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  1. Where's the classic....

    The B3/B4@a aren't A4@s though, they are 80's???
  2. Where's the classic....

    not been here in a while...whats happened to the B3/B4 and old cabby stuff?
  3. Recommended Car Valet - Aylesbury, Oxford?

    Not fancy a go yourself then?? Not too hard to do on a new car...and other than time, not too costly :-)
  4. New cat options?

    At least one of the cats on my very last gen B5 2.4se (March 01 reg) is rattling just a little....and i've notice fuel economy has dropped over the last few months... What options are there for replacement? Do I just go OEM and give up an arm to the dealer, does not look to be much interest/about for the 2.4 in the aftermarket it worth looking for a sports one...does it come out on it's own...or do Audi have it in the middle of a great chunk of pipe?? Any suggestions people?
  5. Audi 80 coupe sloppy gearstick

    Try over at much more support for us older gen owners :-)
  6. ELSAWIN/EKTA Part number help

    Mono for a 2005 A4 160MPH 1.6/1.8/2.0/3.0 GB
  7. Auto transmission oil & filter change - '97 4.2V8

    you saw this right?? audipages A8 Automatic Transmission Servicing Audi say all the boxes are a fill for life....but life is 3 years to them.... Had both my 80 Cab and B5 done now....first by an indi specialist, the second by $tealer...well worth the swap according to the oil analysis i got back on the samples...sorted a squeek and lurch on the cab....the B5 just a little more fluid in it's sprited changes.... Must be the Audi ATF, and it's very temp dependent for fill VCDS or similar software is a must....
  8. 2.3 10v 5 Cyl running issues

    Hi, not so much on here for the older Audi (B6 is almost as old as I've seen here), try over at for a UK one and there's always both have a good userbase for the B3 variants :D
  9. Newbie 1st Post

    Sounds like some fun over the next few months!!! Sure it was not easier to just find the car with the toys in though?....there's retro-fit and there's rebuild :-) Lots of luck......
  10. So what phones do work with....

    I see, so is there a way to find out what firmware is in the car? Still the list they put out has about 5 phones that are still available to buy...most are more like 4-5 years old now :-(
  11. So what phones do work with....

    hmm, and yet that one is listed as only limited function....what's it not do then i wonder? You'd think getting a more recnt list out of BMW would be easy....what are they all using.....
  12. So what phones do work with....

    the bluetooth on current 3 series - coupe and saloon? The list BMW has is so old it's just about useless!!! What have people got fully running with there cars - phone book etc to the car not just basic headset profile answer.... BMW just say the list is the list....despite the fact that most on it are only partially working and that almost none of them are even avaialable....then I read with fear the posts here about them blaming a bluetooth connection for stuffing up the modules in the car and now refusing to replace any more of them..... So lets see a list of what people out there have actually got working and how well... I've got 2 people needing new phones - and they want to use the carkits they had paid for.... I'm just glad I liked my Siemens S65 so much....and had a a few spares put by....probably the best one on this approved list that works fully?? with Audi being no my case!
  13. dip stick broken

    Might be almost as common as the rusting door blade, corroded windscreen wiper caps, door handle covers falling off...Very common on the B5 was the tube itself, and the parts don't look to have altered much for B6/7 :-( A real pain if bits drop back into the oil/tube, when the replacement part takes about 2 seconds to fit.... yet on my 94/95 cab almost all the end/measure portion is plastic and just fine...the B5 has a mostly metal stick with just a small 'guide' part in plastic...assume that's the bit you lost?
  14. Members of the G220 GB - please read

    All done Paul, happy to have added the postage too. We should have a good moan to Megs collectively...see what we can get out of them for such poor CS....
  15. Members of the G220 GB - please read

    I've had emails back from Paul - think he's given up with Megs - they emailed him on the 7th July saying it was all on it's way....He's offered me a refund. I did suggest he might like to post here, so we could all see what's gone on.... Try his direct email from his website - that's where I got hold of he's not been here for a good while....