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  1. New M3 Driver!

    I've been enjoying the car even more now with the exhaust mod. Very pleased with it's discreet nature at low revs, nice burble then V8 muscle car fireworks when the revs are up. Compliments my BMC air filter. Also impressed with Backdraft Motorsport. Would use them again. Some nice Race Lambo's in the workshop. Thanks Woppum for posting the tread in Dec as you were the final straw for me to finally get it done. Cheers.
  2. New M3 Driver!

    Got the exhaust mod done today. Sounds great. Really pleased :-) A little loud(ish) on cold start. After that at idle and little throttle it's similar to standard (with a little deeper note). One you get the revs up it's proper V8 muscle car sound. YEAH!!!! No resonance or problems. Very pleased.
  3. New M3 Driver!

    Copied your route with BDM from a previous post. Costing as quoted on the link to Pure GT site. BMW M3 E92 Exhaust Modification by BDM To be honest, I could get done cheaper elsewhere but from a more back street operation. As BDM have experience and seem more reputable, I ok to pay a little more for what I hope is piece of mind for a quality job. Hope I like it :-)
  4. New M3 Driver!

    Car booked in for exhaust mod 😉 I hope I won't fall out with the neighbours 😄
  5. New M3 Driver!

    Yeah. I need to take some decent pics. Need to show the matt paint in the right light. Should have taken a few Friday when it was in an underground car park. The artificial light shows it off well. Will post when I get a chance
  6. New M3 Driver!

    Cool. Sound like I need this.
  7. New M3 Driver!

    Outstanding car choices 😃 respect due. I've been reading back though previous posts on here and I see that you have done the exhaust mod. Now you've been running it for a while. How are you finding it. I'm seriously tempted as actual exhausts (BMW performance, Akra etc) seem to be 2-3k which I can't really justify. Cheers Chris
  8. New M3 Driver!

    Hi all, Not been on this forum for sometime. Recently got an 2010 M3 Competition in frozen grey. VERY pleased with it. Looking forward to warmer weather and getting to a trackday. Interesting to see Woopum is still here. I remember him from when I also had a Scirocco R. Pleased he's still got the GT3. Chris
  9. Our Favourite Cars We've Owned - What's Yours?

    Another for the M3 CSL. Plenty quick enough (to play with 996 GT3's). Most amazing noise. Took hammering after hammering on numerous tracks and never complained, broke or crashed. Although my friends would say it was my 993 Turbo.
  10. 600 miles in the R

    I know what you mean and the Scirocco R has the 3 issue area's covered. However modern power steering has less feel these days on pretty much all new cars. The only exception I've come across is a Lotus Evora which has power steering but doesn't feel like it!
  11. 600 miles in the R

    Thought so. Massive improvement on R32's handling. I'm on Bridgestone and so far happy with the grip. I'm in two minds about a (future remap). On one hand it's good gains for the money looking at Revo or Superchips. On the other hand I wouldn't want to ruin a good package as it is. Would a remap overpower the good traction or generate torque steer? I'd be very interested to hear your findings if you went for it.
  12. 600 miles in the R

    So far I've just past the 600 miles mark. Not been going crazy as I've been running in. So far I'm really impressed with the R. Even on part throttle and keeping the revs down, driving mostly in a gear higher than I want. It pulls like a train, always on boost but with such a linear power delivery it feels more na than turbo. Still bloody quick. The manual said keep under 2/3rds of top speed, so that's keep it under 100mph then. No big deal. I've been enjoying nice country roads and even running in, I'm still overtaking cars and flying along and a serious lick. I'm also impressed with the traction and lack of understeer. Even in slow very tight corners (or small roundabouts) an R32 would have washed out big time but the R just turns as if on rails. It's got a great front end. I would imagine if I pushed more, the rear end would go before the front (can anyone confirm?) Inside the R is a nice place to be. I'm pleased I specced leather, pano roof and all the toys. I've loaded music onto the hard drive easy enough, the iPod control is very good, Dynaudio sounds good enough and my iPhone works a treat through the bluetooth. My little son fits fine in the back in his Maxicosi and his large pushchair fits nicely in the boot when not using the family Land Rover. It's all good. Even the fuel economy is 30mpg average on a tight engine. Getting 36 on the motorway. The Roc rocks! Looking forward to passing the 1000 mile mark :-) Chris
  13. Just got myself a Scirocco R

    Hi, Just picked up new Scirocco R on Sat. Candy White, 19" talledega's, RNS 510 with Dynaudio & bluetooth, black leather, pano roof etc. Need to get some miles on it before I can open her up properly and get to explore the car better. I recognise Woppum's name from the forum. I may have seen him in the past at a track day or two in my old CSL. Will post more when I've got a few miles under the belt. Cheers Chris
  14. R32 going :-(

    Guys, After a bit over a year with my MkV R32 it goes tomorrow. I've really enjoyed the car. Goes well, sounds excellent, love the handling (& grip). Frequently get "nice car mate" comments wherever I go. I couldn't imagine replacing it with any other hot hatch (yes, even S3). Great car, great fun, recommend it to anyone. But, out with the old in with an RS4! I've just had my touch screen Pioneer AVIC HD1BT head unit removed if anyone's interested before I stick it on eBay (Private message me please). Upgraded sound, full iPod control, SatNav, BT phone handsfree, Hard drive etc etc. Cheers Chris R32, MkV 5dr, black, recaros (today), RS4 B7 saloon, black, recaros (tomorrow) BMW Z4M Coupe, Hayward & Scott exhaust, strut brace
  15. Decent iPod use in RS4

    Hi Guys, Just about to pick up my new ('07) black RS4 saloon tomorrow and joint the club. Looking back through old posts the common theme is that Audi's iPod connector (and control) is shite. Has anyone got a decent solution from elsewhere? Thanks Chris Audi RS4 (from tomorrow) BMW Z4M Coupe