pretty generous redundancy package too
  6. Williams

    Do you think they'll do a Swedish language version of the Ronnie Pickering film?
  7. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Had the BMW for 5 days and it's now gone back. Lovely looking car, in metallic black with the M Sport Plus pack and Coral leather interior. I was ready to be very impressed but it just felt a bit old fashioned inside (6-7 year old design now I suppose). Little niggly things like the iDrive controller not being where your hand thinks it should be and the overly-thick steering wheel. For the life of me I couldn't get the seat into a comfortable position either. The tech is very 8-bit, Spotify integration was abysmal and even the guy dropping it off described the business nav as archaic. The lack of a central screen in the instrument binnacle was very noticeable too, in fact the whole car didn't seem that different to the previous model I got rid of 3 years ago. Harmon Kardon surround sound stereo was awesome though!!! The drive was where I knew the BMW would shine but a combination of overly-light steering again and the automatic gearbox that put you in 8th gear at every opportunity (even in Sport) dulled this somewhat. Twisty B-road blasts made up for it though, with the box in sport manual mode and working around the light steering. That's not my day to day driving though I got out of the Audi and into my Skoda and it felt like a generational step back in time, I got out of the BMW and into the Skoda and it felt like going for an iPhone S rather than a standard model. Broadly similar but a few touches that felt better and more updated.
  8. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    If I could opt out I would've done a long time ago and be in something far more interesting! For years I did every salary sacrifice going, maxed my childcare vouchers, "bought" extra days holidays, etc. to keep in the 20% tax bracket but that's just not possible anymore so double company car tax is a thing Anyway, the Audi went back last week, the interesting bit was getting back in my own car immediatelt after the Audi had gone. I was struck by how high up the seat was, how far away the gearstick felt, how all the infotainment buttons were at arms length and how the tech in the car made me feel like i was using a 90's Nokia and a Sony Minidisc player! Then i drove off. I'd missed the weight of the steering and the front end communication but the gearbox felt clunky and the clutch pedal was stiff. At the weekend my wife drove my car, "I preferred driving the Audi, this feels heavy and agricultural" she said. BMW are dropping me a car off this morning for a week. I asked for a 320d Touring Sport Manual, they're delivering a 320d Touring M Sport Plus Auto. Looks a lovely car in metallic black with coral leather but is basically a "look what you could've won" chariot. BMW sent me a PDF of specs and pics, both wife and daughter have proclaimed that the interior looks old-fashioned next to the Audi and made me show them the pics of the A4 for comparison. They then went on to start choosing A4 colours. Even the dog is a female, they're ganging up on me!
  9. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Day one in the Audi. First impressions were very good even on the ickle wheels, classy looking car. Going straight from the Skoda, the Audi felt much bigger inside, seats not as supportive but a nice place to be with all the media controls, etc. to hand. The Octavia has all the buttons either side of the screen and they're a faff to reach when driving. This one has the Technology Pack and the Advanced parking pack. The parking pack gives you innumerate views of the car and lines on the screen, etc. it comes with front and rear sensors as standard and lots of windows - the self parking feature is a bit of a gimmick, feels weird and works but not sure I'd trust it against a jagged kerb. The technology pack is mostly useless apart from the TFT screen in lieu of dials in the instrument binnacle. It's quite cool being able to have the nav widescreen in there and a different level of zoom to the centre display BUT . . . to prevent glare it is angled slightly downwards so you have to move your eyes further from the road to look at it than using the centre screen. Rest of the stuff is standard Audi fare and nicely put together, Apple Car Play works well with full Siri integration and Spotify, etc. My daughter thought it was great and loved playing about with it - she also liked the big boot and immediately climbed in. Turns out the auto closing boot re-opens when it encounters a 9-year old obstacle, just as well really. The steering is too light (even in dynamic) mode) and lacks any real feel at all - nice steering whee though, makes the wooly epas even more of a shame. Brakes are very very over-servoed and took some getting used to. Even on the 17"s with a 50 profile tyre the ride is almost as firm as the vRS's's's with 18"s so if I did go for an S Line with 18"s then the comfort suspension is a must. Another 2 days to get over the first flush of "new car" (literally is, 650 miles) and see whether it has any dynamic capabilities at all.
  10. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    That was part of my initial thinking as a neighbour has one. I'm only allowed to trade up/down by £100 per month so even though the tax would be considerably lower, it doesn't appear on my list as the £36k 220d Sport is £99.86 so the £42k 350e doesn't feature. I'd rather pay more tax and less trade up as then I'm not tied in to a big payment should I leave.
  11. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Before I got the list I wanted a C class 220d Sport or AMG Line. The 220d Sport is £99.86 per month trade up - whoever negotiated that lease for ALD needs to be shot. An A6 Avant, 190 Ultra S Line is "only" £88 and that £3500 more car. I don't like the "Bursting Blue" on the V60 - it looks good in grey/black though.
  12. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Mazda not on the list. Rebel Blue not an option for that spec - plus its non-metallic and we have to have a metallic colour as part of our policy. Next door's driveway butts up to ours and they have 2 Volvos and a Merc - soon to be one Volvo and a Merc. They've had 5 Volvos as their last cars - not sure I'm a Volvo person but I'm quite looking forward to that one.
  13. My Grand Tour

    The long esplanade in Prague up to the natural history museum has an Argentinian steak restaurant down an escalator under a shopping centre on the left hand side. It's doesn't matter what you order as the waiter will bring you a fillet steak and forget all English if you query it or the bill. One of the top 3 steaks I've ever had!
  14. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    The Octavia gets through a set of front tyres every 12k miles. My regional meetings take me into the Lakes and along some of the best driving roads in the country. Plus the odd Scottish driving trip - Garcon can attest that for a FWD cooking estate it can get very sideways! I'm aware that I'm going into this with an on-paper positive bias towards the Audi - despite the fact that I don't really like the pedal position or driving dynamics of A4s. It ticks lots of boxes as the spec is very impressive but then has silly things missing. I'm lucky in that I get to have them all for a few days to live with to really see and hopefully reach an informed decision.
  15. My Octavia vRS goes back in october and my next company car needs to be ordered - I'll have this one 4 years though (potentially) so want something a little more "premium" than the plucky Skoda. I can (and do) trade up from my standard lease allowance to get the car or spec that I want. However, should I choose to leave the company then I have to pay back whatever my monthly trade up amount is multiplied by the months left on the lease. Previously this hasn't been an issue or consideration but our company is going through some interesting times at the moment and we are on the brink of a restructure. This is unlikely to result in me being made redundant and should hopefully see me with a promotion and a higher car lease amount. Depending on how it works geographically then it has the potential to not effect me but again this is unlikely. If it didn't offer me any opportunities then it is likely that I would leave within 6-12 months so wouldn't want a car payment axe hanging over me. Anecdotally - if you're made redundant the company waives the right to make you pay off your car but it is at their discretion With that in mind, I've narrowed it down to 3 choices, A4 Avant, 3 series touring and a wildcard in the shape of a V60. I want an estate with decent rear legroom, decent headlights, heated leather seats, low company car tax, a few toys and something that looks nice! (Oh, and it'll probably be blue, making it my third blue estate in a row). Audi A4 Avant 190 2l Tdi Ultra, S Line spec appeals but only comes with part leather as standard, full leather is another £15 per month. Trade up is £34 with no options, £42 with a couple of basics, £290 per month in company car tax. Oddly, the Sport spec comes with full (p)leather and the same sport seats as the S Line, loses electric lumbar support for manual (fit and forget anyway) and obviously loses the exterior styling tweaks of the S Line. 17" wheels rather than 18"s but as it's the Ultra it keeps the lower (and stiffer) suspension of the S Line for emissions. Trade up is £24 with no options and those smaller wheels net me £20 a month less company car tax at £270 per month too. The BMW is the 320d Sport - the configurator was confusing so I just ordered a demo, no idea what it does or doesn't come with. Trade up is about £45 per month, tax is about £295. I would like the M Sport but that's £60 per month and £315 per month tax. I'd prefer a BMW to an Audi but the financials are a way off and the interior of the BMW is looking a little dated now. Volvo V60 - the curveball, I don't really like Volvos but I can't not look at this as the deals are incredible - I believe it's due for replacement this year though so that's why. This is the V60 R Design Lux Nav and comes with well, pretty much everything for £6 a month trade up and £260 a month tax. But. It's a Volvo! I have the A4 coming for 48 hours tomorrow the BMW for 48 hours next week and the Volvo for a whole week (are they that desperate?) the week after. Opinions/thoughts/specs - on both the cars and whether I just get what I want or hedge my bets?