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  1. RS6 V10 Engine Out

    La la la la! Not listening. Only just bought mine. Don't want to drive frightened (by the costs at any rate), P
  2. RS6 V10 Engine Out

    No sponsorship but is the daily :D
  3. RS6 V10 Engine Out

    Haha! Will do. Mine hasn't been breathed upon so severely but does benefit from a Milltek catback. So I'd guess more than stock 571bhp. Photos not on phone but will post. Thanks for your help P
  4. RS6 V10 Engine Out

    Hi, Missed my S8 so much that after 12 months with a Legacy (shame I hear you shout) I bought an '09 RS6 Avant (yeay!). So with a 1 year Audi warranty I pick up Crankcase oil seal leak so the engines coming out tomorrow. So with the S8 - the received wisdom was to replace cam belt and water pump while the engine is out. Any advice for the RS6? I know there's no cam belt to worry about. Have heard about oil hoses which would normally mean front off. Anything else? Any suggestions really appreciated. Cheers Pete
  5. Intermittent Headlight Level Warning

    Thanks Jim. That sounds easy enough! P
  6. Hi Guys, I have a 2002 S8 and for some reason when a I give it the full bananas on the accelerator the headlight level warning light comes on.... and then goes out. Anyone experienced this before? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Peter
  7. S8 Gearbox Oil Change

    I'd take it to an independent. The dealer I took mine to had never changed the ATF in an S8 before. That said they only charged me £199. But there again it's not right yet!!
  8. S8 Gearbox Oil Change

    OK, I think you're right. Too expensive to take any chances. I've already had the engine/gearbox out once this year! Thanks for your help Nick.
  9. S8 Gearbox Oil Change

    Yes, they did.
  10. S8 Gearbox Oil Change

    I bought my 2002 S8 in December and have been reading all of the historic posts about ATF changes. I've had a few "funnies" with the gearbox (failure to pick up in 2nd after breaking and a very occasional feeling that the box has disengaged when ending hard acceleration). Based on all of the advice and having covered 58k miles I persuaded the (reluctant) stealer to replace the ATF and filter etc. When I picked it up it seemed to run fine but after 24 hours I notice an occasional "chirruping" noise when the box changes up from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. It's not very loud (a bit like a turbo wastegate warble). So my questions is, am I paranoid or should I have it checked out again? They billed me for 10 litre of fluid and a gasket. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Phone Cradle hydraulic strut

    I've got the opposite problem. On mine when you open the armrest the pad (and phone) flies out. There must be some kind of spring/damper systems so the springs force the phone forward and the damper slows it so that it glides. Guess the damper's gone on mine and the spring on yours. Maybe we can trade!! Stealer wanted £350 just for the part!! So I'm just living with it!
  12. S8 TV Picture Problems

    Thanks for the tip - I'll remember for next time! My probem was the display was so confused I couldn't read any of the menus! Cheers P
  13. S8 TV Picture Problems

    Thanks for the suggestions guys and sorry for the slow response (laptop died). By the time I got to try either suggestion, when I switched on the problem had cleared....so clearly a 10 hour rest causes the system to re-boot. Thanks for the help anyhow. P
  14. S8 TV Picture Problems

    Hi, I'm new to the Forum and my 2002 S8 which I bought just before Xmas. I've been reading previous posts with interest to clue myself up a bit on the S8. No I have a problem and hope that someone can help me. Out of the blue the TV screen started to flicker up and down (as if the vertical hold has lost it. Same problem for TV/Audio and SatNat and renders completely unusable. I've tried turning of and on but same problem... Is there any way to reset the system or does anyone have any other ideas how to resolve? Thanks Pete