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  1. My new R36

    Yeah I was suprised at how much car you get for the money, mine is full of goodies and when I initially priced a new one up on the VW website the car I now have would have cost 39,500k! Who do you work for Matt if you don't mind me asking? There are not many about so to have had 5 initially you must be a big dealership?
  2. My new R36

    Thanks Cruiser, the estate was essential due to family requirements, but yeah I agree that it looks better than the saloon so that's a bonus for me! Nice to have a rare car but just a shame there's not many people to discuss them with!
  3. My new R36

    Hi all, I haven't posted on here for ages, not since I picked up my Edition 30 GTI in 2007! Just changed it for a Passat Estate R36 (see sig for spec). Really enjoying it so far, nice to have that V6 soundtrack back as I used to have an MK4 R32 back in '07 before the GTI. Beautiful looking car both inside and out, looks much better in the 'flesh' than it does in the pictures I looked at before buying, I'm very impressed! Reason for the post was just to see if anyone on here has one, as they seem to be quite rare and I was wondering about any modding possibilities there might be available! Cheers, Russ
  4. Remap - is 9k miles too early?

    Hi gavster! I can definately recommend superchips bluefin, really easy to set up! Check out the recent thread where we discussed it in detail! What engine are you having in your EOS? My parents are picking up their 2.0 TDI EOS in a few weeks.
  5. Remap - is 9k miles too early?

    Definately not what I want! I'll just give them a call, thanks
  6. Remap - is 9k miles too early?

    Ah, yes, now I see! Just had a read of the link, and web site, this new valve won't be suitable for an Edition 30 from what I can gather, I guess this would do the job?
  7. Remap - is 9k miles too early?

    [ QUOTE ] 2 - If the remap is strong on boost settings, replace your diverter valve to the one Forge is about to launch - SEE THREAD HERE [/ QUOTE ] What does this valve do? I believe the boost is quite high on the bluefin remap - so maybe I will require one?
  8. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    Your right, I guess I'm used to the traction on the R32, I'm in training with FWD!
  9. Remap - is 9k miles too early?

    Just done mine at nearly 3k, so 9k should be fine!
  10. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    The only negative point I've noticed so far, is the obvious struggle putting the power down when you try to pull away fast from a stand still. No lag that I've noticed, as you suggested, it feels very similar to the standard delivery, just with more power!
  11. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    Ok, had a drive, I'll let you know my thoughts. Please bear in mind this is my first remap, so I don't have a base for comparison, the quickest thing I'd ever driven before my GTi was my MK4 R32 (standard), so no supercar experience sadly From the beginning I must heap praise on Superchips, obviously the first time dealing with them, and I'm very impressed. I ordered the Bluefin yesterday just after lunch, they sent me an e-mail two hours later to say they had posted it, and it arrived at half nine this morning, not a bad start. First thing I had to do was plug it into the port above the pedals and follow instructions, it basically downloaded my vehicle settings which took about 10-15 mins. I then installed a program on my pc, hooked the bluefin to the usb port, and it then took another 10 mins to transmit to the Superchips server. Then told me I'd have to wait up to 8 working hours for it back, but within the hour I got a text saying it was ready, another 10 mins to download back onto Bluefin. Then out to the car (like an excited kid on xmas day!) to re-install the mod program, another 10-15 mins. That was it! All sorted by around half eleven! Not even 24hours had passed since placing the order. So top marks to Superchips. Right the car, WOW its quick, it really took me by suprise, I didn't really know what to expect. It feels like a different motor. Through first it spins like a pig if you floor it, but as suggested by the VW Driver review, just ease away, quickly but gently, then when you hit second you can floor it (bearing in mind it was bone dry today!). Still bit of spin and twitch from the front wheels but its fine, then once you get into third it just pulls like a train!! I had to pull over in a car park about twenty minutes in, phone my mate just to tell him how much fun I was having. Did some duel carriageway driving to test the 30 - 70(ish) pulling power, and some lanes to see how she handles. Felt it coped just fine with the extra power, although I found myself requiring heavy braking at times - as travelling faster than normal up some familiar lanes, the brakes felt very sharp. Had a 'play' with a Clio Sport on the duel carriageway (the one with the twin tail pipes). He cut in front of me coming out of an island (two lanes filter into one), and I could see he wanted a go as he cut straight out into the outside lane and floored it. I thought it would be an interesting test (although I realise he only has 180bhp - I think). I followed him out and I honestly had to almost remove my foot from the throttle while he passed a couple of cars and then pulled in to let me past. I could tell he was booting it by the way he was snatching at the gears (oh and the speed - which I won't disclose). Made me smile anyway. I was out for about an hour and a half, and my trip mpg was 26.2. Thought that was ok, but I did do a fair bit of cruising in sixth while being stuck behind a tractor then a truck! I've probably missed loads of things but its getting late and the girlfriend is insisting she wants the computer to go on the b&q site Thanks for reading my ramblings! Look forward to reading your comments!! Thanks. Russ
  12. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    WOW, just checked my e-mail, and my order has been posted already! Only ordered just after lunch! They don't mess about!
  13. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    Yeah 310 sounds daft really, but that VW Driver write-up really tipped me over the edge of temptation!
  14. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    Definately will, its my first time at this, never had a remap of any type before, hope its worth the cash! You say 'I had Revo on mine for a while' why did you get rid if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Superchips Bluefin GTI ED30

    Sorry to reply on my own post! But I've just ordered the bluefin kit today...couldn't help myself. They have a returns policy so I feel happy enough to try it out. For anyone interested, I'll report back what I think at the weekend - should have it Friday/Saturday.