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  1. B7 RS4 disc's and pads

    Hi all Would like to avoid the outrageous dealer costs on these does anyone have any suggestions for reasonable non-genuine parts that will do the job (no track use) please? I have heard that pagid are good? My local Audi wants in excess of £2000 for disc's and pads :0 Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. Hello all I have a Boxster 3.4S (2007) which I bought in Dec 2010 which i love apart from the following: the car has an issue with when parking. Basically it feels as though your going over a bumps when your have the steering on hard lock. This happens going forward and backwards. The car has the 19" turbo wheels that came as standard. It drives faultlessly other than this, although the tracking may be just slightly out, could this be the issue? Many thanks dave
  3. Hello all I am looking at purchasing a 05/06 987 Boxster S, are there any common fault on these? I have heard that the gearboxes often need replacing? Also is PASM a must have option? Thanks very much Dave
  4. Air con ? climate control fault on Mk V gti

    Thanks Pesty. I assume this is an expensive repair then?
  5. Faulty Aircon in Mk V Golf gti

    Thaks for the relpy. In answer to that you can hear the engine note change as it comes under load but no click?
  6. Hi all I have a problem with the aircon in my Golf gti Mark V (2006) in that the Climate control all works fine but only hot and warm air comes out. I have tested the aircon system and there is pressure in it (at normal levels) soI know that it has not run out of gas. But still just warm air! Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Aircon unit or have any idea of what may be wrong and how to fix it? Thanks very much Dave
  7. Faulty Aircon in Mk V Golf gti

    Hi all I have a problem with the aircon in my Golf gti Mark V (2006). I have tested the system and there is pressure so its not run out or leaked gas. However the aircon is not working, as just warm air comes out rather than cold. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or have any idea of how to fix it? Thanks very much Dave
  8. Pads upgrade

    Thanks guys.
  9. Pads upgrade

    Possibly a little, ta for the reply though Jon
  10. Pads upgrade

    What a knowedgable forum! Perhaps I should have asked what colour to get it instead...
  11. Pads upgrade

    Evening all. I am looking at upgrading the brakes on my MKV GTI. I was considering upgrading the the pads first as the cheapest alternative. Has anyone tried this?And if so what did you use and are they any good? Having had some Green Stuff's on an elise I found them hopeless unless hot and really only any good on the track. I appreciate that you can get different grades but does the 'work best when hot' theory apply to all pads as I want a bit more bite and feel for all road conditions not just under extreme continuous high speed breaking. Thanks in advance Dave
  12. 997 V E46 M3 running costs

    Thanks for the prompt reply; the servicing was my main concern. Crucially is the 997 a better drive/fun/feel good etc?
  13. 997 V E46 M3 running costs

    A colleague of mine insists that his 997 is cheaper to run than his old E46 M3. As I'm thinking about getting a 997 (and having had an M3) I was interested to know if anyone has any experience in the difference in costs, too be honest I found my old M3 a bit of a financial black hole. Thanks in advance.
  14. Best Fuel for MK V Gti?

    Thanks for the confirmation!
  15. Best Fuel for MK V Gti?

    I am sure this has been done before but these are my view on the fuels I have run after 2 years in my GTI. Less than 97 RON fuel makes a dull annoying engine noise and the performance feel a bit flat. Of the better fuels I rate the following: 3: BP Ultimate, very punchy with a good dose of torque in lower revs but lacks top end. 2: Tesco 99, feels really light and revvy with decent pull. 1: Shell V-Power, has bags of torque with loads of top end. In my opinion V-Power offer's the best for performance and economy in the GTI, its just a shame I cant get my club card points when i fill up... Or am I missing something?