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  1. TOMAS stress bar SOLD!!! HPA roll bar still for sale £550
  2. For sale a HPA roll bar brand new never used all fixtures and fittings. and Tomas Sport Tuning Rear Upper Stressbrace, Heavy Duty Rivnut Tool and T-Wrench -Fits all MkIV Golfs and R32s and MKV GTI's and Rabbits. -Ties the unibody together to help remove body flex in the rear portion of the hatchback. -Improves handling. -Constructed of laser cut hard anodized aluminum for low weight: 5.6lbs. -Countersunk aircraft grade rivets and hardened M8 fasteners are used throughout. -Retains hatch and rear seat use. -Easy install in about an hour and can be easily removed in minutes. Both brand new, good price not too be missed PM me if you are interested willing to post!
  3. Tarox 6 Pot Brake Kit

    I gave Awesome a call and found out that the kit was not for the R32 but they do a Tarox 330mm 6pod kit at £1,349 not including vat or a ten-pod 350mm kit at £1,799 not including vat. so you are as well getting the ecs porka kit!
  4. The next James Bond car..?

    Hmm what about a yet to be seen new lotus. wont have the money but it would be nice! i think im going to go watch a bond film now! oh and it has to be white cos its coming back.
  5. Tarox 6 Pot Brake Kit

    Yes but these are only 6pod and are 312mm cast disc don’t know what the standard r32 disc size is? i know the ecs kit is some thing like 350mm. Plus on Awesome’s website it doesn’t specify R32! its only £944.71 inc tax and shipping. Suppose i should give Awesome a ring really!
  6. Tarox 6 Pot Brake Kit

    whats this kit ike for the R32? is it any good?
  7. FK coilovers

    Its Fiftypence that i might be buying them off! dont know he just said they are the sport ones? want to compare them to the KW V2s
  8. FK coilovers

    what are the Fk sport coilovers like on the R32?
  9. Can someone tell me what this is?

    So do you wanna sell me you charger kit then???
  10. Can someone tell me what this is?

    what you doing with the sc?
  11. The parts are off!

    How much are u looking to get for the cats and manifolds?
  12. Lewis Hamilton

    I used to race with Lewis and Tim haveys son (had some good tussles with him) in karting from the age of 8 all the way up to 16 and everyone was there because of dads hard work (there were bigger motorhomes than Lewis’s there) but even when he was in karting he was being sponsored by mcclaren and it wasn’t his dad that got him that it was all Lewis how many kids do you know that can approach someone like Ron Dennis shake his hand and say I want to race for you and that’s what makes him so good his self confidence.
  13. What do I buy next?

    how about a vxr monaro.
  14. open to offers 420 bhp

    How about you sell me your turbo kit for £500 and I will give you all the bits to turn yours back to standard! Deal!
  15. Beetle RSI

    RHD don’t know if I would wanna do that! Nan can't stretch to a csl! There are three in Europe, 2 in France and one in Germany (all on e-bay) there are not cheap ether €29,999 they want. Don’t know what the Germans have as an online auto trader so have only looked on the respective e-bays. I need to fine a good importer who will track one down for me and get it in to the country! As soon as I got it I would want to get the engine to R32 spec, then see if I can upgrade the cams and remap etc so I would be pusing near 290Bhp just to give it the edge over my golf which engine wise hasn’t been touched Might have to give BBT a call and see if they will get me one with a good trade in price for the golf!