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  1. Handing car back after 3 years - how do I?

    And from the care and attention you have put into that wee outburst, I think we both know who has got under the other's skin.
  2. Handing car back after 3 years - how do I?

    LOL again. 3 years younger than you aint young! And chicks dig sensitivity. You might try it?
  3. Handing car back after 3 years - how do I?

    Indeed, sir. Makes one wish one had bought a lightly specced import costing 10 grand less than a fully loaded British version. The trade in values aren't that much different after 3 years as previously discussed.
  4. Depressing MKV value

    You're being patronising again. We have established in an earlier post that the difference in trade in value is £500, which is what I predicted: Johnny GTI said: "I'm pleased to report that I have part exchanged 2 import GTi's and both times the dealers only knocked £500 off the price for it being an import." So here is a real life example that is pretty hard to argue with. The £5,000 you came up with is nothing short of hilarious. It would be nice if you could admit you were miles off. Now, I'm off to Mexico for a week.
  5. Depressing MKV value

    What a patronising arse.
  6. Depressing MKV value

    I'm as calm as you are. Difference is, my opinions are realistic, yours are just funny.
  7. Depressing MKV value

    Laugh my hairy arse off. Do you think I would sell it to a dealer for 5K less than a UK sourced car? FFS. You would be an arse to allow a dealer to buy an import off you for 5K less. When these cars get as cheap as they are getting, the import vs UK car thing makes less and less difference. Certainly less than the 3K I saved when I bought it. I would say 1K tops, and probably nothing in a private sale at say 4 years old when the warranties are long gone. Wise up.
  8. 3 quick questions on Mk5 GTI please

    Thanks everybody, appreciate it.
  9. Black wheels on Black GTI

    It's just an internet.
  10. Fellas, 3 quick questions please: 1) What is special about the way 18" Monzas need to be refurbed to get the slightly more grey finish to the spokes? And I take it they need painting down the sides of the spokes as well? Anywhere in Northeast England do them? 2) My airbag warning light has come on. Is this common? I will get it looked at under warranty. 3) My cruise control fails to come on intermittently, seems like a loose connection someewhere. It is fine at the moment. Does this happen to anyone else's GTI? Thanks, John
  11. Black wheels on Black GTI

    Disagree. RR should be allowed to say what he said publically. It's only a forum, it's not real life.
  12. Depressing MKV value

    That's fair play mate, but you will have lost close to 10 grand more than me when we come to sell our cars. I can't afford to chuck away 10 grand for the sake of a fully loaded spec! But each to their own etc.
  13. Depressing MKV value

    The OP's mistake was buying a new GTI for £29K. I too have a December 2006 5 door GTI, (manual, 18s, winter pack, cruise). I gave £19,200 for it, brand new from Motorpoint, Derby (grey import). I would not have spent 10 grand more than mine in a million years. By the way, I have heard of brand new R32s going for 18 grand. I'd have a bit of that.
  14. How old? / What mileage? / what problems?

    December 2006 car, 15K miles. Yesterday the cruise control temporarily didn't work, but now is fine. Other than that, not a single problem, which I think is outstanding.