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  1. Mercedes-Benz C-Class se coupe

    lol, i see £ 10,000 is the price. ive edited it , cheers
  2. Mercedes-Benz C-Class se coupe

  3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class se coupe

    hi everyone im on the verge of buying a Mercedes-Benz C-Class 1.8 C180 Kompressor SE 2-DR Coupe, but know nothing abot them or for that matter about cars. but i know this looks very nice and it the only car my missis is intrested in. the cars about £10000 , as a mileage of 17103. can someone give me any info on the car , such as running cost,price of parts and services and what its like on fuel. i just want someone to say its quality and get it.
  4. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    bloody hell, i must have been driving some rubbish then,cos i think its a lovely drive,looks good inside and out,nippy,good on juice. or ive lived a sheltered life when it comes to cars, but ive never been into cars to be honest so maybe thats what it is. lol
  5. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    well im no speed freak these days not now ive got 2 kids, lol
  6. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    hi mate when you say gutless do you mean the power and speed? because i find mine very nippy, but my last car was a hyundia sante fe and a bit of a tank lol, so i should do really.
  7. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    thanks for your replie mate, that doesnt sound too good does it,lol hope i dont have any of those problems. i find the car a lovely drive and think it looks great too and look forward to driving it every time i see it. ill have a crack at the back seat now. cheers.
  8. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    hi i just got this car on monday on a 06 plate with 16000 on the clock for £8999 do you peeps think thats a fair price? also id like to here peoples views on the car good or bad, as ive heard both cheers p.s does anyone know how to get the back middle seat down so it turns into a storage area.
  9. new member

    im not to keen on space wagons
  10. new member

    i brought the sante fe because i needed somthing bigger what with a missis and 2 kids who like camping and bike riding at the same time, but ive got to get some of those bike thingiys that go on the roof but they r 50 quid each and i need 4 its a dear do
  11. new member

    just cant spell
  12. new member

    hi, i havent seen that, i havent took much notice of hyundais until i got the sante fe, theres not much inside them but its cool
  13. new member

    not bad , not bad
  14. new member

    hi i m new to this dite and i think its pretty good. just wandering what people thought of the hyundai sante fe 4x4 ive just brought one on a 04 plate and ilike it . cheers