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  1. Have GTI sales dropped?

    I gotta say I've seens sooo many GT TDI's of late, sales of them must be going thru the roof!!! Even I'm tempted to get one to replace the GTI. But I think i'll miss the revvy nature of a proper engine. Had a Golf Match TDI as courtesy car and even tho it got up to speed was rather boring!
  2. Servicing Rip Off

    Paid £225 for my 2nd service. Switched to T&D. They thru in a free drivers side wiper tho (£10) but it didn't fix the problem I was that on the down sweep it keeps messing up a certain part of the screen! I'm now thinking its the screen and not the wiper. Anyhoo...only 1 little gripe about the service. They didn't reset the damn computer! You would have thought this would be part of their "Check list". But obviously at a service, they don't go by the book as such but just do what they want to do. So had to wait a further 10mins for the tech to take it round the back, whack the 5052 gizmo on and job done.
  3. Servicing Rip Off

    i've got my 2nd service (24k miles) coming up soon. Gonna switch over to T&D. Had the brake fluid done already for £50. my supplying dealer is quite good so hope the pricing its not too bad.
  4. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    where are the pics? last time i saw them i said they needed cleaning up as they look well used!!!!
  5. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] don't forget tho that the normal GTI is not really 197bhp..but closer to 220bhp in reality! [/ QUOTE ] ....Where do you get that information? I think it's more like 202 than 220. [/ QUOTE ] I'm surprised you've not heard about this? Plenty of cars that have done a RR are showing figs above 210 and closer to 220. My own car did 218bhp with similar torque. ED30 is showing ~240bhp out of the box instead of the quoted 227bhp.
  6. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    don't forget tho that the normal GTI is not really 197bhp..but closer to 220bhp in reality! so it wasn't giving that much away to the fact it would have had a better PtoW ratio!!!!
  7. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    the bhp/ton is actually very similar at around 155bhp/ton. but the wrx set up is way too soft for the track. you see the GTI was almost 3 wheeling round one of the corners. The handling is really sorted for a FWD car. The Scoob also a heavier car to slow down and get round a corner.
  8. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    the STI would have been better but then its 25k and 300bhp so bit unfair. Need a remapped ED30 against that lol. Would be interesting battle tho. The new WRX is mega roly poly and very soft as they're aiming for a whole new market now compared to previous incarnations.
  9. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    30bhp but 100+kgs heavier too. not surprised at the thrashing it got at all. Need the STI version but thats £25k and 300bhp. Damn that white GTI and those Monza's look nice!
  10. VW Scirocco

    its bloody fat too...very very large arse lol almost megane like! and some have said it looks a bit like the 206 or Volvo C30!
  11. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    The kit he advertised has the specific bells with a fitment of 5x112 for the GTI. Any car with this PCD could fit the kit, providing they have enough wheel clearance etc. A friend bought the first 6 pot kit that was on a GTI, and fitted it to his Leon TFSI. It fits, but he's using a 6mm spacer too to push his wheels out to clear the calipers. It can fit other VAG cars providing your wheels clear them as 5x112 is common across VAG.
  12. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    Robin our OEM brakes aren't 290x25? should be 312x25!
  13. AP racing 4 pots for sale for MK5 golf.

    [ QUOTE ] For sale AP Formula Big Brake Kit to fit MK5 Golf. Kit INC: 4 pot calipers, Disc and bell assembly, Braided brake hoses, Ferodo DS2500 pads and every thing needed except for brake fluid. Had these fitted to my re mapped MK5 GTI and the performance is stunning a must for a big power GTI or track use (which I never got round to). Only did between 5-6K miles have receipt to prove. Looking for £900, cost £1600 new. If interested please PM me. [/ QUOTE ] Did you not sell these via Ebay last year???
  14. Leather now standard

    what have they done to the GTI! I'm now considering NOT to change to a ED30. I loved the unique front grill of the GTI. colour coding it makes it look like the rest of the range. SORT IT OUT VW!!!!
  15. Leather now standard

    Can we have those lovely Recaros for free instead of the normal ones in leather?