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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Hi, Ive got 4 contisport2s on my mk5 gti but my rear 2 need replacing due wtl. The only issue is I think I have a problem with my driver front tyre as Im sure im hearing a whoop whoop whooop sound (which increases in speed with the car) coming from that wheel. To throw a spanner in the works I have a brand new passenger side front contisport2. So, I cannot work out whether I should just bite the bullet and replace all 4 tyres with Goodyear f1 asymetricals or should I just replace the rear two with contisport2s and get the balancing and tracking checked at the front? The latter option is alot cheaper but it might not sort the problem from the Front Right wheel.. arghgh. If I had money to burn I would replace all 4 with f1s and get my tracking checked and be done with it but I don't so have been umming and arring what to do for a while now. helppp
  2. Time & Distance Servicing

    ive just had my time and distance first service done. just wondering what oil was put in your car? my invoice says synta 10/40. Im trying to find out if that is right. I cant find anywhere online saying whether thats vw501 / vw502 which is what the manual says. Cheers.
  3. Wierd black mark removal

    second photo is on the front wing. directly above (near enough) the first picture. which makes me think it was done by the same object. I was looking at a clay bar but will have a go with a bit of elbow grease first.. I thought i should ask first tho in case i did the wrong thing and messed up the paintwork. Cheers
  4. Wierd black mark removal

    Hi, In the strong winds today my car has been hit by some flying debris by the look of it. Here are the black marks, can anyone recommend something I can use to get the marks off. (They wont scratch off with my finger nail.) Cheers
  5. Mine didnt either. Check all your options are there I made sure I wrote a checklist out before I went. As I knew I would be very excited and would forget things. But with my list I walked round ticking things off and it all went swimmingly.
  6. build week?

    i can see a sucker mark in the smear yep.
  7. build week?

    Just a quick question. Ive noticed a smearing effect on the front window when the window wipers go across. I rubbed the window outside and in the smearing section my finger doesnt run smooth it sticks. Im guessing this is some sort of delivery protection wax or something? My question is how do I get it off. Ive tried polishing it off but its not coming off. My friend said use T cut and then glass cleaner. Is he right? Cheers
  8. Hose under the engine?

    Thanks Crowdedhouse. Just read your post after ive got back from sorting it, it was the same thing. Tho, mMy cable was attached to that light metal clip thing but they had just given way to much slack. So I unclipped it and clipped it back in tighter. This is the chappy.
  9. Hose under the engine?

    is it supposed to be dangling that far out? also is it ok to use a trolley jack on the normal jack point? Im gona jack the car up tonight and see if i can put the cable back up somewhere out the way.
  10. Hose under the engine?

    looking at it in the light it might not be a hose maybe a cable? maybe it just needs clipping back up or something
  11. Hose under the engine?

    ps. I will get a photo tomorrow when its light. (and stops raining!)
  12. Hose under the engine?

    lucky im a professional modern artist then. Here is an accurate (to scale!) representation.
  13. I was just checking the scratch I had done under the front lip (whoops) when i noticed at the rear of the engine underneath there is a flexible hose sticking out . Its bent like a U shape and it sticks out about 1 inch further than the guard under the engine. Is this supposed to be like that or is supposed to be clipped up somewhere out of the way? Cheers
  14. MKV GTi Gallery

    sorry to be a plank of a newbie but how do you put photos up in the gallery? Ive got addicted to taking photos of mine hahaha thanks
  15. build week?

    Thanks. So the oil they put in at the factory isnt linked to the service interval. Gotcha. Ill get me some of that edge 5w-30 stuff i seen people talk about in here. and not sure where the other photo dissappeared to. heres another one.