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  1. Facelift S3 LED Headlights fitted to a 8P S3

    if u want to change to a facelift one, I think it would cost you quite a lot. cos I noticed that bonnet, bumper, front light and side mirror need to be changed Hope this help Kelvin
  2. Question Please help

    Hi guys Just wanted to ask when the audi tt is going facelift, as it has been out for quite sometime. also, i heard that its going to facelift middle of 2009. can anyone confirm that please? Best regards Kelvin

    Hi ALL As I will be away for half year. therefore, I leave my S3 in my garage. Can anyone help to protect the car and how about the battery? what can I do? HELP Regards
  4. Question with the speedo

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone heard about this see this Its said that available for 2008 modal not 2007 can anyone if I can do that on mine? Best regards KELVIN
  5. Audi S5 auto gear box

    Thanks mate
  6. Audi S5 auto gear box

    Hi all Just want to know if automatic gear box on the s5 out as I saw there is already a price in Hong Kong for automatic
  7. Wanted to change 19 alloy and suspension HELP! S3

    [ QUOTE ] I was just about to post you the same link !! Regards, John. [/ QUOTE ] thanks mate
  8. Hi all Just want to upgrade the a car since I have driven (s3) for a while now for something new. so Any one got any comment on suspension? Brand? and I would like to change 19 alloy Rs4 one its spacer needed? and any one know where to get them as I am living in Switzerland. something like this LOL Best regards
  9. S3 sping kit MTM or Ewindefahrwerk

    Hi all first, I am thinking of adding spacer and changing spring kit for my S3 (8P) and was told that the mtm spring is not recommending after a several test. the guy from the turning house asked me to go for Ewindefahrwerk which I have no idea about it. Therefore, I would like to know if you guys have had any experiece of Ewindefahrwerk spring kit. Best regards KELVIN

    Hi ALL Does anyone here already lowered the car and added spacer thinking of getting mine change PHOTOS WANTED BR
  11. MTM 330hp

    Hi all anyone here thinking of upgrading the car mtm, b & b etc the problem i got if do that (lowered the car and big alloy) I am scared of the road because where I live its a bit pain in the axx i if you know what I mean Best regards KELVIN
  12. PHOTOS S3

    Hi ALL I have got my S3 just over a week now. I have noticed that the hill hold system doesnt seem to be working everytime so does anyone how it works Thanks
  14. Audi S3 Photos HELP

    Hi ALL Does anyone know how to put photos on here HELP
  15. Audi S3 Upgrade ENGINE

    Here are two different company which got some package to upgrade the engine!! B&B Leistungssteigerung S3 2.0 TFSI B&B Leistungssteigerung für den neuen Audi S3 2.0 TFSI Stufe 1 – ca.225KW / 306PS / 410Nm: € 1.198.- Stufe 2 – ca.238KW / 324PS / 435Nm: € 1.998.- Stufe 3 – ca.266KW / 362PS / 480Nm: € 7.998.- MTM Conversionkit AUDI S3 310 hp (228kW) quattro 1.199 EUR » Details 2,0TFSI 195 kW (265hp) quattro Conversionkit AUDI S3 315 hp (232kW) quattro 3.026 EUR » Details 2,0TFSI 195 kW (265hp) quattro Conversionkit AUDI S3 330 hp (243kW) quattro 4.561 EUR