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  1. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Had the BMW for 5 days and it's now gone back. Lovely looking car, in metallic black with the M Sport Plus pack and Coral leather interior. I was ready to be very impressed but it just felt a bit old fashioned inside (6-7 year old design now I suppose). Little niggly things like the iDrive controller not being where your hand thinks it should be and the overly-thick steering wheel. For the life of me I couldn't get the seat into a comfortable position either. The tech is very 8-bit, Spotify integration was abysmal and even the guy dropping it off described the business nav as archaic. The lack of a central screen in the instrument binnacle was very noticeable too, in fact the whole car didn't seem that different to the previous model I got rid of 3 years ago. Harmon Kardon surround sound stereo was awesome though!!! The drive was where I knew the BMW would shine but a combination of overly-light steering again and the automatic gearbox that put you in 8th gear at every opportunity (even in Sport) dulled this somewhat. Twisty B-road blasts made up for it though, with the box in sport manual mode and working around the light steering. That's not my day to day driving though I got out of the Audi and into my Skoda and it felt like a generational step back in time, I got out of the BMW and into the Skoda and it felt like going for an iPhone S rather than a standard model. Broadly similar but a few touches that felt better and more updated.
  2. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    If I could opt out I would've done a long time ago and be in something far more interesting! For years I did every salary sacrifice going, maxed my childcare vouchers, "bought" extra days holidays, etc. to keep in the 20% tax bracket but that's just not possible anymore so double company car tax is a thing Anyway, the Audi went back last week, the interesting bit was getting back in my own car immediatelt after the Audi had gone. I was struck by how high up the seat was, how far away the gearstick felt, how all the infotainment buttons were at arms length and how the tech in the car made me feel like i was using a 90's Nokia and a Sony Minidisc player! Then i drove off. I'd missed the weight of the steering and the front end communication but the gearbox felt clunky and the clutch pedal was stiff. At the weekend my wife drove my car, "I preferred driving the Audi, this feels heavy and agricultural" she said. BMW are dropping me a car off this morning for a week. I asked for a 320d Touring Sport Manual, they're delivering a 320d Touring M Sport Plus Auto. Looks a lovely car in metallic black with coral leather but is basically a "look what you could've won" chariot. BMW sent me a PDF of specs and pics, both wife and daughter have proclaimed that the interior looks old-fashioned next to the Audi and made me show them the pics of the A4 for comparison. They then went on to start choosing A4 colours. Even the dog is a female, they're ganging up on me!
  3. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Day one in the Audi. First impressions were very good even on the ickle wheels, classy looking car. Going straight from the Skoda, the Audi felt much bigger inside, seats not as supportive but a nice place to be with all the media controls, etc. to hand. The Octavia has all the buttons either side of the screen and they're a faff to reach when driving. This one has the Technology Pack and the Advanced parking pack. The parking pack gives you innumerate views of the car and lines on the screen, etc. it comes with front and rear sensors as standard and lots of windows - the self parking feature is a bit of a gimmick, feels weird and works but not sure I'd trust it against a jagged kerb. The technology pack is mostly useless apart from the TFT screen in lieu of dials in the instrument binnacle. It's quite cool being able to have the nav widescreen in there and a different level of zoom to the centre display BUT . . . to prevent glare it is angled slightly downwards so you have to move your eyes further from the road to look at it than using the centre screen. Rest of the stuff is standard Audi fare and nicely put together, Apple Car Play works well with full Siri integration and Spotify, etc. My daughter thought it was great and loved playing about with it - she also liked the big boot and immediately climbed in. Turns out the auto closing boot re-opens when it encounters a 9-year old obstacle, just as well really. The steering is too light (even in dynamic) mode) and lacks any real feel at all - nice steering whee though, makes the wooly epas even more of a shame. Brakes are very very over-servoed and took some getting used to. Even on the 17"s with a 50 profile tyre the ride is almost as firm as the vRS's's's with 18"s so if I did go for an S Line with 18"s then the comfort suspension is a must. Another 2 days to get over the first flush of "new car" (literally is, 650 miles) and see whether it has any dynamic capabilities at all.
  4. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    That was part of my initial thinking as a neighbour has one. I'm only allowed to trade up/down by £100 per month so even though the tax would be considerably lower, it doesn't appear on my list as the £36k 220d Sport is £99.86 so the £42k 350e doesn't feature. I'd rather pay more tax and less trade up as then I'm not tied in to a big payment should I leave.
  5. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Before I got the list I wanted a C class 220d Sport or AMG Line. The 220d Sport is £99.86 per month trade up - whoever negotiated that lease for ALD needs to be shot. An A6 Avant, 190 Ultra S Line is "only" £88 and that £3500 more car. I don't like the "Bursting Blue" on the V60 - it looks good in grey/black though.
  6. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Mazda not on the list. Rebel Blue not an option for that spec - plus its non-metallic and we have to have a metallic colour as part of our policy. Next door's driveway butts up to ours and they have 2 Volvos and a Merc - soon to be one Volvo and a Merc. They've had 5 Volvos as their last cars - not sure I'm a Volvo person but I'm quite looking forward to that one.
  7. My Grand Tour

    The long esplanade in Prague up to the natural history museum has an Argentinian steak restaurant down an escalator under a shopping centre on the left hand side. It's doesn't matter what you order as the waiter will bring you a fillet steak and forget all English if you query it or the bill. One of the top 3 steaks I've ever had!
  8. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    The Octavia gets through a set of front tyres every 12k miles. My regional meetings take me into the Lakes and along some of the best driving roads in the country. Plus the odd Scottish driving trip - Garcon can attest that for a FWD cooking estate it can get very sideways! I'm aware that I'm going into this with an on-paper positive bias towards the Audi - despite the fact that I don't really like the pedal position or driving dynamics of A4s. It ticks lots of boxes as the spec is very impressive but then has silly things missing. I'm lucky in that I get to have them all for a few days to live with to really see and hopefully reach an informed decision.
  9. Hmmmmm

    I think £15k would take it
  10. Hmmmmm

    If anyone wants a silver B-reg 928 S2 that's had a full restoration for sensible money then my mate Ian has one for sale.
  11. Hmmmmm

    924 Turbo or 944 Turbo are where the money has been going. 924 Turbos suffer from the Turbos dying and some ignition parts too - they are NLA and aftermarket replacements are horrifically expensive. A 944T made £34k IIRC at auction recently but it was a multiple concours winner. My mate sold his 944 Turbo S 2 weeks ago for £18k. Tidy car, not completely original and over 100k miles but still a fair price. Lots of crap being punted around at silly money, if I had the best part of £20k to spend it wouldn't be on a 944/968. 987 Boxsters or Caymans are fantastic VFM - early/leggy 981s are dipping around £20k too.
  12. Ahead of this year's holiday I got a Halifax Clarity credit card as recommended by Martin Lewis for the best rates and no fees on purchases. He also bangs on about using it to withdraw currency from foreign cash machines as again you get a great rate and no fees. Using Internet banking I could transfer the money immediately to the credit card so as to minimise/negate any interest BUT . . . I recall Booster saying that withdrawing cash on a credit card hurt your credit file so would like some pointers please?
  13. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Remember November's post about the bodyshop? Well, still waiting and waiting and waiting - got told August maybe September, so 10 months waiting and I didn't feel reassured that I'd even get the car back this year. The waiting list isn't because the guy is so busy but because he's lazy I went to a classic car restoration place's open day (B Modern Classics) at the early May Bank Holiday - had a good look at all the stuff they've been working on, E-types, Bentleys, Rolls, MGs, etc. Really impressed with the quality of their work so asked them to give my car a quick look over. I nearly left in tears after they pointed out loads of stuff that I'd never even considered. Gave me a rough estimate of "a couple of grand" I mulled it over for a few days and then booked it in for the beginning of August. Agreed to drop the car in a couple of Saturdays ago for them to give it a full appraisal, a detailed work sheet and a firm quote. I'll dispense with the foreplay - glass-out respray, spare bonnet and badge panel being painted too, lots of welding and metal fabrication, 5-6 weeks work, £4k. Having had time to speak to people and consider it, I'm getting a rather good deal. Before that though . . . I sent a bank transfer for £1100 to a bloke in Estonia in March. I now have a very fancy, modern, standalone engine management system in my garage that is pretty much plug and play with the existing loom. I'll update that as and when I fit it.
  14. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    K4 - £129.99 but you'll need to spend another £8 on the dirtblaster lance as it doesn't come with one. Although they sent me 2 so I now have a spare. Extend the warranty to 12months for £10.99 if you want. Full retail at £187 is (as you say) 3 years and the dirtblaster lance included and is pretty good value for money. I had a 65 bar one before and even with the dirtblaster lance it was useless - the K4 is 130 bar (I think) and was good on the decking, adding the dirtblaster increases the pressure by 80% and was awesome!
  15. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    I just got a K4 full control and dirtblaster lance for about £130 from the Karcher Outlet. Turned up in a non-proprietary box but unused with all the original stickers and parts still packaged up. It's epic!
  16. Post a pic of your car

    One of my friends and neighbours at the end of my street has a Hurracan as his daily driver with an £8k Akrapovic exhaust on it. If he sees my car on the drive, he blips it as he passes much to my wife's annoyance.
  17. New company car time

    But what was your MPG though?
  18. Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car

    I've never even heard of one of those places - you'd think the guy writing the book would be able to spell out where he'd been! If it's anything like the last book, all the proofreading corrections were just ignored anyway.
  19. New company car time

    I don't need an estate but I do generally prefer the shape of them over the saloons (Merc E class excepted). I'm aware that neither my 3 series, Octavia or the C class are "proper" estates but from a real world point of view they are great - shopping, kid's bikes, Ikea, tip trips - I couldn't go back to a saloon again.
  20. New company car time

    Yes, Mercedes have AMG line, Audi have S-Line and BMW have M Sport. Just a hackneyed way of sticking some slightly sportier looking bumpers and some bigger wheels on along with a better spec and married to a 4-pot diesel banger to make us feel some vicarious affinity to the brands halo products.
  21. New company car time

    My Octavia vRS goes back in October and our new scheme is for 4 years. Im looking at a Merc c220d Amg-line Estate - as Garcon mentions, the lease deals are very favourable.
  22. 720 Wop

    Surely you have to name the car: "Woppy McWopFace"
  23. Another new S5 ordered

    I quite like it! (needs more stickerz tho')
  24. Another new S5 ordered

    Internet pricks!
  25. Another new S5 ordered

    You're a prick - that's quite blatantly an optional extra and shouldn't influence your purchasing decisions either way. I bet you've never even owned a Corsa!