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  1. 1.9 TDi Revo Remap

    Thanks for that matey, much appreciated. I'll look into it.
  2. 1.9 TDi Revo Remap

    Hello! I'm looking at getting a MY07 VW Caddy 1.9 TDi revo'd and wondered if anyone could recommend a decent specialist in the Yorkshire area that could do it for me? I've also read about a separate device I can buy that will allow me to switch the map back to stock. Do any of you use such a device and can pass on your experiences? Am I right to assume the ECU can handle just a single map and this device will allow me to switch between the Revo software and the stock map or isn't it as straightforward as that? Thanks in advance.
  3. What an arse!

    [ QUOTE ] Took the oppertunity of getting some Padgid RS29's at the same time. Apparetly the squeel like a pig but stop you like nothing else. [/ QUOTE ] Try investing in some of these. Simple but very, very effective! I had SERIOUS squealing issues with my track pads (PF 01's) and a friend had the same with his Pagid Blues, the price you pay for such ferocious stopping power I'm afraid. Fitting these cured the problem on both cars straight away though. Hope it helps.
  4. Insuring an Impreza Turbo 2000 AWD

    Try A-Plan mate! The real beauty with them (as well as the price) is the fact that they know what they are talking about when it comes to performance motors as opposed to many of the high-street insurers who, in all fairness, don't know their arse from their elbow!
  5. Time to go legal/VW Customer Services

    Priory Park in Hull by any chance mate? They are the reason I didn't buy a MkV R32!
  6. Done it - new toy of joy.....

    Pretty much what happened to me...... Test drove a huge list of different motors trying to find a replacement for my 3.2 A3 and nothing really did it for me until I drove a Scooby. Still grinning 6 months on!
  7. Fuel "economy"

    Well if anyone can give you a more precise answer to the question Roughly what sort of "economy" could I get on a mixture of roads then their crystal ball is obviously far more powerful than mine. I WAS trying to be light-hearted.
  8. Fuel "economy"

    Bit like asking how long a piece of string is I'm afraid mate? So many factors to consider it doesn't bear thinking about. I consider myself to be doing well if I get 200 miles out of a tank! I didn't buy it for it's fuel economy though!
  9. Done it - new toy of joy.....

    Top bombing matey....a proper toy!
  10. MKV super /turbo charged?

    [ QUOTE ] Please Fastlad dont become one of the "My cars faster than your car" victim gang !!. You got a lovely mota, it doesnt matter if its faster than your mates, honestly it doesnt. Just enjoy it. If stuck at the lights with a chav, rev like feck, look the chav in the eye, laugh like feck as he nearly destroys his engine block just to brag to his even more stupid mates that his chav chariot (with added dustbin) beat an .:R32 [/ QUOTE ] Believe it or not there are people out there who would say that those are the words of someone with an automotive inferiority complex....but not me! My guess is that you're openly homophobic in public but get an embarrassing little tingle inside your trousers everytime you watch the nude wrestling scene in Women in Love!
  11. MKV super /turbo charged?

    [ QUOTE ] True. We were on a long dual carriageway.Everytime the leon accelerated, i had to drop a gear just to keep up with him. I know the leons are quick as i've had 3. Top-end is where i find the R breathless. On the twisty country roads it's still a WMD APS 300? [/ QUOTE ] All makes sense to be fair mate.... Got to be a weight issue there somewhere. Ditch all the gadgets, cow hide and unecessary electric bits and I reckon you'll be good for sub 5 seconds to 60! Lovely engine is that 3.2 V6, sounds awesome....tad heavy though, especially considering where its placed methinks!
  12. MKV super /turbo charged?

    Oh yes, then there's the ability of the driver to take into consideration the majority of cases, far more important than the number of horses under the bonnet!
  13. MKV super /turbo charged?

    [ QUOTE ] I had a scrap with a revo'd leon cupra R last night and a chav in Rover. Top end my car was'nt making much progress,well,not as much as i'd like. So, any opinions where and how much to gain serious power from the R....? [/ QUOTE ] Are we talking straight line or twisties? Makes a big difference mate. Here's my top three performance upgrade tips: 1. Handling 2. Handling 3. Handling Don't become blinded by the power trip thing, there's far more to it than that!
  14. Cooper S vs. Scooby WRX STI

    [ QUOTE ] why? did you understeer through a hedge into a field ? [/ QUOTE ] One of the funniest retorts I've read on an Internet forum for an absolute age...maximum respect fella! Fjfr, I'd be happy to take you for a little trundle in the country in my "chav chariot"....just promise not to soil the seat now there's a good boy!
  15. Name and shame - VW dealers to avoid

    Like ships that pass in the night! That'll be THREE votes for Hull VW Priory Park then, do they get a prize? ZEROS: Hull VW (Priory Park) (3 Votes) Heritage, Bristol Breeze, Poole Caffyn Group, Sussex Abridge, Loughton Beadles, Bromley Martins, Basingstoke (3 Votes) South Hereford Garage Ridgeway, Reading Sidlow, Gatwick (2 Votes) Chiswick VW (utter ) VW Technical (in its entirety) Richard Alexander, Huddersfield VWUK (in its entirety) Crowsons, Spalding CityGate - High Wycombe HEROES: Heritage, Bristol Loders, Dorchester (2 votes) Stanwell, Boston Caffyns, Haywards Heath (but not for jimmy_p) Driftbridge, Epsom Ridgeway Newbury Gilbert Lawton, Manchester Hayselden, Barnsley Vindis, St Ives, Cambridgeshire White Rose, Petersfield