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  1. Revo Problem? Need Help

    MAF looks a little oily. Will have to clean on Sat. Disconected for the moment and runs a lot better.
  2. Revo Problem? Need Help

    Cheers fellas. Going to clean MAF tomorrow. Will call Kev at Revo tomorrow just to check whats going on... Will let you know if i find out my problem. Gav
  3. Revo Problem? Need Help

    Ive had my S3 1999 upgraded to the trial chip at GTI show. The car ran badly for about 30-40 miles miss fireing when accelerating for the first few seconds then would slam you in seet on full boost. It settled down and was all ok. Had the full chip program put on 2 months ago and was the same. lumpy/miss fireing then full boost. then settled down after adout 30-40 miles. Is this normal for a revo upgrade. Had the battery off the other day for about 2hrs and back to lumpy old crap. accelerating slowly the car feels crap. all over the place. then full boost. Its done 50 miles since and is getting better again. Can anyone help. Is this normal? Gavin
  4. Picking S3 up Monday, turbo details?

    Your going to love it. I Insured my S3 the day I had been driving a year, I bought it a month before hand. That was some prick tease i can tell you. What car are you currently driving?
  5. Quattro or not

    Ive had an S3 for a couple of months now and still ocasionally drive mates cars ranging from 200 - 280bhp. (All FWD). Every time I take out a 2wd car I spin the ficker all over the place when in low gears. Once you get used to nailing the right shoe at the carpet in a quattro car, then try it in 2wd car you realise just how good quattro is. I love getting to a set of lights in the rain, look over at boy racer in his 2wd. Hold revs at 4k - 4.5k then side step clutch. You just shoot off like something from starwars while matey is scratching his head THANK YOU QUATTRO!
  6. some TWAT

    Going to cost £50 for windscreen. Ins want £300 excess and loss of 2yrs NCB for bonnet (ive only got 1 yrs anyway) To get bonnet repaired private will be £275. Fick you Directline.
  7. some TWAT

    Some cock decided to chuck part of a wall at my windscreen last night whilst i was in a club... It was a lump of about 16 bricks, windscreen and bonnet shagged. Any idea how much a new bonnet will cost to have fitted? Not sure if i can afford to loose my NCB...
  8. Essex Meet - Thursday 18th September

    Dont think I going to be able to make it... I do reallly want to pop along but ive got to go back to work to train some newbie. Sorry fellas. Have a good time and ill have to pop along to next meet.
  9. Bose

    How would I turn BOSE back on if its off. Also how do you turn GALA on and off?
  10. Bose

    WTF is GALA?
  11. Bose

    I have bose but it doesnt flash on headunit when you turn it on.
  12. Essex Meet - Thursday 18th September

    Yer A414 I think.
  13. Can't believe I'm doing this... S3 for sale

    Ill give you £ for your wing mirrors. Hmmm shiny shiny. You can have my black ones!
  14. Smitten

    I know how your feeling boys. 6 days to go until I get my beast.... Cant wait to have a go in a chipped s3. Got to get the beast done when ive got some cash
  15. Essex Meet - Thursday 18th September

    So far so good. will be picking up the beast on the 18th at 4.30 ish. So will be home an hour or so after. How long will it take to get there from Hertford? I have no idea what the traffic is like.