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  1. Suggested 50mph speed limit on M20...

    A woman reported me loading my car outside my flat at the end of pelican crossin zig-zags on a sunday, so they gave me 3 points & £60 fine wWile i spent a lovely twenty minutes in the back of the police car (also on zig zags) being called a criminal, warning me not to use my mobile when driving, explaining that if I receive 12 points they will crush my car and so on, another woman knocked on the window to report people parked in the bust stop up the road. 3rd party reporting is not the sign of a trusting and respectful society!! ps. Having used the M20 and now the M8 regularly, the M8 is much worse overall. Poor road surfacing, crazy lane system, mad junctions and lots and lots of random flooding. Pleased with 4WD!!
  2. [ QUOTE ] I often wonder why protests don't kick off anymore. [/ QUOTE ] everyone's online so not in the streets. look here: http://www.taxpayersalliance.com/whatsmycartax/ to find out your car tax till 2010 on most cars (06---)
  3. New member with S3 questions

    took me all day, parts cheaper than labour . but it is a highly tuned turbo so why not spend £400 every 3/4 years ? audi quoted £750 inc. service..
  4. New member with S3 questions

    no idea, sorry have standard.
  5. rs6 on 5th gear...now!

    I agree better than the M5 in both image & driving. Which would you rather to take the kids to the ski chalet, RWD trackable BMW or 4WD bahnstormer Audi? I see more rs6s than m5s..
  6. Agggh: Engine Trouble....

    why go to audi or aps just find a local audi specialist . much cheaper & all they do all day is coil packs, boost leaks etc etc etc
  7. New member with S3 questions

    Hi +welcome! had mine for three.5 years so will (try to!) break down costs: -mpg 18-25 -tyres (4x) every 12-18 months -service = £200-£400 depending on garage, type of service etc. -mine is serviced every 9 months, but this is unusually high - either every 12 months or so many miles (this varies with driving but it will tell u: SERVICE!) -It needs haldex oil changed every 40,000 miles (check it has bin done as this is ££££s if it hasn't been) -cam belt & water pump every 60,000 miles (about £400) -aircon recharge?? (never had this done myself..) -hows the clutch? £7k sounds expensive, it is old & high milage. There are 12 S3s for less with same milage/age http://search.autotrader.co.uk/es-uk/www...-67-103-133-146,N-4294964620-4294966997/search.action?&sort=p_VehiclePrice&postcode=g3+8pb&radius=1500&showMoreOptions=&page=2 mechanically, the engine is good, look for 'coil pack' failure and MAF problems (ie. make sure the engine doesn't sound like it is dying & check the turbo comes in progressivly from 3500rpm to 6500rpm if the MAF is bad then the turbo will come in in one mighty shove at about 4500rpm.) all S3s have problems with anti roll brushes which is a creaking sound at the back sometimes. i ignore it (replaced the whole suspension first though!) but i'm sure there is a fix.. rust spots develop under the sideskirts sometimes All in all, the S3 is a good car and IMO one of the best hot hatches ever due to its subtlety. I have thought about selling it, but there is no point as £7k will not get anything remotely complete as an S3. £500 will buy you a remap which will take you to 265bhp and if u do this, there is no longer any difference between a 210bhp (1999-Xreg) and a 225bhp(Y-53(?)) garbled but hope that helps!
  8. Where to buy second hand amps online

    What price should I be looking at for a Cyrus II & PSX? http://www.adverts.hififorsale.com/vardet.asp has it at £200
  9. Can you tow a car with Haldex?

    Surely the haldex clutch is disengaged when the car is in neutral? You can certainly push an S3!!
  10. I want a Cyrus II and was told where to get one on here, but can't remember where..
  11. Can you tow a car with Haldex?

    surely just put it in neutral?
  12. Remote Central Locking

    right cool. now to convince the taxi rank.. cheers 4 the help
  13. Specs being set up on M27

    [ QUOTE ] Don't exist on the yorkshire dales [/ QUOTE ] but do exist on the m74
  14. Specs being set up on M27

    seen elsewhere [ QUOTE ] At the risk of sticking my plod head above the parapet I just thought I`d pass on the following info for anyone who uses the M25. If they are doing this here, they will probably be doing it along the whole of the M25. I have received information from Traffic Management that the company who look after the Variable Speed cameras between Jct 10 - 15 on the M25 on behalf of the Metropolitan police are ACTIVATING the cameras from 15/02/08. The current cameras are analogue and the speed for enforcement is set at 93mph. However the system is changing to Digital and the Commissioner as directed the company to set the cameras at ACPO guidelines, this will be 80mph. [/ QUOTE ]