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  1. I`ll see you at the cheverons Simon
  2. I ve booked my place May be meet on the way up? SimonS3 mrc tuned
  3. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Hi Go for the Diesel Geek Ive had one fitted for a while and works well. Simon Mrc tuned
  4. Next Essex Meet Thursday 10th August 2006

    I`ll try Simon MRCtuned
  5. mrc tuning help

    Hi MRCtuning go for it. My car was at AmD for 3 months while they tried to re-map it after fitting a hybred turbo. MRC had the car for a few hours and the car goes like a rocket. The way it works is that you feel straight away the improvement by taking the car for a spin on their test track and if your not happy they wont charge you. You will be happy Simon S3 MRCtuned
  6. DIY cambelt change?

    Just follow the link LINK Simon MRC tuned
  7. Next Essex Meet Thursday 16th Feb

    Mick I`ve got some which you can have SimonS3 MRCtuned
  8. Next Essex Meet Thursday 16th Feb

    Can`t you take the hint Long time no see SimonS3 MCRtuned
  9. Turbo actuator

    Boost Machine Simon MRC tuned
  10. Sony DSC N1 of joy

    Nice Ive just bought one for the rusty knife So i hope she likes it Simon
  11. Oh dear...Happy Bl**dy christmas

    Sorry Mick Talk to Kim Im sure that he can get 1.8 engines in a crate at a good price. Good luck Simon
  12. Oh dear...Happy Bl**dy christmas

    I hope you get it sorted soon Maybe get new internals and a big turbo while doing the head. Simon MRCtuning
  13. Hayward & Scott

    Turbo back race cats A job well done SimonS3MTM
  14. Turbo actuator

    Ho HO Ho Simon
  15. Next Essex Meet/Bowling Night 17th November

    Count me in Simon
  16. Next Essex Meet/Bowling Night 17th November

    I will charge my battery. Simon
  17. S3 MAF Sensor problem??

    Hi I have a MTM APY re-map just remove the resistor. It worked for me Simon S3MTM
  18. Next Essex Meet Thursday 20th October

    I think Ive got a problem with my door switch since the interiorlight stays on. The trick seems to slam the door 8 times swear and kick the door and wait till the battery goes dead after the alarm has sounded. The the interior light stays off but the car wont start. Simon
  19. Next Essex Meet Thursday 20th October

    Sorry I didnt make it a dead battery I just need to use it more Simon
  20. When's the next RR or 1/4 mile day?

    Count me in SimonS3MTM
  21. Next Essex meet 22/09/05

    Sorry I cant make it
  22. Amd or Revo ?

    I think Revo then leaves lets say cabinet "C" open and closing A and B and thats the problem SimonS3MTM
  23. Next Essex Meet 21st June

    Good luck Simon