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  1. Offical: Audi RS4 Avant

    Ohh not good Hello Dave, hope you are well .. Andy
  2. Considering an A7 3.0 TDi SE

    Craig, I looked at one and liked it. However almost every comment I have heard from people is negative ... too big ... too ugly . too ___ From a resell point of view, it might be difficult ...
  3. Better Pics

    Woppum, how is the GT3RS going ... I note used cars are still well over £100k ... grrrr
  4. Down on power

    worth a go .. Wynns Injector Cleaner For Diesel 325ml from Halfords Price £5.49
  5. Rear Ceramics on a 997 GT2

    Woppum, I am sure you know about this, the rear pads wear quicker ..
  6. Official RS5 Pics

  7. Official RS5 Pics

    Wrong wheels .. ugh ...
  8. Met Green R8

    I had spotted that one, I wonder if that will reduce by £10k ... shame it is not the lambo orange which has an extra richness ... but having said that I have never seen a papya car in the flesh ...
  9. Met Green R8

    I am sure this was £80k, now £10k less .. Dick Lovett Sporting ltd : R8 1 Off Special Colour Would you buy a Green R8 if you had the cash ..certainly stands out, which I thought would be a good thing...
  10. Official RS5 Pics

    From what I have read, engine pixs will be out 22nd feb .. also DSG only ...
  11. Colour for the RS

    Tick tick ...
  12. Possible DSG problem...?

    Does the DSG box work ok in the latest Mk6 Golf GTI ? Thanks
  13. RS5 service schedule

    Have a listen, does not sound manual to me .. Spy Video: Audi RS5 Caught Undisguised at Nurburgring
  14. Latest on new F1 teams

    Interesting read
  15. Stolen R32

    Worth putting on Pistonheads