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  1. mazda 626 rear bumper repair

    wife got run into recently. I'm looking for parts for the 626 '97 Gxi silver. Rear bumper and panel. Not sure how much these would be, but I reckon they would only be about £40. I took it to a body shop but they wanted £660 for the job and £185 just for the paint and parts.(although the repair quote states "parts extra at MRP". what ever that means??? Any tips on where I can get second-hand parts?
  2. I'm tired of all this

    Its not so much the parts as it is the labour. Thanks for the offer but I'd be looking at a head unit with a CD or a CD stacker to replace it. Its ironic, but I originally bought it to replace the 626. Now I'm wanna keep the mazda and sell the Passat!
  3. I'm tired of all this

    Yeah...I learned my lesson. To be fair. the radio and blower won't be expensive. The window could be if the mechanism needs replacing. I'm afraid of the fuel pump issue costing big $$$. I think from now on I may stick strictly Japanese - my Mazda has 30,000 MORE miles and doesn't have any of these issues. Runs like a dream.
  4. I'm tired of all this

    I boght my Passat (S reg SE W/ 110000) from a friend. It had a full service history and had a good ride and everything sounded fine. Six months later and I've had/noticed a list of problems...all probably expensive. - blower motor burned out, tried the brushes trick- didn't work. needs a new one. - one window does not open - or close for that matter, seems to have either broken or fallen out of position. - locks occaisionaly don't lock - dreaded water leak - seems as if fuel pump may be failing - hard starting when hot - seems fuel pump related. - less than spectacular fuel economy - radio buttons stopped working - only picks up one station. - I do like the alloy wheels it came with. I may keep them. - Drives nice though a big vague - clutch is hard to find biting point Anyway, I think I'll take huge hit from what I paid. Doubt I'll get more than £1,800 for it.
  5. high fuel consumption or a leak?

    I've a 1998 (s) passat 1.8 and have noticed a distinct increase in fuel consumption. The computer still shows a reasonable consumption of around 35 overall. When I stop for the night I take note of the fuel gauge and the next morning I swear the gauge is reading lower! I have also recently noticed a bit of a burning smell after long drives...I wonder if there is a slight fuel leak somewhere. There is no smell of fuel around or in the car. As well, the car often doesn't start clean when hot. It seems to stumble for a few seconds before stabilising. Sometimes it doesn't start at all. I wonder if the two problems are related? On my Mazda I cleaned a ton of carbon from the "throttle" area, I haven't checked that yet - but could this also cause this? Sal.
  6. Passat blower motor

    The flashing should go away after a day or two. My problem is that the comutator on my motor was very worn and now my motor is not spinning at top speed anymore. I suspected this when I replaced the brushes. I think soon the motor will stop. Oh well you win some you lose some. Time to hunt around for a replacement motor.
  7. locking car from inside (with button) problem.

    Thanks, I would have a tough time with those "star" bolts. The soldering I can handle. If there is good independant in East Lancs who can do this I'd rather they take it apart and put it back together. Any ideas anyone.
  8. locking car from inside (with button) problem.

    I've got the same problem, key fob works fine - even the lights flash (usually). But from inside it does not always lock from the driver's button. When it does lock, unlocking does not always pop it either. though it does unlock from using the door latch from the inside. My feeling is that this is a bad lock module and needs replacing. Anyone have part numbers for a 1998 B5 passat for these?
  9. Passat blower motor

    Hello everyone. Thanks to meriafel I got a pair of brushes and pulled out the motor. I actually took the time to remove the four bolts holding the airbag in place and removed the motor. It is sooooo much easier that way. No troubles with the top screw on the motor as I used a stubby phillips screw-driver. I decided to solder on the new brushes, but as I didn't have a powerful enough iron I snipped the old wires leaving about 1/4" and solder wires together. There's no real tension on these wires so it should hold up. works a charm and saved me a bundle. now to sort out the front passenger lock. Thanks to everyone on this thread and tyresmoke for really helping me out. a first-time passat owner.
  10. FAN FURY!

    If it is the brushes there have been many threads on this. I am a victim of the "worn brushes" syndrome myself. Try thumping the unit and see if it kicks in. If it does - brushes.