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  1. Trip Computer - Keeps Showing 40 MPH

    Many thanks - just read the manual (why did I not do this when I bought the car?). Don't know how I set but but now know how to alter it.
  2. Not sure if anyone can help but the trip computer in my Skodia Octavia 1.9 Diesel has started to switch to show the above plus MPH in a circle and pings as it normally does when the temperature drops to a point where ice could form. Only way to return to the chosen display is to press the switch that flips between the 1 and 2 status.
  3. Rears Washer Pipe Run

    Hi - Belatedly checking my OH's Lupo over prior to MOT and discovered the water is not reaching the rear jey but is wetting the carpet. Can anyone advise how I get tot he pipe run to get is roted or is there some regular place that the pipe gets disconnected? Ta
  4. Wiper Blades

    Many thanks - I talked to my son who put me right on this.
  5. Wiper Blades

    This may be a silly question but which way up should the spoiler be on Golf MK IV wiper blades? I ask as I would have assumed on top but on mine I have come to change them and realised that it is on the bottom!