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  1. Snow

    I actually agree with Garcon, my Audi is a great car, but the damn car is useless in any sort of snow! It could be the tyres(245's) so can't get grip. The g/f actually uses the Galaxy over the Audi when it snows! I do hope I'm not Shallow or childish though Garcon!
  2. Help....Cars!

    Massive Left field idea, how about Alfa 159 TBI 200bhp?
  3. So it Starts!!

    Thanks TDK the engine and gearbox are pretty good. I am going to remove both, and a friend is going to overhaul the engine for me. Haven't had the chance to do much lately, work is a bit frantic atm and summer hols don't help!
  4. So it Starts!!

    Cheers Tipex, we are still reasonably upbeat about it. I have looked into the waxoil, but am going to be applying a product called rustbullet Rust Inhibitor Paint | Stop Rust | Rust Corrosion Inhibitor | Rust Converter It looks like it will last very well and I'll hopefully be able to spray it into every nook and cranny! If not I will fall back on the waxoil theory.
  5. So it Starts!!

    Another day of grinding today!! A day of surprises too, have found a "little" bit of filler around the rear wheel arches, and the passenger scuttle. We are now going to be cutting the bottom of the rear wing out and fabricating a new one, this wasn't on the list of to do's, but hey ho.
  6. So it Starts!!

    I hope to do a pretty thorough job, but my welding is a bit "rusty" so the floor may be solid but not particulary pretty. We (the boy and I) hope to do most of the work ourselves, I have a friend in the RAC who will help with engine and gearbox problems. The loom is going to be remade, all panels replaced and a complete respray. The engine and gearbox are coming out and to be sorted . I'm not sure on the timing, what with work and family, I'm not in a hurry. i just want it to be a good job when it's finished.
  7. So it Starts!!

    Thanks for the offer Tipex, I'll probably be taking you up on it at some point! Hopefully I'll be able to keep people entertained with my antics MrMe Hello Scooby, pretty much forgotten what sailing is, though I did rejoin this year.
  8. So it Starts!!

    Well Here we go, Started restoring the Lancia Beta a few weeks ago. Got the eldest lad helping and he seems to be very keen. So first off stripped all the interior out, to see how bad it really is. Not as bad as it could be, but still going to need welding. This weekend we removed most of the panels, these are going to be replaced with better ones I have. The main problem areas seem to be rear wheelarches, passenger footwell, both seat mounts and the door sills. The under car sills will need replacing and I may have to replace the scuttle, but until we get under the paint I'm not sure. Here are a few photos and a before we started.
  9. Genuine Reason For Sale ;)

    Unwanted Present !!! Too Slow, beaten by Mook
  10. Goodbye to the spark plug ?

    Yep if you buy them for your car then the gap is already set.
  11. Worst car you've ever owned ? + pic.

    1992 Ford Escort "Kingfisher" It was awful 1.3 engine that had no guts at all, it ate brake pads and discs. Had it 8 months before getting a Sierra estate, which was soo much better. Worst thing was I sold my Lancia Delta to buy it!
  12. My Lancia Delta 1.3 Lx, and my now Lancia Beta spider. Which is now on axle stands awaiting loads of TLC.
  13. Dead Golf!!

    If it's an intermittant fault I would still get the garage to look for it. You will want it on record if you have more problems.
  14. Which is faster?

    Definately Yellow
  15. What does your car say about you?

    Hmm I wonder what they say about me, Audi A4 estate, Ford Galaxy, Vauxhall Astravan (in Silver!) and my Lancia Beta. Oh I know I buy to many old cars that fall apart