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  1. Ipod connection has died....

    mb, thanks for the advice. Yeah I was thinking possiblity of the connectors getting disconnected. When I installed it they seemed pretty solid. Will have a look this weekend. If it is the vw ipod unit do they come with a year warranty or something? I did buy from vagparts. Cheers
  2. Ipod connection has died....

    Hi all, Been meaning to dismantle my MFD2 for a few weeks now and see what might of happened but thought id ask on here first. Has anyone ever had their ipod connection die? I installed it along with the MFD2 maybe a year ago now, no problems what so ever. Had my car serviced at APS and then two days later it doesnt think theres an ipod connection anymore. Not saying theres any link to the service, cause there probably isnt. Do the official VW ipod kits come with a warranty? Reckon I could take it to VW and they fix it for me? :D
  3. Pads

    Ah they have an electronic indicator? I didnt know they did..... I was just worried about grinding them down and then ripping into the discs... if they tell me they low then thats cool
  4. Pads

    Ah yeah could do that... but isnt it free only when u get tyres? And its 9.1mm new.... ha j/k
  5. R32 MK5 Rattle + Upgrade advice?? Supercharger?

    I had the rattle prob on my mk5... Could hear it when revving it slowly and when just cruising along at 10-15 mph. They sorted it under the warranty tho. Was the heat shield for the exhaust. Take it to them and tell them to jack up and wobble all the bits around.
  6. Pads

    I think the only way to tell for myself is to take off my wheels and have a look myself? I dont wanna pay £55 from vw if they still have 40% left or something. They said front pads were £70ish and £100 labour. Spoke to APS and they were a bit cheaper, but couldnt do it this friday and bit of a trek for me....
  7. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    Bloody tyres are so expensive now....... They do price matching at kwik fit as well. Used to do that in the past...but they dont do Good Year Eagle F1 Asymmetrics which I was gonna go for....
  8. Pads

    Well im wondering if its time I changed my pads on my mk5.... Whats everyone had from the standard pads on the R? When i went to vw in april (car being 1 year old) the pads were 55% worn. They said I should replace the pads soon... Well booked it in today to get them done. And asked if they could look first, they said they could check them out and then do the work if needed, but £55 charge if they didnt need doing....what a rip off... 65% used in a year and its 3 months since then... Bit unsure on whether just to get them changed or hold out for a bit.... Cheers guys
  9. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    Excellent. I will order them now....hello uncle barclaycard.....
  10. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    Right gonna go with the good years then cause I dont wanna have to replace them ever 8k miles Are these the right ones? Goodyear EAGLE F1 (ASYMMETRIC) FP (4) It says they are XL (Extra Load).... ? Cheers
  11. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    Looking at the P Zero Neros they seem alot cheaper than the PS2s ?
  12. Anyone wanna buy a RCD 500?

    I think i got rid of it for £125. Very cheap but it was doing nothing in my cupboard, lol :D
  13. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    They much better than the dunlops that are standard?
  14. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    Well its time to change the tyres, all but one are at their limits. Any recommendations on what I should change to and why? Never had any problems with the dunlop sp sport maxx's that were originally on there but wondering if there are any better ones to suit the cars drive? Cheers Chris
  15. Anyone wanna buy a RCD 500?

    The RCD500 is now sold!