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  1. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    G'day...I supercharged my 4.2 A8 D2 engine...running at 0.9 bar (~12psi). If you with run 7/8 psi and the correct supercharger you should expect around 100KW extra at the wheels plus around a 40%=50% increase in torque....I used a Lysholm 2300AX and I finished up with 233kw at the wheels and approx 550NM. Originally my A8 had 138KW at the wheels and 400NM. I still hit 90% of my torque at around 3200rpm. Regs, Oscar
  2. Turbos for A8? Help?

    let me try that again...there's a file in there somewhere! Ahhh...too big...1MB....max is 200K...doh...
  3. Turbos for A8? Help?

    Here is a copy of the test results. Please note that the 151kw "at the wheels" was in 3rd gear, at around 175kph (around 110 mph. the red line is the before dyno-change and the blue line is the post change. You will note there are 5 "missing" files. These were the incremental corrections modifications made.
  4. 2000 Audi S8....What to look for?

    G'day Tony, You should have all the specs in the wheel well of the spare tyre...that should tell you what you have (unless some sneaky critter changed it!)
  5. New to this site

    G'day...make sure you do the cam-belt...and while you're there, change all the others. In Australia the recommended change is at 90K (even though service book says 115K). This is the one item (cam belt) that can make the difference between go and whoa! I put on 20" R8 wheels on my 2000 A8 and for about USD80 I purchased (on ebay) a tyre pressure sensor kit. There is nowhere to mount it, so I made a kit that plugged into the rear cigarette lighter. Happy to chat any time. I'm in Sydney.
  6. Turbos for A8? Help?

    Hello from Australia...I have a 2000 A8, I had it chipped-up, installed custom ss extractors with cats, and added 20" S8 rims...recently had it dyno-modified to provide 12.5:1 air-fuel mix and some other stuff and get 151.9kw at the wheels. Not enough I say...does anybody know where I can get a turbo upgrade kit for my car? Has anybody done this already