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  1. Induction Kits For Cupra R

    Cheers, Any comments are useful though
  2. Induction Kits For Cupra R

    Also, the pipercorss performance induction kit can be found for £89 some places but the one on the site is £150 - is it different?
  3. Induction Kits For Cupra R

    Hey all, Wanting some advice on induction kits. Now i've seen K&N, Pipercross, and Powertec. What is the difference between the pipercross induction kit, and viper kit? Why is the pipercross induction kit double price of K&N induction kit (£79 vs. £150) What im wanting to know is which are the most 'productive' and which gives the best 'sound', and also does anyone recommend anything else? Cheers for the advice guys!
  4. Funny Noise??

    Cheers Kerb... I'll give it a go. Many thanks!!
  5. Funny Noise??

    Hey, Got a Cupra R. When i reverse i get a weird groaning sound coming from one of the back wheels. Wondering if it could be the brakes sticking and if so how would i check? Anyone got any ideas/experienced the same. Cheers