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    VW Golf GTI MKV Diamond Black, Black Leather, 6CD 18" Monza
  1. Changed my front two tyres on my Golf and then Got unrepairable puncture. If any one has one for sale, then please either post here or contact my on
  2. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Thanks for the warm welcome I have booked chipsaway to come out and repair for £105 plus VAT Will let you know how i get on,,
  3. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Diamond Black, 18" Monza alloys, Black Leather 6 cd changer and chipped + 40bhp Owned it since New 55 plate September 2005 done 15,000 miles. I love the car, but some b*****d has just keyed the rear quarter panel.
  4. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hi all, Just joined the site, looks excellent, I look forward to chatting with other MkV Owners