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  1. piercing tone coming form eos when on

    I have the maintenance plan and have an EOS individual. Mine is also with tyres as I have 18" Chicargo wheels and the tyres are the same as on my old R32. The cost to have a tyre replaced was over £200 so I included this. It also covers the clutch and that cost me £1300 on the R32. About the noise I have not had this but post it on and you might get a reply as the forum is dedicated to the EOS. Good Luck Kevin.
  2. R32's from built from Jan 08 onwards Tax Band F?

    The 3.2 engine in the EOS is rated at 219 for CO2 emissions and so is in tax bracket F.
  3. What's it worth?

    [ QUOTE ] Try £9750 [/ QUOTE ] That is bad. I managed to get £14K for mine when I part exchanged it for my EOS individual on September 1st this year. Only had 23K miles on it though.
  4. Anyone own an Eos?

    Not many EOS individuals left now. On the steering wheel. It is much better than the standard one. It is even better than my MK IV R32 and that is saying something.
  5. Anyone own an Eos?

    Make that 3 . I am already driving mine and all I can say is WOW.
  6. Selling my R32 and getting a new car in Sept

    Oh well . I said goodbye to my R32 and am now have an EOS individual to play with. All I can say about the car is WOW. It gives me the same feeling as I had in the R32 when I just wanted to drive the car all the time. I will keep checking the forum as I am tempted with an R36 whern they see the light of day in either Passat or perferably Golf form.
  7. Selling my R32 and getting a new car in Sept

    Be sure I will post some pictures when the car arrives in September.
  8. Selling my R32 and getting a new car in Sept

    the EOS is ordered and built and is now awaiting shipping. Normally there is a 4 month waiting list. So I am confident of a September delivery.
  9. Selling my R32 and getting a new car in Sept

    Yes , You got it on one !!!! Though I would give one a go while I wait for an R36
  10. Selling my R32 and getting a new car in Sept

    It is a limited edition VW that will only be available from September 1st. My local dealer only had 2 available to them and I managed to get the last one.
  11. After may happy years of driving with my R32 I yesterday arranged a part exchange value against my new car which will be with me in just over a month ( 57 reg on 1st of September).
  12. Wall Mounted LCD TVs

    I have a Philips 42pf9831d. It is a great TV and ethernet connected also . You can also connect USB drives and SD cards etc. Makes a great photo viewer. I did not use the brackets that Philips provided but got one a little more robust.
  13. NAS or not?

    I have a FSG-3 as well (250gb) and use it to connect to py philips 42" LCD TV. It can be expanded and they also do a wireless one. Unless you need 1TB then as stated it is a good choice. I also have a Linux box with 4 x 300GB drives as well but the disks alone would cost more than a terrastation.
  14. Bought one yesterday for my Son's birthday tomorrow (Sunday). Will post what I think tomorrow as we have got 8 games to try on it.
  15. New Digi SLR of Uber Joy

    I bought a D80 as well . My 5MP was playing up and decided to upgrade as I have a new recent addition to the family. Have started saving images in RAW mode but need some extra software to make use of these files. Was thinking on getting a Sony A100 until I read the review of the D80. Worth the extra money I think.