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  1. 959 page - a real man's car

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] You just said it was in your garage yeah - i do care if it is my garage, but at the moment it is unfortunately not, i am not "doing a frog" and will take the photos when it comes back from AFN. It is up to you whether you believe me, but when i post the pics with newspapers on the hood - will u then believe me or what? cool [/ QUOTE ] OK Dude, if it's your motor, Which AFN?, How long has it been at AFN, and when do you expect it back? PS: careful I know the answers...
  2. Porsche what a joke!

    Dude959, I'm afraid you have been caught out old son. Porkie Pies seem to be your staple diet. If you are the real owner, you will state exactly where the car is, and I can tell you it is not your home, wherever that is.
  3. Hello All, Does anyone know where i can get a VAG type device for my 993 Carerra? regards VeeWhy (i bought a Tip!)
  4. 993 4S (my new car)

    What is an S3? regards eric (993tip)