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  1. 10 Car Dream garage...

    8c 458 Italia Beacham MK2 Jaguar Phantom Coupe Range Rover GTR R8 V10 Alpina B7 Mini JCW Hagglund BV206
  2. kerbed cayman

    Saw a nice looking Porsche Cayman parked up in Cobham high street, wheels wedged right up against the kerb, I suppose if you can afford a Porsche then a new set af alloys is no problem
  3. Tyresmoke Car of the Year Nominations please

    Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Alpina B7 (this year?) BMW Z4
  4. Parent and Child spaces....

    Was mentioned on autotrader a while back.
  5. Citroen CX Pallas Estate

    one of my all time favourites, awesome car great spot
  6. Galleria Ferrari

  7. What is your dash/centre console preference?

    I'm a fan of anything that dares to be different, mainly due to being driven around in various Citroens as a kid. Rotating drum for a speedo, indicator/wiper controls mounted on binnacle edges rather than column stalks, radio mounted between the front seats so rear passengers could reach it too, single spoke steering wheels... All completely mental but oh so cool
  8. Dell refunds PC user for rejecting Windows

    If microsoft included all the stuff that apple does, they would soon be back in court.
  9. New laptop (PC) suggestions - Part 2

    If I had to choose one of those in the list I'd have the acer, better battery life, .11n + card reader. Rather get a mac though
  10. Tokyo 2009: Lexus LFA Supercar

    Couple of interior shots Autotrader reckon on £336,000
  11. Tokyo 2009: Lexus LFA Supercar

    The long front suggests a front engine layout but all the scoops and vents suggest mid engine
  12. Ecclestone tells Press Senna's Death 'Was a good thing!'

    Yet we all laugh when Clarkson goes on about living in a dictatorship is good because things would get done :confused: The new quote is a typical every cloud has a silver lining comment.
  13. Brazil GP Banter

    I remember crying when I heard that Ferrari ditched their V12 engines in favour of turbo's (before any smart comments, I was a kid ) Followed Tyrrell mainly but Ferrari will always be special because of those engines
  14. Points, ban, TT99 etc.

    also IIRC this one sits on your licence for 11yrs due to being a ban Just done some more digging, 11 years is only for important stuff drink driving etc.
  15. Points, ban, TT99 etc.

    I thought if you were banned via totting up, it was always 12 months :confused: Edit: Taken from directgov