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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Can't see my pics... what am I doing wrong?
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Hmmm... did that work?
  3. Post a pic of your car

    1978 260Z. No Le Mans stickers in these pics tho'
  4. Damn... I shoulda spotted the TWO PAGES of intervening posts after my last comment. Duhhhh....
  5. She was pretty fit though, so negotiation might have been possible. I it was good enough for Cannonball Run, it's good enough for me :-)
  6. Going on a date....

    "Painters Radio"... LMAO - haven't heard that one in a long time :-) (time it came back into my vocabulary though!)
  7. In the summer I saw a very "near miss" when a (presumably trophy) blonde driving a Rangey whilst on the phone came straight out of a side turning and nearly t-boned another woman who was driving past (but wasn't on the phone). The Rangey stopped millimetres from the other car's drivers door and the blonde started gobbing off at the woman she had nearly hit whilst continuing her phone call and probably telling the person at the other end of the line how stupid the innocent motorist was! At times I wish I were a traffic copper so I could really spoil that idiot Rangey driver's day....
  8. bugs-ML-1017115-ML-
  9. Is 5th gear a crap copy of top gear

    Especially with a gob like hers. Hmmm..... I can't believe I just posted that...
  10. Xmas Essex Meet - Thursday 14th December

    Will drop over if free that night!
  11. cheap but reliable travel insurance

    We used Co-Op Insurance a couple of years ago (my job gives me free cover now) and it was easy, cheap, and they paid out in full cos my Dad passed away and we had to cancel our hols.
  12. Venice Hotels

    Yeah, up late again. Only time I don't get disturbed! Enjoy Venice Mollox m8, it's a great place. Why this time of year though? Oh, and if you go there in Summer, make sure to visit Lake Garda. Visit a town called Sirmione - it's gorgeous.
  13. Travel websites

    Well, best of luck! It must be easy for any hotel to stick a bit of promo onto one of these advisor websites - "The hotel shangri-la is an affordable treat with fabulous food and the manager is hung like a donkey" etc etc, but there are often a LOT of reviews so it's worth reading the whole lot. Us Brits can be fussy buggers so you should find out what to avoid (rooms overlooking cesspits and stuff like that).
  14. Travel websites

    Dunno about the booking side of things but you can get unbiased reviews from or which might well help you decide.
  15. Venice Hotels

    Mollox, in fact, I think I was there when I spoke to you for the first time to ask something about the BM-LM trip! (That was the day that my Father-in-Law decided he could navigate from the quayside at St. Marks Square over to the whatever-it's-called-but-very-famous bridge without a map, and managed to get us all completely lost)