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  1. Hmmmmm

    I think £15k would take it
  2. Hmmmmm

    If anyone wants a silver B-reg 928 S2 that's had a full restoration for sensible money then my mate Ian has one for sale.
  3. Hmmmmm

    924 Turbo or 944 Turbo are where the money has been going. 924 Turbos suffer from the Turbos dying and some ignition parts too - they are NLA and aftermarket replacements are horrifically expensive. A 944T made £34k IIRC at auction recently but it was a multiple concours winner. My mate sold his 944 Turbo S 2 weeks ago for £18k. Tidy car, not completely original and over 100k miles but still a fair price. Lots of crap being punted around at silly money, if I had the best part of £20k to spend it wouldn't be on a 944/968. 987 Boxsters or Caymans are fantastic VFM - early/leggy 981s are dipping around £20k too.
  4. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Remember November's post about the bodyshop? Well, still waiting and waiting and waiting - got told August maybe September, so 10 months waiting and I didn't feel reassured that I'd even get the car back this year. The waiting list isn't because the guy is so busy but because he's lazy I went to a classic car restoration place's open day (B Modern Classics) at the early May Bank Holiday - had a good look at all the stuff they've been working on, E-types, Bentleys, Rolls, MGs, etc. Really impressed with the quality of their work so asked them to give my car a quick look over. I nearly left in tears after they pointed out loads of stuff that I'd never even considered. Gave me a rough estimate of "a couple of grand" I mulled it over for a few days and then booked it in for the beginning of August. Agreed to drop the car in a couple of Saturdays ago for them to give it a full appraisal, a detailed work sheet and a firm quote. I'll dispense with the foreplay - glass-out respray, spare bonnet and badge panel being painted too, lots of welding and metal fabrication, 5-6 weeks work, £4k. Having had time to speak to people and consider it, I'm getting a rather good deal. Before that though . . . I sent a bank transfer for £1100 to a bloke in Estonia in March. I now have a very fancy, modern, standalone engine management system in my garage that is pretty much plug and play with the existing loom. I'll update that as and when I fit it.
  5. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    K4 - £129.99 but you'll need to spend another £8 on the dirtblaster lance as it doesn't come with one. Although they sent me 2 so I now have a spare. Extend the warranty to 12months for £10.99 if you want. Full retail at £187 is (as you say) 3 years and the dirtblaster lance included and is pretty good value for money. I had a 65 bar one before and even with the dirtblaster lance it was useless - the K4 is 130 bar (I think) and was good on the decking, adding the dirtblaster increases the pressure by 80% and was awesome!
  6. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    I just got a K4 full control and dirtblaster lance for about £130 from the Karcher Outlet. Turned up in a non-proprietary box but unused with all the original stickers and parts still packaged up. It's epic!
  7. Post a pic of your car

    One of my friends and neighbours at the end of my street has a Hurracan as his daily driver with an £8k Akrapovic exhaust on it. If he sees my car on the drive, he blips it as he passes much to my wife's annoyance.
  8. New company car time

    But what was your MPG though?
  9. Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car

    I've never even heard of one of those places - you'd think the guy writing the book would be able to spell out where he'd been! If it's anything like the last book, all the proofreading corrections were just ignored anyway.
  10. New company car time

    I don't need an estate but I do generally prefer the shape of them over the saloons (Merc E class excepted). I'm aware that neither my 3 series, Octavia or the C class are "proper" estates but from a real world point of view they are great - shopping, kid's bikes, Ikea, tip trips - I couldn't go back to a saloon again.
  11. New company car time

    Yes, Mercedes have AMG line, Audi have S-Line and BMW have M Sport. Just a hackneyed way of sticking some slightly sportier looking bumpers and some bigger wheels on along with a better spec and married to a 4-pot diesel banger to make us feel some vicarious affinity to the brands halo products.
  12. New company car time

    My Octavia vRS goes back in October and our new scheme is for 4 years. Im looking at a Merc c220d Amg-line Estate - as Garcon mentions, the lease deals are very favourable.
  13. 720 Wop

    Surely you have to name the car: "Woppy McWopFace"
  14. Another new S5 ordered

    I quite like it! (needs more stickerz tho')
  15. Another new S5 ordered

    Internet pricks!