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  1. golf r32 v wrx

    id say you would beat a standard wrx quite easy, i had a uk300 and i got beat by a 3.2 quattro audi tt .
  2. as above my car is due a service, and according to the last service the oil changed was the long service stuff, was wondering if i could change it to normal oil when i change it cheers
  3. Black VW badges

    khutula that looks cool as feck did you consider doing the rear as well and taking the r32 badges off
  4. how do i stop that annoying service now beep

    cheers macdaddy all is quiet again in my car when i turn the ignition on
  5. my car is due a service and it isnt going to get done till next week. how do i stop that annoying service now beep everytime i turn the ignition on. Its only been doing it since yesterday and its already getting on my berries
  6. R32 bumper grills

    doh went and checked and hey presto the centre grill is all ready perforated
  7. New smile

    looks good mate what paint did you use .
  8. R32 bumper grills

    where do you get the centre one from they look well cool
  9. orange bits DO come out of headlights!!

    the subaru guys with the blobeye model ie the sti8 and 9 took the orange reflector out their headlights by doing much the same using the oven or a hairdryer to part the glass and the same to seal it back up again. im sure they would help you on scoobynet if you asked. i hate those orange bits on my headlights
  10. R32 & kids??

    3dr cars are so much easier to get babies in and out , i had a 3door focus when my daughter was a baby and it was simple to get her in and out. 3dr is the way to go if youre buying a mk4 r32
  11. how many cells are the milltek sportcats

    he just took the centre section off cut out the resonator box and welded in a new piece f stainless steel, i daresay if i had asked him he would have made me a new centre section and i still have the resonator box that he says he will ut in again if i dont like it. it does have a much better noise of it now. went home via the clyde tunnel from work tonight 5 minutes longer to get homebut had the window down going through the tunnel and stepped on the loud pedal, sounded amazing and had a grin all the way home. the guy says he has used the 100 cell cats on turbo charged cars mostly and they have all passed emissions tests no bother and the 200 cell ones would do the trick for a normally aspirated car
  12. there is a custom exhaust builder in my town and i took my r32 down the other day to have the resonator box removed from my milltek ( what a sound now ) and i enquired about making sportcats £360 for a pair of 200 cell sportcats fitted and £500 for 100 cell. he does loads of performance exhausts for all sorts of performance cars and his work is 1st class, is that a good price comared to say the milltek sportcats ta (again)
  13. First Upgrade

    there is bedrockvw in the cenral belt maxyboy, its very simple to fit just about any mechanic could fit it.flinty bob if you go for a milltek get the straight through one it sounds so much better. i had my resonator box removed today and the car sounds awesome now
  14. Milltek Manifolds fitted

    nice one dan car sounds amazing im off to get my resonator box out my milltek today gonna enquire how much the guy would take to make headers and sportcats for me
  15. Another day at APS

    ta much mate will give hima call tomorrow