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  1. Aston Martin DB9 x 2 - unusual

    If it's the story you've told me before i can see why you wouldn't post it. The one that involves taking it for a service?
  2. Aston Martin DB9 x 2 - unusual

    I see beardo at least once a week in his 730 ld just round the corner from me.
  3. Itunes

    Funnily enough I said a similar comment about the Sony software recently too. However, I empathise with the OP as iTunes messes up my compilation albums when I import them too. Milo - When you manually edit each track, leave the artist and title info as they are and where it has a box for Album make sure they all say Summer 2010 and tick the "part of a compilation" box and this should work
  4. The TSN photography studio

    I'm quite glad that this one is photoshopped, as otherwise I don't know how I'd cope:
  5. Warranty war!!!

    Yup, faith in their work!
  6. The TSN photography studio

    Here's one I took in Morocco with the 18-55 kit lens:
  7. The TSN photography studio

    Cool, looks like a winner all round. Lens creep between the midrange is a bit of a non-issue though as I will always be holding the barrel of the lens anyway. No having to change lenses will be a great benefit and if the optics aren't really compromised (or are improved) then that's a bonus. As for the size, my Tamron 70-300 is pretty chunky so no probs there either: Thanks for the info!
  8. One for the Porsche lovers

    I saw that the other day whilst looking on their site. They have a supercharged 968 on there for £30k that was up on Pistonheads recently for £20k and didn't sell. I know they stand behind their cars 100% but I find that premium a hard pill to swallow!
  9. Thank god you've never had to endure Sony's Sonicstage software then!
  10. Alloy Protector?

    Due to the heat build up on the wheels nothing will have the longevity on there that it would on the paintwork. As a result you'll need to reapply more often than the wax, etc on the paintwork. From my own experience the following are all good: Zaino CS, Jetseal 109, Bilt Hamber Autobalm, Chemical Guys Wheel Guard and Auto Glym Extra Gloss Protection. Basically, owt is better than nowt!
  11. Register a credit card, use that and then remove it from the account if necessary.
  12. Apple iPad battery life question

    Am sure I remember something about lithium ion batteries decaying exponentially once they lose a significant amount of their charge, that could be why.
  13. The TSN photography studio

    I've got a D5000 with Nikon 18-55 and a Tamron 70-300. The Nikon 18-200 is probably my next purchase due to it's flexibility and the reviews it has got. After that I may go for the f1.8 35mm too as it I can't justify the big jump in costs for the f1.4 50mm. Would love to know how you're getting on with the new lens and any negatives?
  14. Chri5, you'll like this...

    Depends where she does the aforementioned sh1te!
  15. F360 Detail

    Yup, a paying hobby as it were. The guy whose car it is needed it doing in a day and wanted an acceptable level of correction with room to redo it when necessary as it is his daily driver at the moment.
  16. F360 Detail

    Hopefully Tipex will approve of the subject matter as not being too boring The paintwork is very soft so after 7 years and 40k miles it looked like this: But it came up pretty damn well, 50:50 using mainly Menz 106FA on a Megs polishing pad: The finished article,waxed with Zymol Concours:
  17. Chri5, you'll like this...

    If you decide you do want to remove car privileges I can fit 6 cars on my drive easily so you're welcome to park it here for a while. And I thought a 3 year old was bad!
  18. F360 Detail

    Actually, the first 2 finished pics are pre-wax but I couldn't be bothered editing the post. Thanks for the suggestions but you're preaching to the converted. It also says what I mainly used to correct the paintwork, most people aren't interested in every polish and pad combo used hence I left them out.
  19. Chri5, you'll like this...

    She's right though, it is her life. Offer to take her to the council offices to sign up for a nice local authority pad and see just how independent she wants to be then!
  20. I've taken the plunge on an air cooled 911

    One of my neighbours has a 993 C4S as his daily driver, always filthy but so much presence!
  21. F360 Detail

    Yup, that is where I live after all! Discs were rusty Milo, it moved exactly half a wheel rotation (probably a quids worth of fuel) Fergy: rotary all the way, even the bumpers (although I used a polish that works well at lower speeds to keep the heat down)
  22. Think this guy might be overcharging a bit !

    Paul Dalton recently did a £7k detail on a Phantom that took 80 hours. The car was atrocious, as if cleaned with a brillo pad and sandpaper. His work involved a lot of wet sanding too and worked out a quarter of the price of a respray to RR standards.
  23. Couple of clay questions

    A fine clay should be suitable for most applications, the more aggressive ones leave make in the paint which require machining out. It will pick up pretty much everything you need it too so no worries there. Sonus green would be a good starting point. With clays you tend to do one section and then refold and reshape the clay, moving the contaminated areas off the exterior surface. Just don't drop it on the floor or else it is only really fit for the bin!
  24. Exiting carpark without paying - dilemma

    Dr who exhibition opening day, far too late. I was at a meeting there a week before it was due to open and got chatting to one of the BBC staff that were there putting everything together. He gave me a mini guided tour of all the props and backstage gubbins that makes it work although it was kinda lost on me I'm afraid as I don't watch it. I did get my picture taken with a Dalek though, that was nice.
  25. Shelias Wheels Insurance Quote

    Yes, the wife is with them. They're an offshoot of Halifax the same as Esure, so all good.