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  1. MKV GTI DSG Engine vibrations

    As others have suggested - sloppy engine mounts. The standard OEM mounts are known to be quite sloppy, and if you drive it hard, and particularly if you get wheelspin - the air intake can get dislodged. You need to be careful that part of the intake doesn't get trapped in one of the cooling fans.
  2. Re-Map opinions

    I'm sorry, but that just is NOT correct. The Edition 30 engine (and the Leon Cupra) is exactly the same as the standard 200PS GTI engine, but with the larger K04 turbo, and a couple of other ancillary hardware differences. The S3 engine is unique, and is NOT shared with anything else - the S3 has a completely unique cylinder block (aka crankcase), which is made from a much stronger cast iron. The S3 engine also has a much stronger strengthened bedplate for the crankshaft and balancer shafts. It is for this reason why the S3 engine can be reliably cranked upto around 450PS. Try that on an Ed30 or Cupra engine, and it will end in tears. But you are correct that an Ed30 can be tuned to around 330PS - as can the standard GTI engine with the larger K04 turbo.
  3. Revo Upgrade for GTI Ed 30 DSG

    I think he meant to use the word "all" to describe the engine in its entireity, though! But he was still wrong.
  4. Revo Upgrade for GTI Ed 30 DSG

    I think you are the one who needs to get of their "high horse"! I posted FACTS. You posted bollox. You really need to actually learn to read, and properly digest what you are reading. Well, being as you havn't actually posted any links, you either can't be ar$ed, or more likely you have actually read the said document - and realised that I was actually correct, and it is you who is talking out of your tail. Here is the proof: The 2.0L FSI Turbocharged Engine - Design and Function - SSP821503 - read page 3. And if you have suddenly lost your ability to count page numbers, I'll quote the text: "Engine block The cylinder contact surfaces of the cast iron engine block are honed by means of liquid blasting." So, who was correct then? The words "cast iron" are a bit of a help!
  5. 18" Monza 2 differences

    Paul, what polishes and waxes or sealants are you using on them? I have had some poor results with a supposed specialist alloy wheel sealer which i have been using!
  6. 18" Monza 2 differences

    Snoopy, if the refurbs were done by BBS because of manufacturing errors, then firstly, VW wouldn't actually need to know (because they shouldn't have left their factory gates in the first place). Secondly, there should be absolutely no need for concern, because a BBS "remanufacture" would/should be to the same identical standard as when they were originally manufactured. I really think that the bottom line for those concernd about the "refurb" issue has two simple points: a/ franchised VW stealers can NOT fit refurbs during the normal warranty process during the first two years. Only in the third year of warranty are they able to do so. For a stealer to fit "incorrect" parts on an official warranty claim would probably be more than their franchise is worth. b/ any refurbed wheels supplied through the official stealer network will/should have the same quality control standards as new OEM products, and so should not be any cause for concern. However, don't forget that "refurbing" is just another "engineering process", and can be subject to very occasional sub-standard quality items which slip through the quality control "net" - and just like you may get the occasional new item not up to scratch, the same could be said for any refurbs too.
  7. Recall Confusion

    Just corrected your linky - great find. I had seen them a while back but lost the linky. Yes, agreed, they know what they are talking about regarding ECUs and and auto electrics in general. Thanks.
  8. Recall Confusion

    Linky ???
  9. 18" Monza 2 differences

    Whilst you may not actually know the history of the wheels, when these wheels are officially refurbed through the correct VW channels, then rigorous quality control checks will be carried out before any are refurbed. Any which don't make the grade (or are unable to be machined to remove any damage) will end up in the skip. I have heard that VW officially use Pristine for their refurbs, and these do have a very good reputation - so I personally would not loose any sleep over these official refurbs. Now if some "back street garage" had refurbed them, or even a VW bodyshop, well that is something else . . . .
  10. 18" Monza 2 differences

    I tend not to agree that you have refurbs. It is fairly common knowledge that the surface finish on the BBS Monza IIs is not really perfect. Blemishes under the lacquer, pin holes in the lacquer, paint missing from the bolt holes, and a "white boundary" where the grey paint meets the diamond cut face are all well known issues with them. Sadly, this seems to have been deemed acceptable from the quality control department of BBS! I would personally stick my neck out and state they are not refurbs.
  11. 18" Monza 2 differences

    Yes, but they are probably selling them as "aftermarket accessories", in the same way that many sell things like RoadAngels. I very strongly doubt that these would ever be used for any warranty replacements,
  12. 18" Monza 2 differences

    You are spot on there Red. I reckon the Charlestons will be going the same way. However, because the Monza IIs have a much larger flatter, more visible surface area for the clear laquer over the diamond cut, then any white worming will be much more apparent. On the Charlestons, they have very narrow spokes, so any worming will not be as noticeable.
  13. I've had 8 replaced under warranty, all within the first 2 years! Now due a 9th replacement!
  14. Best tyres for B6 1.9TDI Avant

    They are still being sold alongside the Asymms. Probably when they eventually produce the Asymms in all the required sizes is when they will finally drop the GSD3s.
  15. Revo Upgrade for GTI Ed 30 DSG

    Where did you get that info from? Because it is wrong. I can 100% assure you that the crankcase/cylinder block on all variants of the belt-driven 2.0TFSI is most definately a grey cast iron alloy - completely sans-aluminium. Only the cylinder head (along with some of the smaller components) is aluminium alloy. Sadly, that is not true. Yes, the S3 does have a larger (and much better design and manufactured) intercooler compared to all the other 2.0TFSI users - but there are considerable differences, as well as considerable similarities too, between the various flavours of 2.0TFSI engines. If you download the official technical document for the Seat Cupra Champ. race car, you will see the detail concerned.