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  1. New gear knob?

    My father has an oldish TVR. Sorry that I'm not sure what model it is, but it's from before the Cerberas when they used to use a lot of Ford parts. Anyhow, the gear knob is clearly from a Sierra, and thus is looks crappy. I want to buy him a new one for his birthday, but are there any good places to look? I've tried in Halfords and they're all a bit boy racer. Ideally I'd like something with cream leather to match the upholstery (although I guess it might get grubby from the hand). Any ideas? Thanks
  2. I've recently bought an RNS-E unit which came with an adapter cable. It was from a guy who had abandoned the job because he was selling the car. I don't think the cable is right for my car because I *suspect* it's non-Bose and I have Bose. But how do I tell the difference for sure? Since I read that the Bose has less wires than non-Bose, can I simply move and remove some of the wires? It's going into a 2003 RS6 to replace the RNS-D already present. Thanks for any help or links. I'd ask this question over at but I can't for the life of me successfully register... Andy
  3. Cheers for the help guys, that's set me on my way. I've just managed to find this:, which seems to be exactly what I need. You were right, I've got non-Bose since it's got the 4 speaker wires connected and wire 7 hasn't. Now I just need to decide whether it's worth simply swapping the required wires around into the new configuration. Cheers
  4. I haven't managed to find a post where someone has done this exact thing. I've found a post on where someone did it to a US RS6, but the difference is that they don't come with the RNS-D system already fitted. My RS6 comes with the CD-based RNS-D and I'm thinking of changing it to an RNS-E unit. So my question is this, since the RNS-D already has TV functionality and therefore presumably a TV tuner is fitted, does the RNS-E use the same TV tuner, or will I have to buy a new one or lose TV functionality? Oh, and this site is kinda UK based isn't it? It's tricky to tell! Thanks
  5. [ QUOTE ] I have indeed! No significant problems, but yes, you do need to swap the tuner in order to maintain TV operation. [/ QUOTE ] Cheers guys! I notice you have a phatnoise installed. I've just taken mine out of my old S4, to put into the RS6 and found that it's an extremely tight fit to get it into the RS6 compared to the S4. Is this the case or am I doing something wrong? It seems like I might have to bend the frame to get it in.
  6. [ QUOTE ] You will need a new TV tuner as the RNS-D is a B tuner and the RNS-E is a C tuner. [/ QUOTE ] Ah! Thanks for the info. Are these tuners expensive? Can I trade in/sell my old one? [ QUOTE ] Checkout he RS6 pics in my gallery with RNS-E, TV, TV in motion , bluetooth and media player [/ QUOTE ] Aha, superb. Shame the photos are so dark though. The nav screen gives the game away as to where you live! I'm not so far from there, perhaps 15 miles. So given that I've already got the RNS-D, is the upgrade worth it? I think the SD slots would be very useful (even though I've got a Phatnoise fitted). I'd be hopeful of creating a bluetooth handsfree, integrated with the RNS-E too.