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  1. Ethernet ports on laptops- lack thereof

    Sometimes I wish there was some sort of easily available wireless connection to use rather than my 1000ft extendable Ethernet lead.
  2. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Yup, here's some joker asking £25 for a used one (which is pretty much the cost of a new one from Porsche in a ZF box with a Porsche inventory sticker on it): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262668229973 Or £12 for the same part here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152206307697
  3. Audi B7 pillar pod

    Pods look very dated, I'd pay the extra and buy this: http://zada-tech.com/products/multi-gauges/audi-tt-a3-s3-rs3-a4-s4-rs4-red-lcd-multi-gauge-oem-looking
  4. Cambridge Autogleam - 2011

  5. Cambridge Autogleam - 2011

    You missed a "detail" though - the point at the bottom of the crest on the centre caps should always point to the tyre valve according to Porsche.
  6. Cambridge Autogleam - 2011

    Not for long . . .
  7. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    In other news - I went to see a bloke with a bodyshop that does restoration work and likes his modern classics about sorting my front driver's side wing. Where it had been repaired previously the filler had absorbed water and was bubbling up. I then pointed out a bit of surface rust on the front of the rear wing, and then there was some gravel rash on the stone chip paint. We then found a little dent on a rear arch and a paint chip on the rear panel, hmmm what about this bit of lacquer peel in this corner if we're being picky - hang on, if you peel this rubber seal back there's an edge underneath that not quite right . . . It's getting resprayed in January - there I've said it. A combination of budget creep and man maths. Ideally I'd have the car in Riviera Blue but if I was having a colour change I'd want the engine and interior out, then you may as well get the shell dipped, then you may as well get a full cage welded in, then you may as well rebuild the engine while it's out, and overhaul the gearbox, and chuck a clutch in while it's easy to get to. Oh, where did my £10k and marriage go? So after it's all painted and looking pretty it's getting wrapped in Riviera Blue because a 4-figure wrap job is cheaper than the 5-figure option. (Unless it looks so damn good after paint that I can't bring myself to do it).
  8. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    I picked up some Cup 2 wheels that were in need of a refurb so went for a bi-colour finish and shod with Nankang NS2R tyres, don't laugh at the back - they're a great fast road/track tyre and are on the MSA list: They all fit nicely into a Skoda too: On the car: Seemed alright when I started running them in out on the road with some friends, so far so good:
  9. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    As I had loads of this oil hose spare I got to thinking about my power steering pump and lines . . . The pump itself leaked (they all do that sir) and I'd tried with some success to reseal it before. The seal kit was the same as a BMW pump from the same era and a little t'internet research showed that the BMW pump was identical apart from the pulley being in a different position on the main shaft (giggle). £650 for a new pump from Porsche or £100 for a BMW one that I could return if not right and the BMW pump was here within a week. 4 bolts to dismantle it (carefully, in case it had to go back) and the micrometer out to check the shaft erm . . . girth??? All good, put it back together: Replaced the crappy crush washers with dowty seals and changed the fittings over to AN lines with the new hoses. Also found that the £26 ZF power steering reservoir is identical to a £13 ZF one from an X5/E39 so replaced that while I was in there. Power steering is now amazing, very direct and with much improved feel - no screechy noises or leaks either. In fact, it's the best power steering on any 944/968 I've driven (10+) and I've subsequently converted a couple of pumps for mates too! The 944/968 folklore is that you should always carry a spare DME relay as it is THE number 1 failure on these cars. The relay sees a crank signal and switches on the fuel pump, when they get old they break contact when hot leaving you stranded until it's cooled down. While I was in the States I ordered a solid state relay that an enthusiast over there makes. It also runs the fuel pump for 3 seconds before firing up the engine - building fuel pressure and making starting easier:
  10. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    Not much been going on with the Twbo - no news is good news I suppose. I had one issue with the fans not coming on when on a run out but I opened up the relay, sorted out a sticky relay and redlined a couple of the solder connections and it's been spot on since. I went to a classic car meet over summer, put the car away at night and the next day went into the garage to an overpowering smell of fuel and the discovery of a large puddle under the car - crumbs! I pulled off the inspection cover and found that the hose from the tank to the pump was leaking: Not good: Spammed it up with jubilee clips and some spare oil hose kinked into place while I waited for the part to come into stock at my local Porsche dealers (48 hours for a part for a 28 year old car is impressive): No pics of the replacement, it's a hose - use your imagination
  11. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Having some winter wheels and tyres delivered today for the Mrs' Boxster. We had some for her 3 series Cab and they were phenomenal.
  12. BMW New vs Used

    Our company car lease figures where throwing up a 5 Series Touring M Sport model for less per month than my moderately specced Octavia vRS
  13. Channel 5 - The cars that made Britain great

    I remember you going to some MG6 launch event and slating the car and everything it stood for. What's changed with the MG3?
  14. A bumper week for me on the spots!

    +1 when the leather faced lothario drives it.
  15. A bumper week for me on the spots!

    I saw one yesterday too "4 RON" on the plate - stunning inside and a lovely place to be but "challenging" to look at. You can insert your own joke
  16. Discuss.............

    Yup - This. It's why I'm amazed that "Loose Women" is still on TV - imagine the gender opposite programme. Andy Gray would be back on TV.
  17. Good Old Days...

    The problem with the BBC is that they fill their ad breaks with their own adverts. If they stopped paying themselves so much ad revenue they could let other companies advertise and raise some capital.
  18. Tesla P90D Mental Machine

    The best bit is you can bugger off at a gazillion miles per hour without making loads of noise and drawing lots of attention to the fact.
  19. Chris Harris Drives

    Yup - one of my customers moved to NZ and was talking about selling their Boxster before they moved. I advised them to look at the cost of buying one over there - they quickly decided it was worth paying the sanitising fees to take it with them!
  20. RM Sotheby's, London - Results

    I'd rather have an F40!
  21. Whisky shopping

    Should've stayed at The Ranald in Oban - small little boutique hotel and surprisingly affordable. No car park though so youd need to have an alternative to on-street parking when on 2 wheels.
  22. expensive numberplates

    That reminds me, I saw a dodgy blinged up i8 down near Silverstone at the GP and the plate was CO51 MAG Spaced as CO5 1M A G ****puffin
  23. The 'other' Porsches - my film

    I didn't but thanks x
  24. Woppum isn't the only one......

    Missed this thread somehow! Held off building mine for about 2 days before me and my 8 year old daughter built it together. Took about 14 - 16 hours over 3 days - proper daddy and daughter bonding time, she still now takes her friends up to the study to show them it when they come round - mega proud dad.