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  1. Im looking at getting rid of the A6 avant i run and fancy a Toureg, but am somewhat put off by the air suspension (as i am on the All Road) Do they all have air suspension or was it an option ?I'd probably be looking at a 04-06 2.5 TDi Any advice would be appreciated
  2. things to look for - old 2.5tdi

    I had exactly the same symptoms on my old A8 2.8 sport on my way to Cornwall a few years back...stately acceleration, no misfiring etc etc just gentle acceleration whatever the throttle inputs.The ABS light was also illuminated. After a journey back, with a view to getting it fixed it cleared itself.Dont know whether driving rain or whatever cleaned a sensor or what, but in the subsequent 3 years of ownership the problem never manifested itself again..could be electronic? I wouldnt have believed a fault break switch on the pedal of my A6 would render the anti skid, EBL and cruse control inoperable but it did...funny things car electronics
  3. A C control unit buttons

    Can anyone recommend any suitable paint to re touch the controls on my 2003 A6 AC control unit All the rubberised paint has come off and it looks audi do replacement buttons as this rubberised cheap finish appears to be wearing off everywhere
  4. newbie.......thinking of A6,need help please

    Personally i'd go for a 2.5TDI Quattro 180 with 6 speed box and get it chipped if its a bit more poke your after. At 55k you should have little to worry about.Mines the Avant 03 version and to be honest to only disappointment is the cheap rubberised type paint auid used for the ac controls...a lot of it has come off and looks hideous. Its got 150K on it now, smokes a little on start up but give good consumption and burns no oil so will be keeping it for some time yet
  5. A6 raising ride height a bit.

    I have an 03 2.5TDI A6 quattro and am sick of constantly scraping and dislodging the front valance. Ive had it back today after a CV joint was fitted and it just doesnt fit properly after I dislodged it .. again! in Morrisons car park on a kerb ( why didnt i have the good sense to get the kids and wifey out and reverse!) I quite like the look of the AllRoad and would consider one as its basically the same car is ive got except for a poxy, unreliable , poorly designed suspension system , and to be hoenst with the age and value i'd be looking at i'd be staring down the barrel of expensive suspension repairs in the not to distant future. Does anyone do a kit, spring spacers or anything that could lift my car up a bit, say 3/4 to an inch, then if I feel so inclined find a scrapper allroad and put on the front and rear end your advice would be helpful cheers simon
  6. 2.5TDI smoke on startup

    Cheers Cruiser i'l give the old Millers a whirl..
  7. 2.5TDI smoke on startup

    Ive got an 03 plate 2.5 TDI quattro that smokes like the Flying Scostman on start up for 20 secs or so. Its up for a service soon, last done 20,000 ago and the oil is still half way up the dip stick so hasnt really burnt any at all.The coolant level doesnt drop either..theres plenty of power and the fuel consumption is 40+ on a run if tickled , so everything seems ok. Any ideas what this could be, perhaps a blocked breather valve?. It a bit disconcerting seeing the car surrounded in palls of grey smoke on startup..Got my missus to drive it back the other day from Cornwall , and I followed and it appeared not to smoke ( well only the usual bit of a puff on acceleration) Just wondering why this would happen? either its gonna smoke all the time or not at all...its not as if its warmed up after 30 secs...
  8. Glow Plug Warning Light Flashing

    I had the same on my 2.5Tdi avant..the glow plug, abs light stayed on and cruise failed to operate... I thought big money to sort .Took it to my independent cost £60 for diagnostic and new brake switch...
  9. Newby with questions???

    Last year I had to option of 2 A6s one manual and one with a CVT gearbox, I sought experts opinion on which they would prefer, from dealers and specialists and the consensus was a manual as the CVTs do have an expensive reputation for failure I opted for the 2.5TDI Quattro,with 6 speed manual as i purchased it at 90k and didnt want to outlay 3k for a new box. A stick,linkage control over driving style is preferable to an electronic box of tricks as far as im concerned...having said that though I did 80K on a 2.8tippy A8 and had no problems with the box what-so-ever...but it wasnt a CVT though...but given the option , manual every time
  10. Newbie looking for advice.

    I'd not bother at all with a petrol V6 when the 2.5 V6 TDI is a complete torque monster along with 45mpg potential and is veeery quick.I had a 2.8 V6 some time ago and it drank like Oliver Reed Get a Quattro version like I did and you feel all smug going up hills others can't climb in this weather weve been having, and its fun too.. Reliability is better too without all that nasty ignition gear to go wrong. On long journeys I can get nearly 700 miles on a tank of diesel which isnt bad on 4 wheel drive 2.5 V6 motor...
  11. Just got rid of my A8 and have just aquired a 2.5tdi 163 quattro Avant and averaged about 43 mpg @75mph on cruise from Bristol to London and back for 2 days....I left Bristol yesterday and it told me I have 550 miles to run, got to Reading and it told me I have 585 miles to run!! I think mixed is about 38 which is pretty good for 2.5 V6 diesel with quattro drive
  12. A6 Avant 2.5TDi

    Cheers for the comments a mate of mine used to regualry get 45-50 out of his old 95 A6 oil burner...Ive persuaded the boss to get me an A4 S line estate. Anyone want a well looked after late '99 2.8 Sport full history, LPG conversion 166K in ming blue metallic with grey alacantara , all the toys and a new cam belt for £1800...ish? or a decent offer..a dealer 3 months ago was prepared to p ex it for 2K against a V70 ..but I didnt like the Volvo at all
  13. Audi - Are they really crap in snow?

    Look at any footage of rallies in snow and you all find they are running skinny tyres. Admittedly with studs in though ...saw some chav type trying to get into the car park in Ashton Court in Bristol this morning when taking the tripe hound for a walk... his X5 didnt make it up the hill but my missuses Micra did.. had to laugh trying to get 2.5tons of drug dealer wagon up a slight incline on his 20s and 255s
  14. A6 Avant 2.5TDi

    Ive acquired a dog and need something more practical so my trusty A8 2.8 sport LPG has to go. Ive seen one advertised ( yet to view) 04 with multitronic gearbox, all the toys and a full history for 7K with 100K miles Ive had a couple of 1.8 A6s and the 8 .Are these multitronic gearboxes a bag of trouble? My 8 is a 99 model and have had no problems with the tiptronic box at all.What sort of economy should I get on a run as I shall be using it for business as well .Ive looked at the offical figures and a run looks like 50MPG. its a non quattro as I dont need 4 wheel drive and 25% less economy.. Anyone point me in the right direction as im also looking at a 1.9TDI A4 S line that has caught my eye, but would prefer the A6 tdi as its a big bigger cheers Simon
  15. Newbie saying Hi and gas question

    I did my 2.8 sport 2 years ago with a 5th generation Pea -Row system ....My previous system on my A6 was a Prinz System which was much better I'd go for the Prinz every time as iv had to have more servicing of the Pea Row system..theres a gasket that goes anually which can effectively stall the car on gas when putting your foot down. Its a £40 annual replacement.The Prinz sytem worked flawlessly for 3 years with no replacement parts at all If you get 23mpg on petrol you will be lucky to get 18 on gas....just be aware that you will not get the same ecomony and you need to factor that in.