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  1. The Mookster is possibly having a slow day in the orfice....
  2. Remove Climate Controls 2007 (C6) ?

    Cheers - I'm in sunny Wiltshire, and normally a dab hand at stripping stuff down, but was trying to do things in a hurry during lunch break. What you have said makes perfect sense I'll have another look tonight.
  3. I've just bought a Dashmount bracket to mount my phone holder on, the instructions handily say "Remove the climate controls" . I can seem to get the bottom edge of the module to start to unclip, but it won't release any further. Either it's jammed (seems unlikely) or I'm missing something or not pulling hard enough. Anyone help :confused:?
  4. Well that's definitely the older ISO connector, in which case I'm certain the Halfrauds lead will work. Even though your car isn't Bose you still need the pre-amp outputs from the new head unit to get the rears working.
  5. Thanks Craig, that sounds spot on - it looks like it's there but nothing works. I had tried it with 3 different phones, HTC, Nokia, I-phone, none of them can ever see it or vice versa.
  6. Hi All, Long time been missing from here, but thought I'd post a stupid question, probably for Mr CraigyB. I've just bought a 2007 A6 with Basic MMI, that has the basic sat nav (no map) and bluetooth phone prep. Despite trying everything, I cannot get the BT to work. I can make it search for a connection, but it never finds any phone and it can't be seen by the phone either. I suspect it's either faulty, or has been set to not look for new BT connections, but obviously without connecting I can't get into the settings... Any ideas . . . ??
  7. Just to avoid any confusion - can you confirm if it's the Grundig Single din CD Tuner? Maybe post a piccy just to remove any doubt? Assuming it is, the Connects 2 lead won't fit as its "Quadlock" connection (which should properly be called a Fakra connector), and your unit is the older ISO leads. In which case the Halfauds lead listed is correct, the RCA's shown are to plug into your replacement head unit's rear pre-amp output, not run to the back of the car. Does that make sense? And yes you'll need to find an ignition feed.
  8. Fecksticks, CC is 10 minutes from home, and I'm away in Hampshire this weekend. Greeeaat timing !
  9. HD Cam

    You might want to move this to the technology/gadget forum for a better response.
  10. The only factory DDin unit that went into a Bora was the MFD sat nav. everything else was single din, with the option of a 6 disk changer unit underneath.
  11. TSN Golf

    I might be in for this, I could join Bazza in the buggy, seeing as how I twisted my ankle really badly 3 weeks ago... Times and places - any suggestions ? ?
  12. Check out the Teleatlas website to see what they have listed as added detail. Often Big chunks of the updates don't affect your main driving areas/countries.
  13. Got my new car .... and have rejected it!

    Glad to hear it's all sorted. Do you know what they will be doing with your old one, could be a good buy for someone ? ?
  14. Dell Poweredge 2650

    That's cool - Ta !