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  1. Second service

    The car had covered 49000 km when the service light appeared. Have to say that the brakes also are much stronger now so its all good though I wasn't expecting the extras on the bill. Doesn't help when you don't speak german...
  2. Second service

    Had the service light on recently so I booked it in at the local dealer. Got the bill this morning in the post. The bill included the brake service and also replacing the DSG oil and came to 460 pounds!! Wasn't really expecting it to be this high as the first service bill was only 220 pounds. On the plus side the DSG changes are now impeccable especially when going down the box quickly.
  3. potential dsg issue?

    I too was getting a clunk when going from 1 to 2 but just had the second service and the DSG is back to being silky smooth. Its going to be very difficult to replace this car!
  4. 18" wheel options on Mk V

    RedRobin is probably correct. In the Winter I switch over to winter wheels and so my alloys look pristine (other than the one I scraped, 2 days after getting the car :-(, oh well, its just a wheel I tell myself )
  5. VW Scirocco

    TTS looked very nice, more aggresive front end than standard and 4 pipes at the back. New Nissan GTR was awesome but 60 grand for a nissan...would go for an M3 instead.
  6. VW Scirocco

    Its already a pain to keep track of what gear you're in manaul mode with 6, I don't want 7. I've trained myself to keep a mental count but its taken a while for this to be natural, and my gf can still distract me with her wittering...GFs don't seem to understand that they're as a privelige, sharing in your driving prowess ;-))
  7. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    They're going to be standard on the new Scirocco.
  8. VW Scirocco

    Was at the Geneva motor show and the new VW Scirocco was there. Got to say I was very impressed with the styling...its far better looking than the Golf, lower too, always thought the Golf is too tall. Looks like I've found my next car. Its got the Golf dash and DSG. It definetly was the star of the show alongside the new Jag. New satnav looked very nice and it had Dynaudio speakers in the doors so sound should be good. Prices haven't been announced but there are going to be very similar to the Golf. Only thing is the 2 litre turbo will be 197bhp according to the people I talked to at the stand rather than the Golfs 230bhp. VW in Switzerland also had 2.9% leasing on the GTI!! Thats a great deal.
  9. Front Seat dilemma

    Thanks to everyone that has replied to this thread. I love this car, but the seat problem is really annoying. I'm driving to the Geneva motor show in March and thats going to be 3hrs each way and I'm dreading it. My friend drove last year so its my turn. Was thinking the only way I'm going to survive this is with a packet of nurofen. I'm going to try your solution Small block. I've got similar seat cushions but in white thankfully and i'll just hang it from the metal bar of the head rest. Good luck johnnysenna, really hope it works.
  10. Front Seat dilemma

    Was wondering if there had been any new ideas over the seat back issue. Johnnysenna did you get extra padding put in? Drove my car for the first time in 3 weeks and the back pain resurfaced after an hours driving. Going to try and get a thin cushion, but if that doesn't help, I might look at the TT...
  11. Front Seat dilemma

    I think Johnnysenna is correct in his assessment. The lumbar support is too low. I've jammed a t-shirt in but this is just a temporary solution to try and fill out the back more.
  12. wheel bearings

    I'm afrid your first assessment is correct. My friend had exactly the same problem, first thought it was the exhaust, so he changed that, noise was still there. He changed the wheel bearing next and that solved the droning sound.
  13. Front Seat dilemma

    I've had my car for over a year and its only very recently that my back pain has lessened. I'm 6 feet tall, less than 12 stones and have never suffered from any back pain before I got my GTI. Any drive over an hour would cause pain in the middle of my back. I tried, moving the seat forward, back, up and down without any real benefit. Recently thought I have increased the electric lumbar support so I definetly feel it and the seat feels more rigid. This has helped. I think part of the problem is that I only drive the car on weekends and sometimes 2 or 3 weeks can go by without me sitting in the car. Don't worry guys, car is garaged!
  14. GTi in the Snow?

    I'm also living in Switzerland and the GTI is booked in next week to change over to winter tyres. Its a pain as you don't see your nice alloys for 4 months but winter tyres do make a big difference. A friend completely overheated the drivetrain of his Saab trying to drive up a hill in the snow on summer tyres. As mentioned earlier if you have an accident and you don't have winter tyres, you'll be in trouble.
  15. New car advice

    Depends on how badly you want the shark fin... You can save alot getting it aftermarket. DSG is a hoot when you get used to it. Only other cars I like are the TT and A5, but value for money you can't be Golf