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  1. Did you get treated like royalty?

    He told me they would have no choice but to auction it off. I said the showroom would look the bollocks if half was all Mk1s and immac old skool beasts, he aghreed but wasn't allowed.
  2. S3 In Rear View Mirror

    Driving over 130 or so is just pathetic. Thats when it gets unsafe, irresponsible and stupid.
  3. Did you get treated like royalty?

    [ QUOTE ] When I went to my local VW garage, I got offered coffee/tea and when I accepted, they served it in well cool VW Cups That is wicked, proper VW mugs, not plastic? Coke as well for you littlun. [/ QUOTE ] They were real, ceramic or whatever. Its the little things like this that counts. Sure you can tell a mile off hes desperate to sell. He was getting all chatty about my Mk3 VR6, and offered £1200 as a px (with an R32) I told him No and sold it for £4,700 the next week.
  4. When I went to view an R32 at my local VW garage, I got offered coffee/tea and when I accepted, they served it in well cool VW Cups And a coke for my son. Anyone else get this? Or just my desperate local garage?
  5. buying an R32

    I personally think the R32 is selling awfully...theres about 80 on Autotrader mainly in dealers...I know 2 dealers have about 3 to choose from...One R32 was £17,999 for a few days and was then sold straight away - many are on there week after week....
  6. Badges

    If I went down to my local stealers, could I order an R32 badge to come in soon? What do you guys think? £17 for two is not bad. They're off in my F reg Polo Fastback. I've have a mad install planned with sweet wheels. Its my grandma who has owned it. It has 50k and has been pottered around for feckin ages. Off the R32 subject though.....but should I go to VAGPARTS.COM or to a stealers? Comments appreciated
  7. Common - what do you guys think?

    I've seen another in McArthur Glen, a local shopping centre to me. I now pass HER yes HER everyday :-( She won't race my Mk3 VR6 though...Women Thats about 6 now
  8. One in the same village as me, silver 5 door w/ leather, sunroof, sat nav. A blue one where I work, 5 door. And a black one down the street from where I work, with Leather..... Yes its a [censored] hot car....but I think its lost its individualism...if thats a word... Are they any local to you guys, apart from your own?
  9. I've got the blues!

    What do you lot think of the grey on autotrader? I think its nice to see, and awfully unique....but I wouldn't buy one.....
  10. I've been offered...

    [ QUOTE ] Bang goes that idea then Domster, eh mate!!! [/ QUOTE ] Not really....neither have explained why it was crap....all they said was, that it was crap..they could of explained it better....
  11. I've been offered...

    a Mark 4 V6 4Motion..... x reg, 30k. Full heated leather recaros, 6cd...for £12500 It needs tyres, tax, mot so I will offer him 10/11...I know the lad and it aint his car..(companys let him sell it on, COUGH backhander COUGH) What do you lot think over the R32? E.g over 10k less...the only advantage the R32 has is the wheels...bodykit..bigger engine and 4wd and exhaust...right? Help needed, he needs a quick sale...
  12. R32 Available

    150bhp Golf with an ecu remapping or whatever wouldn't be far off the Focus at all...It'd be better quality all round...interior..exterior..engine.. The gear stick came out in my Dads hand of his Ford Capri 1300...Fords are just plain quality.
  13. R32 Reviews (Another Newbie)

    Dreaming of keeping up? The only thing you can beat us on is 100-0 in braking and 80-120km/h.....Yes we need to dream tosser.
  14. You might have seen this before.........

    0-60 in 3.5 and top speed 319km/h sounds like fun!
  15. Dragway

    [ QUOTE ] Quote: "Awesome GTI's Store car, with 19inch wheels and the miltek and AMD upgrade. Looked ace. Got a 14.8 On the 1/4 mile. Pretty crap, saying it had upgrades". Cheers bud - my best run at York was actually 14.56 secs! [/ QUOTE ] I apologize, it was 14.6 No offence but your reaction was slow, my brother in his 1.3 Polo came second in the run what you brung (0.501) Just thought if he was driving it, the R32 would of got pretty much 14.1 ish!!