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  1. Newbie question I'm sure, I have tried removing the plastic covers with the springy metal thing in the boot as it seems to serve no other purpose. It works but seems a bit fiddly. What is the supposed "correct" way of removing these cap covers ??? Thansk, Disco
  2. TSN Northeast Meet - 19th November 2006

    Hi Guys, might be able to borrow a driftbox off my friend for this see http://www.driftbox.com/ Not recommending that it gets used to measure drift angle, unless we go on private roads, ahem. But you can confirm performance times, etc, etc. Will speak to my mate about borrowing it on that day and who ever shouts first can use it. As an extra I'll take it away and all the info on it and print off or email you all the data logs for bragging rights, alternatively it provides a lovely map or exactly where you have been (and how quick you were going, oo-er). If anyone wants to buy one then I'll have a word with my mate for a TSN discount. Disco
  3. Time to personalise my S4

    Been wondering about doing this myself, got the red caliper paint and some Audi 4 rings decals. Just umming and ahhing as I don't want it to look too "chav." The general consensus on here seems ok, so i will have a bash this weekend if the weather holds and provide some pics. Disco
  4. TSN Northeast Meet - 19th November 2006

    Does that include the 5mph round Maccy D's ??? Milo Steven_M (provisional) TDiAvant R32 Geordie TP27 P_G Eldavo69
  5. TSN Northeast Meet - 19th November 2006

    Hmmmm, defo interested for this one just worried I won't be able to keep up !!! Disco
  6. Easiest way to remove wheel bolt covers ???

    Lol, now I think about it yeah. I was using the legs as a hook to ping the caps off, DOH ! Disco
  7. Easiest way to remove wheel bolt covers ???

    Maybe I'm using the springy thing wrong then ???
  8. Elise as a daily driver??

    I can vouch that the Clio 182 is a quick car as I got my a$$ handed to me on a plate by one today. Got a 2.0TDI A3 S-Line, the Snooper GPS-calibrated speed was over Audi's stated max speed and he was still slowly pulling away from me.
  9. TSN Northeast Meet - 15th October 2006

    Here's one for when you all get back in !!! Noticed at Costco the other day that you can get a pack of 40 microfibre cloths for about 12 quid
  10. TSN Northeast Meet - 15th October 2006

    [ QUOTE ] Disco - you'd be more than welcome at the next meet. The more the merrier. [/ QUOTE ] I'll watch this space !!! And in the meantime try and spend more time here and work out how crazy you lot actually are Disco
  11. Yellow Maserati (with pic) and AUD1 R

    I saw that AUD1 plate about 7 years ago in Manchester, it was about 5am and I was on my way to catch a flight, had to do a double take as I thought I was seeing things.
  12. Personalised Registration ???

    It has to be an 07 car, i.e. the existing registration must be something like NE07 TYN. If your registration read NE56 TYN then you couldn't put an 07 plate onto it. Disco
  13. TSN Northeast Meet - 15th October 2006

    Aaarrghgh, I come here as a newbie and read about this meet. Would be well up for it but am away to Manchester for my mum's 50th party. Would have been great to catch up and would've given me another excuse to wash the car, A3 S-Line 2.0Tdi 2 weeks old. Will be there at the next one to say hello to some (seemingly) friendly people. Disco
  14. I'm a sucker for having a go !!! Better order some stereo keys too then. Thanks, Disco
  15. Great, thanks !!! Will order that kit later today, do i need to pick up some stereo removal keys too or are they included in the pack? Disco
  16. Same as you, got an S-Line with the standard Concert II. Thanks, Disco
  17. This is exactly what I am looking for !!! So, to connect my NW-HD1 to my HU, and to get full functionality from the HU do I just need the caraudioplus lead or the connects2 thingummy as well ??? Not exactly sure what the connects2 box of tricks is or how you order it if you need it. Would love to have the MP3 player left in the glovebox and full control from the HU. Thanks in advance, Disco