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  1. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    I saw a RR Sport today with the numberplate: L4Y ME Carpet fitting business must be going well?
  2. Buckled Alloy Compensation?

  3. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Hopefully this will work: https://m.facebook.com/david.chapman.3760/albums/10155630678267086/?ref=bookmarks
  4. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Shhhh . . . . How do you think I’m justifying a 5th car to my wife! Although the Boxster is probably going to get sold in March/April but every time I mention it, the Mrs goes and drives it again and falls for it anew.
  5. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Fast forward to now . . . Still not got the car back, it’s havibg the last few things sorted out but was really bad, now has two new front wings and a load of new seals. Total bill has been settled, £6.5k to the Bodyshop and about £1k on new parts. Going to be Gtechniq-ed when it’s back too! Trimmed the rear quarters in matching leather while they were out, added some rear speakers, fitted the red seatbelts and got two new Sabelt Titan seats on their way. Also sorted the ECU issue, turns out that there was a mistake in an original Porsche wiring diagram from the 80’s and the trigger polarity was reversed. Fixed that and all sorted, but now a running issue (probably from 6 months lack of use) but I’ll deal with that when I get the car back home. Will have to kick the Boxster out to make room! Booked 3 days at the Ring at the end of May and hoping that the 944 is ready and sorted, if not then I have a backup plan forming over the next few weeks and that one has 4 seats (ish)!
  6. Buckled Alloy Compensation?

    Oh trust me, his feed is full of pics of him in his best attempt at suits with his R reg Jag
  7. Buckled Alloy Compensation?

    Craig McCombie is on Facebook and is friends with someone I know. He’s fat, late 20’s (age/BMI) and dresses like someone’s dad while driving a 10 year old Jag.
  8. Booster!

    Booster has helped me out a number of times so was always on my “people to buy a pint” list. I was down in Leicester with work for a couple of days and was passing his office so dropped in to say hi. Swapped him a bottle of red for a cup of tea.
  9. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Oh - decided that the modern ECU was so good I should take advantage of the Bluetooth output. Now have a double DIN Android headunit that displays all sorts of ECU stuff, had to fit some speakers in the car too - no point having a radio and no speakers. I now seem to have a 4.1 surround sound system, leather clad interior panels, Google Maps, Spotify, TPMS and another missing £1k. Birthday the other week and “Felipe” (F796 LPE) has become E944 CUP too.
  10. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Thanks to Photobucket there are no pics but a quick “up to speed”. Aftermarket ECU turned up and was fabulous - car ran better than ever but factory sensors didn’t like the modern sampling rate and kept throwing errors. Errors resulted in Spark Cut, resulted in pops and bangs, resulted in smiles, right up until detonation occurred in the Turbo. Resulted in a good 15 hours Eldavo-Labour and the best part of a grand on a turbo rebuild and several “while you’re in there” jobs. Turbo is now a billet hybrid job - good for circa 350bhp+ depending upon what boost I run, still chucking errors over 5k rpm so I’ve got a proper trigger wheel to fit to the crank - but first . . . Car has gone in for bodywork. Far far worse than imagined - repairs 5 years ago have turned out to be fibreglass bodges and the previous owner’s repairs were of a similar nature. Currently £3k plus £1k in parts into a “£4K repair” - will be happy if it doesn’t go over £6k. Lots of car cut off and being made good for the next 20 years+ Obviously when it’s finished it’ll be a total show queen. Scratch that - ‘Ring trip planned for next year.
  11. Porsche Macan 2.0T

    Dammit - forgot about this. Mrs quite fancied one but we got a stoopid cheap lease on an A-class Merc so she supplementing the Boxster with that. Macan would’ve nicely replaced both.
  12. I read the press release - the Agera was a customer car straight out of the factory so the tape was the transport protection tape. Now being delivered to a lucky guy in the States who will never be able to recreate this but will have a cool story down the pub.
  13. expensive numberplates

    Saw FU11 FAT on a RR Vogue on Friday.
  14. Anyone tried hypnosis

    If I was a hypnotist the first thing I'd do is hypnotise my clients into telling everyone how great I was at hypnotism.
  15. Anyone tried hypnosis

    I once put on a presentation course for a load of Drs. - the guy that lead it (John Gilbert) was excellent - gave me loads to take away too! His website is here: http://trainingcoursesfordoctors.co.uk/about-us-2/