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  1. R32 Brakes on a GTI

    What you need is a set of proper race spec Brakes. Something serious like oh I'd don't no... AP 4 pots. Thinking about it I've got a set for sale. Having driven an R32 the AP's are in a different league.
  2. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    They are used. Can anyone tell me how to upload pics as I have not got a clue what I'm doing or if anyone interested I can e-mail you the pics(can just about manage that). Not on line at home at mo so sorry for any delay in reply.
  3. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    Is there not anyone out there interested in these beasts???
  4. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    Yes still for sale
  5. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    Didn't want to offend anyone all VW equal In my eyes. If they'd fit would have them on my MK2 GTI.
  6. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    Tryed to sell on e-bay but didn't get the price I wanted so pulled out. Been toying with the idea of another GTI but Baby due any day and could use funds. Very reluctant sale. Yes I'm also trying to sell else where. Thanks again Red For picks your spot on these things rock. Have some phots But a bit busy at mo, will post them when I can.
  7. For sale AP Formula Big Brake Kit to fit MK5 Golf. Kit INC: 4 pot calipers, Disc and bell assembly, Braided brake hoses, Ferodo DS2500 pads and every thing needed except for brake fluid. Had these fitted to my re mapped MK5 GTI and the performance is stunning a must for a big power GTI or track use (which I never got round to). Only did between 5-6K miles have receipt to prove. Looking for £900, cost £1600 new. If interested please PM me.
  8. AP 4 pots for sale.

    I do have and I could also post them to you or meet you half way for pick up. Not covered many miles and they are in very good condition. I can't speak highly enough of this kit. The difference it makes is amazing. Fitting them is the best mod for the MK5 IMO. If you want to get the best from a re mapped car you need these brakes. If you need any more info let me no or drop my brother a line and he'll give you my phone number.
  9. AP 4 pots for sale.

    Yeh see your point like I said not responsable for the add will take it up with my Bro.Have already had 7 enquires, 1 bid and a cheeky offer. If they don't sell I'll get the Mr Muscel out. Thanks for the photo Red hope it helps. Finding it harder to part with the brakes than the GTI!
  10. AP 4 pots for sale.

    Thanks for that, your correct that's the sale. My brother is selling the kit on my behalf sorry for rubish discription. You may not get any sense out of him if you get in touch with him through e-bay. Any question you do have I'm happy to answer. The kit is hardly used and never on track. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AP-Racing-Formula-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. AP 4 pots for sale.

    Hi there have sold my GTI and have a AP racing formula big brake kit for sale. Any one interested they are on e-bay starting today for 7 days. This is the same kit that Red Robin has fitted to his car. Thank you all for being so friendly and the help you have given me. Happy driving RRR250.
  12. AP 4 pots for sale.

  13. New car Dilemma!

    At Power station you get 290bhp and 330 of torque for £1399 (milltek with sports CAT, remap, K&N) including warranty from the 2.5. Have used TSL in the past and they were fantastic would trust with my car again. Both companys will give you more for your money than PPP and have very good reps.
  14. advice on re-mapping

    Had mine done around 7k and wish I'd had it done sooner.
  15. milltek sound?

    Hi gtc197. I had the Milltek cat back fitted as part of the Morego250 conversion. Have not got a clip of the sound but it just sounds more business like. Not much louder just deeper. I didn't want a head ache when driving long distances or any un wanted attention, so fits the bill.Have been well impresed with the Milltek and the build quality is of a high standard. Gets a big thumbs up from me