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  1. 720 Wop

    Surely you have to name the car: "Woppy McWopFace"
  2. Another new S5 ordered

    I quite like it! (needs more stickerz tho')
  3. Another new S5 ordered

    Internet pricks!
  4. Another new S5 ordered

    You're a prick - that's quite blatantly an optional extra and shouldn't influence your purchasing decisions either way. I bet you've never even owned a Corsa!
  5. Another new S5 ordered

    Seeing as this is the most pedantic thread ever - I think you'll find that was the Mokka.
  6. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    Wife's Boxster starts an Admiral policy (in about 15 mins). Business use, protected NCB, legal cover, no points/courses and 1 fault claim in last 3 years. £248
  7. So bloody slow!

    Yup - me too, back to tepid now though.
  8. Incoming MT09 (2017)

    And one thing then lead to another . . . #tromboning
  9. New RS5

    997 Turbo - price is going one way, and about to go that way even quicker.
  10. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Not a great deal to report as STILL waiting for the bodyshop to be able to fit me in. Bodyshops are like cars: Cheap, Fast, Good - choose 2. Had a gearbox issue where it was very difficult to engage 5th or reverse when the box was warm. 4th to 5th at speed requires a lot of care to not get 3rd by accident. I thought it might be a clutch issue (uh-oh £500 part and 24 hours labour to change) and I found a slight weep on a clutch flexi in the engine bay but no loss of fluid. £70 for a replacement hose from Porsche or £30 for a new one to order from Goodridge. 2 weeks later the Goodridge one arrived with a snazzy red plastic coating over the braid (couldn't resist) and a sticker on the invoice showing it was made the week before to order. My local Indys fitted it and bled the clutch for me for free as a favour - but the problem still persisted and the gearstick was still flapping about like a BBQ cover on a windy night. Had a couple of days off over half term and popped into my mate's garage to get the car on his 4-post lift and take a look at the rear shift mechanism. Within 30secs I'd found the pin bolt that holds the short shifter to the gear selector shaft was loose so a liberal application of threadlock, nipped it up and problem solved. Went home - took me about an hour to get there and the fuel light came on - funny that! The harnesses are a bit restrictive on the road when it comes to visibility so I'm going GT3RS style and having harnesses and seatbelts. Options were 30 year old genuine parts or aftermarket brand new parts - I went for the latter. In red. The rear interior quarter panels need to come off to fit them though. And that means loosening/removing the cage. And that means taking the seats out. And if the quarter panels are out I may as well skin them in black leather with red stitching to match the rest of the interior. That can wait though - cheeky little trackday planned next week first as I had a day's holiday to use or lose
  11. Carwash Spots

    Ahhh I love Pascha! A guy on the 944 forum is into a full £40k nut and bolt restoration of a Twbo and has gone for a retrim in a black on black Pascha
  12. 17 Plate

    A RR Dawn (I think) convertible on Wednesday outside the Runnymede hotel in Staines.
  13. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Yup. But hardly ever at home. There's a Park and Ride just 5 mins round the corner from us. Used to drive there on a Wednesday with the dog and plug the car into a quick charger and walk the dog back. Then go back after dinner with the dog and pick it back up. At the weekend we'd either go into town or the Metro Centre and charge up and park for free there. Newcastle had an amazing charging infrastructure 2-3 years ago but now there are too many plug in hybrids so the charge bays are more often than not busy. When the Mrs had her weekly meetings at the practice in town she'd park over the road from the surgery and charge up there too. We very rarely charged it up at home - I can sell you a Rolec Type 2 charging box cheaply though!
  14. Why is diesel now so evil?

    We had a Leaf for 2 years. It cost nothing to run or park and was surprisingly sprightly. It was not environmentally friendly in any way and will be sat in a Landfill somewhere within the next 5 years.
  15. UK to USA £69 one-way, or £129 Return!

    Hmmmm . . . I want a custom turbo from a US supplier. The shipping and import duties will be significantly more than a return flight and won't make for the same story.