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  1. 996 air filters / upgrade

    Hello I have a 996 dated 1999, a C4 cab and have been looking at K&N air filters which supposedly allow the car to breath better etc. Can anyone tell me if this is a waste of time or whether a decent after market filter will noticeably improve the car's running. (not that theres a problem now, but I like to tweek ifI can) cheers
  2. Painting Callipers

    Hi, I have painted all my decent recent cars callipers, and it is easy. As long as you can jack up a wheel at a time, clean the calliper, then apply two coats of paint put the wheel back on and move around the car they'll look fab. You need a nice warm day, under cover of a garage (ideally) Good luck.
  3. Toddlers and 911's...advice please!

    Maybe too late, but I have a 996, and these were bought from ebay for under £10 each and they fit perfectly. Good luck
  4. Exhaust Tips

    where is the other one you answered please
  5. 996 brakes

    I have just bought a 1999 C4 Cab 996 (which is lovely) after selling a Merc. The pads were replaced prior to purchase and I have done about 1000 miles since purchase. Would anyone else describe the brakes as spongy, and rather unresponsive. Clearly they work, but they need good pressure and are not sharp and reactive. I am not sure how they should feel. cheers for anyones comments.