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  1. Power Steering

    Andy,thank you for the quick reply. I have ordered one off e bay used, but if it just lasts a few months i will have time to have my other one looked at. Thanks again for your help and advice Regards Alan.
  2. Power Steering

    Is it possible to repair a Power Steering Pipe? The car is a 1997 R reg Diesel Passat. The reason i ask is to buy a new one from a main Dealer costs over £300.
  3. Loss of turbo.

    Tidydubs, Thank you for the info on my turbo problem. Much appreciated. KIDDA.
  4. Loss of turbo.

    When joining the mototway on Saturday i had to speed up and rev it hard to join the flowing traffic.I then noticed i had lost the Turbo.No warning lights came on the dash. As i came off at the next junction the traffic lights were on red so i turned the ignition off and back on . The turbo came back as normal.The car is a 1997 TDI Passat SE 163,000miles I have searched the older threads but no joy. Hoping you can help Regards KIDDA.