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  1. MAF again....

    Hey Drill Have been lurking a bit but have been too busy to post anything.Hope your car is sorted soon. I got a letter a few months ago from the SA Post Master acknowledging your complaint about the missing mirrors. I am sure that they will find the mirrors and bring the culprit to book NOT!!! Anyways,like I said the mirrors have been forgotten and the offer for a few beers if you are ever in Cape Town is still on Later Joe
  2. MAF again....

    Hi Drill Keep us posted cos my car has the exact same symptoms. Dealer won't replace the MAF cos no error is appearing on the VAGCOM Still the No1 post master I see Joe
  3. Oettinger's New A3

    Looks good , imagine how gorgeous and RS3 will be
  4. Chrome mirrors for the S3

    Hi Like Drill said , there are usually a few sets of chrome mirrors on the German EBay site. Unfortunately I haven't got my mirrors and it's probably been stolen by some fcuker Drill is gonna see if he can find out anything from the post office. Later Joe
  5. what do I need for VAG-COM

    Hi Guys What do I need to start using VAG-COM on my car. I already have a laptop. So what else , Ross-Tech software,Cable from laptop to OBD2 port , etc. Help is much appreciated later joe
  6. Buying a late model or new S3 now??

    NickS3 , this is a tough one. I personally think that the S3 will hold it's value well, until the new S3 comes out and if there is not a new S3 then the S3 might just become a classic Of course the S3 prices could go to sh%t as soon as the new A3 is released I don't really think anybody will be able to predict this one so if you are looking for another S3 u gonna have to think long and hard about it. Good luck
  7. Hey Joe

    Thanx a million Drill I can't wait to get my grubby paws on them They look fantastic. I spoke to a guy that fitted the chrome mirror housing and apparently it's pretty simple to swop the standard housing with chrome housing if they are both the facelifted mirrors. But I want to fit the entire mirror unit cos they have the auto-dip feature which I would like But if I can't fit the whole unit then I will just fit the chrome housing cos that all I really wanted in the first place. I will let you guys know how it goes. Drill , don't forget to let me know what you need from South Africa - Gold,Diamonds,Platinum ...
  8. Do you think it'd be too "Max Power"-ish....

    Nah Drill , I think it will be too MAX-POWER. But I guess it depends on how much you want them,if you really want them then just forget all reason and get them
  9. OK, chipping at higher mileage...

    Drill , a friend of mine bought a brand new A3 1.8T in 1999 and had it chipped. I am not sure how much miles he has but he uses the car every day and does not drive slowly He has had no major problems with the car and also plans on keeping her for a very long time.So you should not have any long term reliability issues. Plus you save on fuel bills with the chip
  10. I spoke to the local Superchips agent today and he quoted an extra 22kw(30bhp) and 80nm of torque.Seemed liked a straight up guy and said it would take 4 hours to do the ecu replacement and I would get my orignal chip back, the price is also very good at approximately 365 pounds. I spoke to a guy at Chiplogic Headoffice which is about 10 minutes from my home and he quoted an extra 25kw-30kw (34bhp-40bhp) and 80nm-100nm of torque. It costs approximately 561 pounds. The thing that concerns me is that the guy I spoke to said they replace the original chip with their chip but I know it's a remap. When I told him that I would want my original chip back he said they will not give it back to me So at the moment I am leaning towards Superchips purely because the guy seemed very honest.I need to make a decision in the next week cos I am relocating from Johannesburg to Cape Town.My heart still says REVO but they take about a week to respond to emails. Are any of you guys coming down to Cape Town on holiday , then you can bring me a REVO chip and dongle.
  11. today i revo'd my S3

    Congrats , did u get one of the SP dongles as well. Enjoy it
  12. [ QUOTE ] what ever you do, with who ever you you chip it with, you wont want to drive a standard car again! [/ QUOTE ] I know I cant wait to chip the car, maybe I should get a superchip and try it for a while.If I feel I want the REVO flexibility then send my original ECU to REVO while I use the Superchip. But that might just be wasteing money
  13. Gambba , I have already spoken to Alpine Developments and they can't do anything for the S3. [ QUOTE ] can revo not ship an SPS thingie if you give them the right code??? [/ QUOTE ] I will ask them. [ QUOTE ] would use whoever could support me locally - if you had a problem with REVO (I doubt you would have) it would be difficult to get help/support from them due to your location... [/ QUOTE ] know but the REVO setup with SP3 is so feckin tempting, I will get so much control that none of the other options can even come close to. [ QUOTE ] not sure that revo can do a ecu off the car. you will have to check... [/ QUOTE ] Yip ,they can I have already asked them
  14. What would you guys do if you lived in a country were your only local chipping options were Chiplogic or Superchips : 1. Chiplogic chip ( a local company that uses a modified MTH chip from Germany) 2. Superchips chip (the local agents for Superchips) 3. Remove the ECU and send it to REVO. And hope and pray that the ECU comes back together with SP3 thingie in the mail cos if it doesn't then you are well and truly fecked. I was also wondering whether it was possible to make a copy of the standard chip ie. read the data from the standard chip and copy it to another chip. Then I could send the original to REVO and use the copy in the meantime Later Joe
  15. Alcantara Leather

    [ QUOTE ] Entire car ?? would u call the front seats, rear seats and door panels the entire car ?? [/ QUOTE ] Yep