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  1. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Oh - decided that the modern ECU was so good I should take advantage of the Bluetooth output. Now have a double DIN Android headunit that displays all sorts of ECU stuff, had to fit some speakers in the car too - no point having a radio and no speakers. I now seem to have a 4.1 surround sound system, leather clad interior panels, Google Maps, Spotify, TPMS and another missing £1k. Birthday the other week and “Felipe” (F796 LPE) has become E944 CUP too.
  2. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Thanks to Photobucket there are no pics but a quick “up to speed”. Aftermarket ECU turned up and was fabulous - car ran better than ever but factory sensors didn’t like the modern sampling rate and kept throwing errors. Errors resulted in Spark Cut, resulted in pops and bangs, resulted in smiles, right up until detonation occurred in the Turbo. Resulted in a good 15 hours Eldavo-Labour and the best part of a grand on a turbo rebuild and several “while you’re in there” jobs. Turbo is now a billet hybrid job - good for circa 350bhp+ depending upon what boost I run, still chucking errors over 5k rpm so I’ve got a proper trigger wheel to fit to the crank - but first . . . Car has gone in for bodywork. Far far worse than imagined - repairs 5 years ago have turned out to be fibreglass bodges and the previous owner’s repairs were of a similar nature. Currently £3k plus £1k in parts into a “£4K repair” - will be happy if it doesn’t go over £6k. Lots of car cut off and being made good for the next 20 years+ Obviously when it’s finished it’ll be a total show queen. Scratch that - ‘Ring trip planned for next year.
  3. Porsche Macan 2.0T

    Dammit - forgot about this. Mrs quite fancied one but we got a stoopid cheap lease on an A-class Merc so she supplementing the Boxster with that. Macan would’ve nicely replaced both.
  4. I read the press release - the Agera was a customer car straight out of the factory so the tape was the transport protection tape. Now being delivered to a lucky guy in the States who will never be able to recreate this but will have a cool story down the pub.
  5. expensive numberplates

    Saw FU11 FAT on a RR Vogue on Friday.
  6. Anyone tried hypnosis

    If I was a hypnotist the first thing I'd do is hypnotise my clients into telling everyone how great I was at hypnotism.
  7. Anyone tried hypnosis

    I once put on a presentation course for a load of Drs. - the guy that lead it (John Gilbert) was excellent - gave me loads to take away too! His website is here: http://trainingcoursesfordoctors.co.uk/about-us-2/
  8. Woking Grand Prix

    Ohhhhh hellooooooo
  9. Petrol and diesel cars.....

    And learn the Chinese for "Please spare my life, I'm a good worker"
  10. Apple Watch launch

    What are you cooking that involves a timer and another time zone?????
  11. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    C220d Estate Sport - £99.82 per month contribution plus the company car tax at about £300 per month
  12. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Well - things have got interesting for 2 reasons. 1: The Volvo has been delivered, they've sent me a V40 instead of a V60. It's parked on my drive alongside next door's V40 that they've had for 4 years so that's not much help. It drives pretty well but the interior is gash, like a 90's Merc with the number of buttons and it is the least intuitive system ever. Am sure that the new one will be great when it comes but that's not the one on the list so it's definitely out. 2: So an Audi A4 Avant in sport spec then? Not quite . . . Remember that restructure I mentioned that might start soon - consultation period started last week. So come September I'll either be promoted or redundant! If promoted then I'll get a fresh look at the car list with a higher allowance (or see what's in the pool from the leavers first of all if I wish). Even if I ordered a car right now it wouldn't go through so more time to see what's what. With regard to jobs, I'm reasonably confident in the promotion option but am trying to get a job externally as I could then take a pretty generous redundancy package too
  13. Williams

    Do you think they'll do a Swedish language version of the Ronnie Pickering film?
  14. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Had the BMW for 5 days and it's now gone back. Lovely looking car, in metallic black with the M Sport Plus pack and Coral leather interior. I was ready to be very impressed but it just felt a bit old fashioned inside (6-7 year old design now I suppose). Little niggly things like the iDrive controller not being where your hand thinks it should be and the overly-thick steering wheel. For the life of me I couldn't get the seat into a comfortable position either. The tech is very 8-bit, Spotify integration was abysmal and even the guy dropping it off described the business nav as archaic. The lack of a central screen in the instrument binnacle was very noticeable too, in fact the whole car didn't seem that different to the previous model I got rid of 3 years ago. Harmon Kardon surround sound stereo was awesome though!!! The drive was where I knew the BMW would shine but a combination of overly-light steering again and the automatic gearbox that put you in 8th gear at every opportunity (even in Sport) dulled this somewhat. Twisty B-road blasts made up for it though, with the box in sport manual mode and working around the light steering. That's not my day to day driving though I got out of the Audi and into my Skoda and it felt like a generational step back in time, I got out of the BMW and into the Skoda and it felt like going for an iPhone S rather than a standard model. Broadly similar but a few touches that felt better and more updated.
  15. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    If I could opt out I would've done a long time ago and be in something far more interesting! For years I did every salary sacrifice going, maxed my childcare vouchers, "bought" extra days holidays, etc. to keep in the 20% tax bracket but that's just not possible anymore so double company car tax is a thing Anyway, the Audi went back last week, the interesting bit was getting back in my own car immediatelt after the Audi had gone. I was struck by how high up the seat was, how far away the gearstick felt, how all the infotainment buttons were at arms length and how the tech in the car made me feel like i was using a 90's Nokia and a Sony Minidisc player! Then i drove off. I'd missed the weight of the steering and the front end communication but the gearbox felt clunky and the clutch pedal was stiff. At the weekend my wife drove my car, "I preferred driving the Audi, this feels heavy and agricultural" she said. BMW are dropping me a car off this morning for a week. I asked for a 320d Touring Sport Manual, they're delivering a 320d Touring M Sport Plus Auto. Looks a lovely car in metallic black with coral leather but is basically a "look what you could've won" chariot. BMW sent me a PDF of specs and pics, both wife and daughter have proclaimed that the interior looks old-fashioned next to the Audi and made me show them the pics of the A4 for comparison. They then went on to start choosing A4 colours. Even the dog is a female, they're ganging up on me!