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  1. Rattle woes!!

    Fantastic! Glad it sorted it for you, amazing, you are the 2nd person I've described this fix to, its obviously a common enough one. Coincidentally, today I noticed on mine that my door seemed to be sticking out more than normal, near the mirror. On closer inspection I discovered that one of the nuts that holds the door skin on was completely undone! Unbelievable. It seems VW have trouble tightening nuts and bolts properly.
  2. Rattle woes!!

    Hi Paul, Yep, its the panel on the side of the dash, on the drivers side, you see it when you open the door. It just snaps off easily if you put your fingers on the edge of it and give it a tug, don't worry about breaking any clips, its very simple, designed to come off easily to access the fuses. Once off, you'll see the fuse panel, and quite a few silver nuts/washers which I think hold the dashboard onto the chassis (hard to describe without a photo). It was one of these little silver nuts which was loose on mine, it was rattling off its washer. I had tried the panel underneath too, and yeah, I thought likewise! A mess of wires!! EDIT, here's a couple of pics I found elsewhere, In the second pic below, the nut I'm talking about is just near his finger, or one very close to that.
  3. Rattle woes!!

    Hey, I had a very annoying rattle in this area too a few months ago, it was driving me bonkers, couldn't figure out where it was coming from, it sounded like it was coming from behind the dash, somewhere in the driver's footwell area. Eventually I popped off the fuse-box cover on the side of the dash which allows you see in behind the dash! After prodding around I discovered there was a loose nut/washer within finger-reaching distance. I tightened it up and hey presto, rattle was gone.! Might be worth your while having a look there on your car. I suggested this fix to another guy and it also fixed it for him.
  4. First Test Drive....

    This is just something I've noticed now that I've seen pics of the upcoming MK6 Golf (and the Passat CC). The upcoming MK6 Golf is getting a new style steering wheel and new ventilation controls, both which look quite nice from the pics I've seen. I think the Passat CC has similar new designs. However, the Scirocco's interior is very heavily based on the MK5 Golf - same steering wheel, similar dials, same ventilation controls, etc, etc... nothing wrong with all that, but it may feel dated quicker than it should for such a new model.!
  5. First Test Drive....

    Pics of one that landed in a Northern-Irish dealership today: New Scirocco Arrived! - - Sponsored by O'Reilly & Sons, Longford - 043 46321 - Main VW Dealers I think that blue suits it.
  6. Seat Bolster wear

    I've noticed my upper bolster starting to look a little bit worn too, my car is also about 18 months old, with around 12,000 miles, cloth seats too. I actually wiped mine with a damp cloth the other day and that seemed to "freshen" them up a bit - might be worth a go! I'm very careful getting in and out of it and I'm definitely no lard-arse, so I can only imagine how bad they'd look if I was a fat arsed careless owner! I've seen some 2nd hand GTI's on dealer forecourts with appalling wear on the bolsters. I reckon the leather probably holds up better than cloth though.
  7. Edition 30 Rear Lights

    hey Ken, There's lots of pics of GTI's floating around on this site and others with the darkened tail lights.. Winrya on here posted some good ones of his a while back, here they are again (hope he doesn't mind me reposting!):
  8. Edition 30 Rear Lights

    Yeah, I've never seen a definitive answer as to the difference (if any) between the R32 tails and the ED30 tails. I suspect there is no difference. I *think* I read somewhere that the extra reflectors were added to the R32 specially for the american market... though I wouldn't be sure about that either. They look well on the blue graphite alright! If you look at my pics, you can see the reflector strip around the bottom of the clusters... same as the standard ones.
  9. Edition 30 Rear Lights

    Hi Ken They are RHD. The difference is, the foglight/reverse light are on opposite sides depending on RHD/LHD. On RHD cars, the foglight is on the left (i.e. the passenger side). Although, as far as I know, even if you got an LHD set, the inner lenses are easily swapped around. Not sure why Vagparts state you need extra reflectors, because they didn't come with mine, and the light clusters look identical to me (there is a reflector-strip in them) as the standard lights, apart from the tint of course. Vagparts won't let me link directly for some reason, but goto VAG Parts OE parts from the people who really know OE parts! and: enter online shop -> product overview -> VW -> Golf MK5 / Jetta -> Electrical They then allow you to specify LHD/RHD when you select the item. Hope that helps! Fitting them is a doddle. Joe.
  10. Edition 30 Rear Lights

    Hi ken, I fitted a set to mine only last week. Got them on a group buy via The guy who organised the buy sourced them from They were much cheaper than local dealer prices even without the group discount. Worthwhile mod, looks way better... Joe.
  11. 2008GTI -Factory Phone Prep

    Not too bad so... I'd be fierce picky with marks/scuffs, so I was onto him on the phone going "If its not perfect, I won't be interested!"... and of course he was telling me it was. The 1st owner was wheelchair-bound I believe? That may explain the marks on the skirt. Good job your alloys aren't marked though. I was disappointed to miss out on it, but my buddies were taking the piss that I was disappointed that I saved lots of cash and I still have a GTI!!! There's a very good guy in Dublin ( who posts on the various boards, he does amazing work on paintwork, buffs up scratches, scuffs, etc if you were looking at getting it done.
  12. 2008GTI -Factory Phone Prep

    Haha, thats gas... I spotted that car on carzone myself, the massive spec on it got my brain ticking over. I had even gone as far as arranging to go view it the next morning (a saturday)... but salesman rang me back an hour later saying his boss had sold it, straight deal... I really wasn't sure whether to believe him or not, cos I had gotten the distinct impression they weren't that keen on taking my own as a trade-in anyway, he wasn't giving me great figures on the phone, they really wanted a straight deal on it. The sales guy also said on the phone to me it was totally immaculate, no marks whatsoever!! Very best of luck with it anyway, it looked a class machine, hope you don't attract the wrong attention with this one!
  13. 2008GTI -Factory Phone Prep

    hi ken, my god that's awful! Best to get shot of it if that's the case i guess. By any chance did you get that gti in the athlone area? Fully loaded with kit? If so, you beat me to it by minutes!!
  14. 2008GTI -Factory Phone Prep

    Hey Ken, totally OT, but you got rid of the R32 and back into a new GTI again?
  15. Have GTI sales dropped?

    Yeah, the GT doesn't have the side-skirts and its also missing the lower front lip on the bumper as well as the red stripe on the grill of course! To the keen spotter, the rear valence is also unique to the GTI (in 2 pieces. The GT rear valence is the same as the base Golf, even if it has the twin pipes) I think the suspension height is the same on both though.