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  1. Alright chaps? In a bit of Camera situation after getting my 400d + reasonably good lenses nicked. Looking to replace it with a 500d and I'm debating if I should go for: 1) Basic Kit lens (the 400d one wasn't that great, but would get me started again) 2) Body only and the 50mm prime lens 3) A kit like the ones in Jessops with a couple of lenses (or are they usually not up to much) 4) Used 50d (from where?) with a lens or 2... Any thoughts welcome, dont want to spend alot up front, i'd rather build a lens collection over time (eg decent 18 - 55 mm, 10 - 20mm and maybe a zoom)
  2. Thoughts on this illegal number plate?

    As Mook - got pulled up the other day and a 60 quid ticked for having a too smaller font. Same cops said they were even looking for plate supplier's postcode and official UK standards mark on the bottom too!
  3. iPhone apps - what you got ...

    Have you tried syncing from the Windows Address Book? I think Express uses it...
  4. Moving to another Country, anyone here done it?

    Agreed - I was there for 9 months last year. EVERYONE (even the Jakeys/Homeless) spoke English. 20 mins up the road 1 way into Aachen (Germany), it wasn't the case. Even Belgium wasn't as big on English.
  5. Tokyo or Hong Kong? Or Somewhere else?

    Class - I'd heard the Shibuya area was simmilar to that. Moving on - any suggestions about a place to stay?
  6. Tokyo or Hong Kong? Or Somewhere else?

    Sorted! Guys thanks for the advice/hints - loving it - but it's making the coice harder! Ha ha. Might see if i can do a few days in both and see what happens...does someone what to explain Roppongi?
  7. Greetings y'all Got a chance to have a week pissing around in Asia in october (Got time off work and airmiles to burn). Always wanted to see Hong Kong or Tokyo. Who would recommend what, and why?
  8. What £2k car?

    Rather than a cavalier - what about an Omega?
  9. Vegas - 2 days + 2 nights

    Shows - See Penn + Teller at the Rio. Seemingly Blue Man group is meant to be ok.
  10. S2000 test drive

    I'm also thinking about one, but as more of a daily drive affair. Thing is, I'm 6 foot 4. Have i got any chance of fitting in one?
  11. Apple Time Capsules

    Seemingly it supports an additional USB drive plugged into it. Wonder if it'll support a usb hub providing printer and additional drive sharing?
  12. Apple Time Capsules

    Evening all Quite fancy getting a hold of one of these for backup/storage....question is does anyone have them and are they actually any good? Is there something simmilar on the market without the apple logo thats cheaper? Also - the 1tb version or the 500mb. At the moment I think i could fill, say, 300gb. Is it worth the extra for the 1tb, or would it be better to get a 500gb one then add a new USB HD to it down the line when i need it? Decisions decisions.....
  13. Guitar Hero 3 for PC

    Got it and run it on my Macbook Pro with no issues. Cant seem to get a wireless controler for it though. I've also noticed that there's no downloadable content for it, ie you cant get new tunes for it yet like you can for the XBox and PS3.
  14. Another Mac Thread...

    Just put in an appearance in the apple store in Chicago. Walked out with the new MBP. My first mac, i think I'm in love. In a good way, obviously...
  15. Another Mac Thread...

    Just do it - shoot first, ask questions later!!