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  1. Finance question

    Hmm, thanks guys. I'm off to the main dealer this morning to see if they will buy it. I'd rather try and get a better price for it, than some other garage offer me a lower trade in price. No brainer, surely!!
  2. Finance question

    I recently looked into trading in my car, which has finance owing on it. The dealer says i have a personal loan and not hp so i have no association to the car. So my question is, if the car is not on hp and i have a personal loan, who's to say i can't sell it privately? Surely it must be HPI clear? Your help would be very much appreciated guys! Thanks.
  3. Focus RS

    Thing is with the megane though, with no carpet or stereo and harness instead of seatbelts, makes it less everyday friendly than the Focus. Just read an article in this months EVO that the RS can be superchipped to 340 brake for £435. SH!T! It just keeps getting better!
  4. Focus RS

    yep! The sheer hooligan look of it is hard to resist, even for a 41 year old
  5. Focus RS

    Saw one of these the other day. I'm now finding myself lusting after a green one. Damn those hot hatches!!!
  6. F/S Alloys

    Sorry, i don't have. They're the standard trapez type.
  7. Gt3..ouch!!

    I'll be driving past the new porsche centre in Glasgow on my way to work tomorrow, i'm guessing the gt3 will be parked up, awaiting a damage report. I'm sure it's the same car that drives around here. It looks/looked tremendous!
  8. Ummmmm £££££££!!!!!

    I must admit, i've never thought that. I had a MKV and loved every minute of owning it. What are you driving? Anyway back to the OP. VW have certainly kicked the ar£e out of it with this latest offering.
  9. Tyre prices

    Tell me about it! Kwik-fit Glasgow wanted £440 for 2!!!! It certainly pays to shop around, saved myself £120 over 2 tyres!
  10. Tyre prices

    Ooops, i meant 245/40/18!!! Arrived at budget and the guy pointed out my error. So instead of £150 per tyre. it was £162. Luckily he didn't have zero posso's so he gave me the better asymetrics for the same money. What a difference new rubber makes on the front in bad weather like today!!
  11. Gt3..ouch!!

  12. Gt3..ouch!!

    I passed a white Porsche this morning sitting on the hard shoulder just north of Glasgow airport, completely destroyed at the front end. The traffic had just arrived and there was no other cars involved. So, i can only imagine that porsche boy was driving too fast in the heavy rain and aqua-planed into the central reservation! I'm thinking the car must be a write off! Easy done....even in a beast like that!!
  13. Tyre prices

    Just had quote for tyres for my T T apparently the P zero rosso's that need replacing are audi specific. 225/40/18 £150 each!! ouch!
  14. F/S Alloys

    17" Alloys from my 07 tt. Immaculate condition with very good tyres. £200 Please pm if interested.
  15. long life servicing

    I hear you T T but surely even "ordinary" oil is up to the job? My gripe is why pay extra for oil when the whole argument here is the supposed "longlife" which, in fact, it clearly isn't! The dealer gives me the speil that the service is expensive because of the grade of the oil. It doen't last any length of time. Apparently the car (my t t) will be more efficient as the miles rack up! Oh, By the way........YES, I AM SCOTTISH