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  1. Bye-Bye GTI

    Just to let RedRobin, TwoSheds, garcon, Cuprabob, MattR, Snoopy and many others who I've had the pleasure of communicating with over the last 5 years, know that I'm leaving this Forum. I sold my MY 2006 GTI today via PistonHeads. Put it on the site at 21:00 last Friday. First call at 21:30. Caller came to collect it today. Great. I've really had a great time on this Forum. Everybody has been so helpful. I would have had a Mk6 but I'm not going to wait 5-6 months for anyone. The Mk5 really was the best in mho. Did you know they still use the EA113 motor in the Audi S3. Now why would that be .... ? I'm going to try a Japanese car - no, not the WRX STi, although I've had three test drives! Best of luck to everyone out there! Ludwig (I'll have to change my Login name to Ryuichi or similar!)
  2. Thanks for this input Geoff. Very interesting. Nice to see RedRobin is still visiting the forum too. Ludwig
  3. Andy_Bangle, do you know if the directive says you _have_ to have them switched on all the time? Ludwig
  4. Stooh, IMHO one of the main differences in the product is the after sales support and service. Have a close look at the Skoda servicing premises and staff - go inside the work area. Then look at a VW set up. There's your answer. Also, if you think about it, there is no way the Germans are going to let Skoda and Seat ever, produce better cars than VW! Ludwig
  5. I guess you won't even be able to turn these silly lights off. You would be committing a RTA offence, right? I also think they are "chav"/boy-racer and will too easily date the car. The lights are a good example I think of a solution looking for a problem! Ludwig
  6. TP27, I've got your PM and sent you an email as requested. Thanks for your interest and help. Ludwig
  7. TP27, you will have seen MattR's posting. Can you let me have his contact details please? Ludwig
  8. MattR, thanks. I was hoping that you'd see these exchanges and respond! I've tried to PM you at least twice in the last couple of weeks. Did not seem to work? I'll let you have GTI spec I'm after. Can TP27 let me have your contact details please? Try PM if you want to. Ludwig
  9. TP27, I'm fairly flexible on spec I think. I would have gone for an Audi S3, but the shape is pretty fuddy-dudy isn't it? I just wish the new Ford Focus ST was available now, I'd almost certainly defect. I've also been looking closely at the Lexus IS 250 F-Sport, everything standard incl V6, auto, bi-xenon, leather and 208ps. Having said that, without seeming to be big-headed, I think I got it right in 2006, the GTI MkV is the best car I've ever had. A hard act for others to follow! Ludwig
  10. garcon, yup - the 4 door saloon in Spark Silver metallic. Price was ridiculous at £33,295 I recall. He did offer a very good p/ex for my GTI though! Ha-ha. Ludwig
  11. garcon/Cuprabob/TP27, thanks and noted. I'm not prepared to wait months and support the dealer with a nice deposit. I drove the new WRX Sti the other day. Four wheel drive, 300ps as you may know. V. nice but did not tick all the boxes for me. I decided however not to jump ship to Subaru, just yet! Ludwig p.s. sorry to go off topic re. the WRX STi
  12. What's the latest delivery on GTI/R? Our local VW dealer is offering several GTI/R from stock e.g. VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0 TSI R 4MOTION 5dr DSG £31,495 I thought there was a 5 month wait for GTIs and 8/9 months for R? Ludwig
  13. Where's MattR these days?

    Woppum, I still don't get it ... ? Ludwig
  14. Where's MattR these days?

    MattR, I got the following message just now when sending you a PM: <The following errors occurred with your submission mattr has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her. If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove mattr from the recipient list and send the message again. Your Message Recipient Users: [bCC Recipients] .MattR Separate multiple user names with a semi-colon ';' .BCC Recipients: Use this to blind carbon-copy recipients your message. > Do you know what the problem is? Ludwig
  15. Where's MattR these days?

    Hello MattR, I'm sending you a PM today, Tuesday. Ludwig