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  1. Hi, Just purchased 59 plate A4 B8 2.7Tdi - not taken delivery as yet next week can't wait! I would like to change the exhaust as i love the sound of a V6. By replacing the Exhaust would the sound growl/whatever be more noticable? - i) what would i have to replace (Back boxes?) ii) do Milltek do one for a 2.7 tdi? iii) what system/backbox would you recommend Milltek/Remus/regular custom exhaust? Thanks
  2. question is do they test the CV joint - is it just the boot they look for wear/tear/splits etc?
  3. Hi Tyresmoke users, i have an issue with my A4 1.9TDi Quattro Sport Quattro - when i turn a corner a low speed i get a ticking noise - sounds like a stone stuck in the tread (isnt that!) ticking noise doesnt happen when driving in a straight line. Now a friend suggests it's the CV joint that has gone - the car was only in for it's MOT last Friday passed with flying colours and 2 days later this started happening! Any suggestions what could be wrong? If it is CV joint how easy are these to change - whats involved (do i need to take off Discs etc?) thanks for your time.
  4. Faulty EGR valve can cause bad MPG - check to see if it's weeping oil.
  5. Main Bulbs Keep Blowing

    No moisture as far as i can see, VAG service centre fitted them (independant garage) not sure about touching - unless the garage did?!?!?
  6. I'm no on my 3rd Offside main light bulb in 2 months.... what can cause this to happen and is there anything else i can do apart from keep changing them? many thanks
  7. Weird External Lights Problem

    OK - had a look today and found that the rear brake light bulb has a loose connection. The trouble now is that the dipped lights (main lights not high beam) are not working - checked the dipped lightbulbs and one seems ok whilst the other has blown (which i know about) I've checked the 15amp fuses and they are fine. Is there anywhere else i can check? do the lights require a relay becaused they are switched if so what am i looking for??? Can anyone also tell me what type of connection the B6 (2004 A4) has for the diganostics my mate has a cable (but not sure of the connection he has) but no software can anyone lend me the software please?? Thanks
  8. Had my off side Dipped bulb and rear brake light were replaced about 8 weeks ago however 2 weeks later the opposites went... i thought nothing of it. However tonight i still haven't got them replaced but the weirdest thing happened - both dipped lights are now out (only side lights remained) and now both brake lights are working?!?!?!?..... Has anyone had similar problems or knows what the problem is? Cheers
  9. Jan/Feb for the UK? cool just in time for the missus lease car replacement!
  10. [ QUOTE ] Have you tried a cleaning CD? other than that you can pickup symphony head units on ebay for about £200. [/ QUOTE ] TBH no i haven't thought about cleaning it, probably thinking to deep about the problem, will buy one and give it a try. [ QUOTE ] Verbatim..MEDIA..have a go at those.. Verbatim DatalifePLUS Branded Super AZO 52x Speed 80min CD-R . Also you may try using different software to produce your back up Audio disks..(ie NERO). Try to stay away from cheap media it is hit and miss... [/ QUOTE ] Cheers, i will get some of these also, have been burning cd's with Nero 7 at the slowest speed, not sure if the slow speed has anything to do with my cd's not playing. Cheers
  11. Having problems reading copied CD's getting Error 1 and Error 2, there's no consistency in the problem as the same branded cd's can work and others dont I can only presume that cos the unit is over 3 years old that the laser is wearing out, can anyone suggest any branded CD's that will help get more life out of my unit? Cheers
  12. When is the new A4 being launched (Date if any)?
  13. Air Con and warranty

    [ QUOTE ] Cheers guys... I'll give it a go. Maybe a letter might go down a bit better? I'd also like to point out to them that I've just spent £500 replacing the discs and pads as they corroded after just 5 months and 4000 miles of driving! [/ QUOTE ] Mine need replacing, i got a quote for geniune Audi parts and fitting from an independant VAG garage round the corner and they want to charge me £175 all in.... thats a mad price from Audi
  14. Air Con and warranty

    Well, it's all turned out ok... Audi CS said that the AC gas wasn't uder warranty - classed as wear and tear. Audi garage - PRESTON Audi to name the dealer - re gassed it for free, didn;t really know this until i picked the car up.... said if it goes funny again the put a dye in so they could check it for leaks.... Thumbs up around thank goodness. Cheers for help
  15. Air Con and warranty

    cool thanks, i'm not the most assertive person but will give it a go, thanks for all the advice. Will let you know.